World of Warships – The Ship Post Ep 1- Khabarovsk and Cruisers

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It’s like the Onion, or the Duffel Blog. For World of Warships.

Episode One. Cruiser Captain devastated when torpedoes don’t detonate on a Khabarovsk.

-News theme non Royalty Music by Pedro-


  1. So much truth, it hurts

  2. gib Khab 16km+ base gun range just like other cruisers.

  3. Ha! I see what you did there Zoup. Love your work mate.

  4. This is hilarious.

  5. Nah. Khabarovsk is a Soviet Destroyer Design, incoporated with latest Lovecraftian Technology. That’s all. 😉

  6. love your videos but your pronunciation of Khabarovsk annoys me immensely. not that I would say it correctly.

    • That’s the best you can come up with, after 2 hours? How boring, and very unoriginal at that. Oh and by the way, grow up already.

    • Jay Taylor Ha! Acts like I don’t actually have a life and am unable to constantly look at YouTube. Grow up and get a job.

    • Well you do have awfully a lot of time to talk shit on YouTube, and you definitely seem to get salty very easily, neither of which is a good thing, so no, it’s YOU who need to grow up. Not gonna bother with you anymore, you’re not worth the time, so have a good day and good luck in life, bye.

    • I mean, I wasn’t the one getting pissy about the pronunciation of Khabarovsk or a joke about Bob Ross…

    • You were the only one that started talking shit after I pointed out to Mike that Zoup’s pronunciation wasn’t as much far off as he thought. And then you start talking shit. Before you showed up, all was fine. Can you stop posting about the whole matter already? I doubt Zoup made this video so that people could argue in its comments…and this is waste of time anyway. Bye.

  7. Hey guys, I confused why the Khabarovsk doesn’t get Radar like other Russian cruisers? 🙂

  8. I feel his pain…but i didnt understand the last statment…Help anyone?

  9. Slappy should get his mental health checked out.

  10. …and now I begin to see the pattern! Soviet battleships will complete the circle, with the tier 10 boasting no citadels, a top speed of 45 knots, and 16km torpedoes.

  11. USSR BBs gonna be CVs too for sure, but what will USSR CVs be? ???

  12. These are pretty good, would appreciate more

  13. One of the most original and funny series? I have seen for WOWS.
    Great job Zoup.

  14. Yea…..idk what WG was thinking when they gave that mini cruiser heal.

  15. I drive and Akizuki from time to time.. It’ can sink a Khab. But it’s not easy..especially when… ummm *gets to end of video* umm never mind. I now need to mop up the coffee I just spilled in my lap…

  16. “The Ship Post”…. Had be rolling right off the bat.

  17. Plz give option like Arpeggio and other fantasy ships to not show the Soviet navy.

  18. How do you get to tier 9 not knowing that

  19. Love it! great idea

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