World of Warships- The Ship That Aged Like Fine Wine

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Hey guys! Today we take a look back at the TIX Techline Japanese Battleship Izumo, enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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  1. It’s Our Friend The Izumo Better Know As The Ugly Drunk Nelson

  2. Actually enjoyed playing her after the buffs

  3. Very consistent ship atm. God knows how long that will last so enjoy it will you can.

  4. Ahhh yes, the Izumo… I grinded my way through it and reached the Yamato with tears in my eyes – the nightmare was over. Two weeks later they buffed the Izumo hard.

  5. I only wished that the middle turret would go 360 degrees round 😢

    • I only wished that the ship would’nt be such eye cancer. I skipped her only for aesthetic reasons. There where a couple of blueprints for pre Yamato bbs and they went for ugly betty without happy ending.

    • If you mean the one that has to make a full turn to aim at another side due to having the same behaviour as a rear turret on another BB it’s not the second but it’s the third turret, behind the first two, but yeah if they had made it like Nelson or Lenin has, it would have been better atleast to aim faster.

    • @Broadside No I mean the middle turret, which is situated above the other ones. Physically it could make a 360 deg turn (as long as the internals are able to handle it).

    • @macdam11 Aaah yes, I think if I’m not wrong that on the other hand Lenin’s second turret can do that
      Edit: just checked onto the review Denarmo made of it and indeed Lenin can turn the second turret 360 degrees.

  6. The izumo is easily the best ship ive played in terms of “it doesnt feel like a grind” its fun to play if you not how to use it properly

    He was still a pain but i never really had an issue and was in and out of it in less time than any other ship

  7. Izumo was the reason i delayed my Yamato grind for so long. Once they buffed her, i decided to have a go, and boy o boy did i enjoy the grind. Im glad they buffed her. And yes i still have the ship.

  8. For somewhat reason I just can’t aim in Izumo and now I’m still grinding to get Yamato.

  9. Just curious. Have you played the USS Constellation much and, if so, can you do an updated evaluation of her?

  10. I recently got Yamato, and Izumo was a pretty fun ship, with the range module,you can get Izumo’s range to around 25k and atound 30k with both the range module and the spotter plane

  11. I can agree with the title so much here, the Izumo was probably the one which I got my first 7 kills with, on my final battle to the Yamato nontheless. That game made me keep it and withhold from moving Yamamoto from moving him over for a long while. Certainly took a while to grind, but was a hell of a fun grind I can say that much.

  12. I have only been playing since early 2020 and I thought the Izzy was an antidote to Russian BB’s….that good

  13. Йоан Тенчев

    Izumo was the most enjoyable ship to grind through imo. Almost never a dull game brawling with her. Love the placement of the main caliber too. My second favoutite BB to this day.

  14. Stanisław Żółkiewski

    As a fellow sane person, I thank you for acknowledging and pointing out that RTS carriers were much more broken than current ones seeing how there have been cries to go back to that stupid crap from people who never experienced RTS carriers and just regurgitating what Flamu or some major ex-CC said.

  15. I remember finally getting to it after they buffed it a little, by then I was building my Japanese BB captain for meme secondaries (Amagi is surprisingly fun with secondary build, LOTS of big and small guns) and I had a lot of fun with that as a kiting Izumo because all her secondary armament is in the rear and side, and her guns have great rear arcs

  16. When I first got Izumo I ended up skipping it with free xp after just a couple of rounds. It was pain

  17. the guns were really unsatisfying imo, but the tankiness is second only to soyuz now, at least at T9

  18. She is the reason that I do not have a Yami. Just started playing her again, Wow what a difference.

  19. SLM will never cease to explore his stretches of imagination, by any stretch of the imagination.

  20. Sadly I unlocked Yamato by skipping Izumo with the free xp I got grinding other ships. I felt like a 15th century merchant who bought a suit of full plate armor when he enlists for duties in the town militia. If you can imagine a merchant in full plate getting his butt kicked by a proper knight in the same gear, you have a good idea of my performance in the Yamato…

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