World of Warships- The Ship That Everyone Was Wrong About

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Hey guys! Today we talk about the TX German Destroyer Elbing, which turned out to be quite the beast despite the reputation she has built up before her release, enjoy!

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Ross Rowley:

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  1. I had hopes Elbing would be good, but it kind of exceeded my expectations.

  2. jamesgatward1985

    12 citadels on a Moskva in one battle 12 in a heavily angled Neptune in the next. Crazy AP

  3. Thing is, the first iteration of these ships of the recent new lines are absolute astrocious. And WG being WG, only buff tier 9 and 10 cause money

  4. Just grinded to the Schultz.

  5. That’s the problem, they aren’t destroyer but take destroyer slot, when you got 3 of them on your team say good bye to map control and pray you get standard battle instead.
    Btw, why I don’t bother with this destroyer split? Cause I got the better one, Z-39… lol

    • This is what im saying. Yes, you have great AP for hunting down light cruisers, good but this is a DD which your role is flipping caps and controling the map. Yes, your AP is amazing but that only benefit on your own and not on the team. You are so bad against other gunboat DDs unlike French ones and you need to pray if you up against enemies that have Minos, Austins etc.
      Flamu is right, this thing is gonna be useless esp when you are the only 1 DD or team up with 2 or more Elbings. That’s why i hate it when there are Elbings on my team, i would rather play against one.

    • @Andy Mage When has team play and going for the objectives become the standard for DD players? 😉

    • @Andy Mage They have to do this bro, it is their “gimmick bait” after this the player base (aka. CL main) will complain about how ridiculous the new line AP and… nerf them to the ground, remember WG do not like stonk german ships… hahaha

  6. Elbing is a great ship, the worst in this line is Z31 that thing is a piece of crap

    • I think it has its perks. I frequently get top 5 on the team with a victory when playing the Z31. It can smack cruisers and even DDs hard with its AP and seems to be overall effective when kept at range. That being said, it does perform better when paired with a more “traditional” DD but I don’t think it’s as bad as we’re led to believe (cough.. Flamu.. cough). Its rail gun accurate turrets are lethal in certain situations and is quite strong as a support DD.

    • @Robby Yant i played against it and 90% of the time I outgun it in a Torp DD like Akatsuki. Even when I play it the most damage I get with it is 120k dmg when I can easily break 200k dmg with any other DD. It’s like the HMS Emerald, if you are skilled it can be done but any other ship in its tier can do it better.

  7. This shows that stats are not everything when looking at a ship.

  8. So, can I get RN CLs downrated to DDs now so I can do away with the citadel?

  9. Since WG is showing some “love” to German ships, any chance you could give some love to the GK’s firing angles?

  10. This is an idea initiated historically by the French in their contre-torpilleur type destroyers. Mogador is a prime example at nearly 4,000 tons full load at a time when the maximum treaty limit on tonnage for a destroyer was 1,850 tons and that was for the leader type which was limited in numbers for each fleet. The French wanted to put cruiser armament on a destroyer hull and the mission of the ship was to be able to destroy any ship of equal or lesser tonnage.

  11. I’ve done well, in these ships. My only complaint is they take a dd slot from your team. What if, you’re the only dd? Then, your team has none.

    • God tier light cruiser and pretty bad dd I totally agree with you. Also they kinda carry hard in grand battles rn. Been rocking 130-240k games almost every time.

  12. Quick question : why is the T9 and T10 of this line more discret than the Mogador and Kleber ? I mean, 6.5km for the Elbing ?! WTF ?

  13. The problem is the whole line sucks except the tier 9 and 10 lol

  14. Doing the math, Elbing’s dispersion is 4.6m per km distance. For reference, the highly accurate Zao with the legendary mod comes in at 7.2m/km. The Elbing is insanely accurate.

  15. Guess I’ll have to suffer through the MEHrker then…

  16. They’re good as a cruiser, bur basically DOA as a destroyer

  17. You were able to citadel a Thunderer up close with this beast is it still a thing?

  18. Yeah, I’ve been hearing that Elbing is actually good recently…

  19. Ah, the return of the unmuted Discord notification sound making you check your Discord even though it’s the video

  20. The AP on the Elbing is pure murder on heavy DDs and cruisers Sea Lord Mountbatten

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