World of Warships- The Ship That Wargaming Murdered

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Hey guys! Today we take a look back at the Tier IX Premium German Supercruiser, the Agir. Enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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  1. If they just gave it BBs secondary dispersion id be happy

    • It had graf zeppelin dispersion and the flamu got it nerfed. They need to give it that dispersion because that’s what it deserved

    • @Cthulaid Man I saw the videos that led to that change, it would be amazing to have that back but we all know it wont.

  2. Bernaccia Emanuele

    I’m trying so hard to make it’s secondaries work but the accuracy is just not there… I hope WG takes action to buff it…

  3. WG just: We know about them secondary cruisers. proceed to do nothing, like with their hideous balancing patches.

    • People need to realize they still dont give a s.
      Their Petro and Stalingrad nerfs were such a joke, as was the Zao buff.
      And they dont even talk about Ägir / Siegfried which people spend money on or grinded so much to get it.
      They don’t play their own game and dont give a shit about ballance. They rather introduce more paper ships or whole classes no one wanted / asked for and drstroy the gameplay even more (like hybrids or subs).
      Reballancing does not give them immediate new money, but pushing out new ships does.

      People should stop playing or at least stop buying stuff for this game.

  4. Just saying the Siegfried is actually what the o class is supposed to be, the Aegir is actually the modified design

    • And sadly it’s easily mirked by AP damage. Just like everything german.

    • @Skipper I think it’s cause of the way German armor is. Tends to be thicker than other countries ships, so they’re more vulnerable to full AP pens

    • Debanjan Bhattacharjee

      siegfried’s nose is a giant weakness. right now so many ships can shoot through that nose. without ice breaker its bad…. really really bad.

  5. Napoli is what Agir shoulda been

  6. It was called the German Alaska. Like Sealord says, the AP is great, the HE is bad. I have one and she is great in Co-Op if you want to rush and just shoot the crap out of ships. In Random Battles, don’t show broadside, shoot AP only and be a support ship to a group or a big BB if you want to last through a whole game… . . Don’t rely on the torps as the torp launchers ALWAYS get’s destroyed..

  7. Well I am getting close to 1 million FXP and the Agir is going to be on my shopping list. I already have most of the FXP ships. Only Hayate and Friesland are missing. I don’t get on all that great with DD’s so I don’t have much choice. She may end up just rusting away in port if I can’t get anything out of her. So be it.

  8. Aegir didn’t just die, it was MURDERED

  9. you forget Agir also had some of the quickest Shell Arming Time during testing, like talking 0 overpens, you couldnt overpen a Smolensk even if you tried. which they also removed from Agir as well.

    • That’s less less arming time and more fuse sensitivity related.
      British BBs for example have stupidly short arming times (To the point that it’s a downside when firing at larger ships because the shell explodes before reaching the citadel) so they still overpen smolensk because the shells just didn’t arm.

  10. Kriegsmarine Archives: Look how they massacred my boy
    WarGaming: Well Stalin’s Orders sooo …..

  11. I don’t know why people say that Agir is a _bad_ ship. She’s less than what she could have been, but she’s soooooo gooooooooood in brawls.

    • she’d be better if cruiser skill tree had secondary skills.

    • Simanta Madhav Bora

      Agir is amazing..i love her, even more than Alaska. The AP is brutal, and the torps and hydro round her up very well 😎

    • @Simanta Madhav Bora well, Alaska AP is much much better,, because of the Improved penetration due to heavyweight shells, accuracy, and penetration angle. And Alaska is much harder to citadel than Agir (even with German armor cause of BS underwater citadel of Alaska). But ya, Agir wins brawls for sure, thanks to torps.

    • Simanta Madhav Bora

      @Icy Phoenix agreed, Alaska ap is usable in more scenarios. but i love the better shell velocity and much better alpha of the agir, i spec heavy ap shells on it too, its around 9600 per shell which is awesome. but alaska definitely has more utility and game impact for sure

  12. Love this ship, works well for me and can normal get 100k upwards damage I’m her. She’s also good for hunting down lone ships and have ap shells bounce off her hull when correctly angled.

  13. I would have happily paid real world money for the Agir if they kept it as a secondary ship. Once they nerfed the secondaries, and then they nerfed it further with the commander skills rework, it was an easy pass for me.

  14. My favorite ship, I still love the Agir, I still am able to cit broadside BBs who get arrogant thinking “it’s just a cruiser” and it makes me smile every time.

  15. Unfortunately the secondaries of the Ägir are in a bad state, due to the commander rework. A good solution for all super cruisers would be to have the choice: Either take the battleship commander skills or the cruiser skills (as a whole, not this skill here and that skill there).
    The Ägir is still a pretty decent brawler with secondaries that can make 40-50k damage, BUT this requires to operate against BBs at closer range than 8km… which I would recommend only 1 by 1 w/o being in crossfire to other ships (doesn’t happen that much). Then you are able to take out even the best T10 BB w/o any problem.

  16. When Agir came out it was my favorite cruiser for a long time. But after the rework I’ve played it maybe 10 times. Agir is still decent, if your a good player

  17. Wargambling murdered a lot of ships.
    They quietly nerfed the Atlanta for one.

  18. Funny…I play it and its one of my best ships.
    Ive learned that lots of the complaining about any given ship is more about players that want the ship to do most of the work for them. Or they have one very distinct playstyle that a ship has to fit into, and if it doesnt, its “bad”.
    Fair assessment by you for your needs, but I actually prefer it to Alaska or Napoli, even though I enjoy all of my supercruisers.

  19. I think the problem with Agir is most people focus on what it could have been vs what it is. It’s rather tanky if you can angle it right/use rudder mod, the HE is actually pretty decent, the secondaries, while not the main focus, are definitely going to help you in most brawls, and it’s overall a pretty fun ship. I’m still annoyed that the secondaries _were_ nerfed, but I don’t regret spending the FXP on it.

  20. I bought the Agir when it was first released and it was phenomenal then after 3months it changed and was no longer bullet proof.
    I’m not saying it’s bad now but the ship took a serious turn in it’s nature after a while and it went from bouncing everything to the hull being made of butter.

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