World of Warships- The Ship That Was Nerfed Into The Ground

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Hey guys! Today in our trend of looking back at older ships, we take a look back at the Tier X Soviet Battleship, the Kremlin, enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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  1. Bjorn the overly, excessively enslaved singaporean

    If this ship is considered still good even after considered to be nerfed hard + yeeting HPs at 20km then, I don’t think I wanna know how broken it was back in the day

  2. It’s just a slab of steal if you’re being attacked by CVs and Subs (not to mention DDs)

  3. I remember going through the Russian BB line made it to tier 9 in a fortnight

  4. The last time I played Kremlin was yesterday. Had a deceng game, 110k damage. Was clinging by a wire and also I do not run Kutznetov on it because it sits on my Petro. I got to say, playing that ships is detrimental to the mental health of any person that tries to be effective.

  5. Antonio Saavedra A.

    Oh, oh I remember testing the Kremlin even before went to the main server… it was the most bias, insane, destructive thing! Was like the evolution of Rasputin with Stalinium hyper shells, the one that was tested and people experienced before release was an even more nerfed version of the nerfed version. Good times lol

  6. Absolutely agree with this latest Kremlin review SLM. People just keep moaning how broken it is(was).

    • It is especially funny when you dev. strike a Minotaur from 7 km away, and he reports you and massages you after the battle to tell you that you are a horrible preson from playing such an OP ship. Then you look at his profile and he’s most played ship is the Kaga

    • @Áron Győrffy especially when they show their flat broadside to you

    • @Neptune For sure it only happens because they got used to the bots in CO-OP, who were missing them even from that range.

  7. SLM should try Sov. Soyuz, its so much better than Kremlin. Mainly because it still has a scary firepower with good dispersion (didnt get nerfed to the ground) also it got tier 9 MM which so much better than tier 10.

  8. I mean, there isn’t many russian bias ships that aren’t insanly OP.
    A game based on history yet the russians ships dont join the battle and instantly sink?? Realism. lol

  9. The funny thing is that the people who still call Kremlin broken are usually the same people who think the Thunderer (before her range nerf) was perfectly fine.

    • Russian bias is like a religion. People don’t judge by facts. If you say something Russian isn’t OP, you are a problem. This kinda feels like how political propaganda affects people’s daily life lol

  10. I was in a game with you last night, you were the pommern on the other team…,I was in my GK and was stalking you but you got into a pretty nasty crossfire before I could pull off a flank move😂

  11. So you’re saying that Kremlin is balanced now, not balans. Which I agree with. I’ll be curious to see how she performs in the next season of CBs, the one with no CVs

  12. When the Soviet BB’s are “older” ships

  13. I finally finished grinding Kremlin literally the day before the devastating nerfs. I was destroyed by Kremlins a lot before that. Now they are uncommon. Another attribute about the guns was that their vertical dispersion was insane, Shots landed in a straight line. So when you lined up properly on a broadside ship, that should would be erased.

  14. And yet it was a major pick in kots and is still good

  15. If focused by an HE spammer this ship can have literally zero AA like 7 minutes into a match

  16. I think you’re confusing this nasty nerf job with the Thunderer.

  17. And you didn’t even mention the subs with their ping. Lately I had a game in Kremlin with 1 CV, 5 DDs and 2 subs. The experience was aweful

  18. Kremlin doesn’t scare me. If I’m close with my pomm, I know I’m going to clown him

  19. Totally agree. It was my first TX to grind. I started playing 2020. I love it but feels so bad playing vs thunterer, conq, carriers and now subs… Damm i would love to buy it a skin so it doesnt cost so much when u have those 80% matches with carriers or 10 minute games where u just made 10k créditos bcs of under 100kdmg and no cap assist or defs

  20. All of this is balanced by the fact a Kremlin is the most vulnerable BB to CVs by a big margin. Te AA is destroyed so easily that you can do on average one more drop with your Midway or Haku squad than in other ships

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