World of Warships – The Shot That Counts

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  1. Jingles vid to start my vacation? Yup that’s a good sign.

  2. @liberalsockpuppet4772

    Good morning Jingles from the east coast of the USA

  3. Also I’m thinking of you and thanks for your spirit, drive, and the battle of your own! Publicity can drive great vibes and more opportunities for others to find treatment when they otherwise wouldn’t. Also: watching all your ads in perpetuity. Thank you again.

  4. oh, a longer one. nice.
    gotta grab a coffee for this.

  5. “What a time to be alive” 😂😂

  6. Friendly reminder to click the ad link in the description of the video. Many ad contracts are linked to clicks!

    • Everytime Jingles mentions a link to a sponsor it’s something I already have , Nord vpn Nordpass Opera gx etc the only time he’ll get me is if its Raid Shadow Legends 🙂

  7. That’s decent teamplay right there.
    Rarely happens, but when it does it makes the game quite enjoyable.

  8. I think the Jinan also ate a few cits when it cuddled up with the Smocklensk

    and don’t tell WG you can cit a Smolly or they invent citadel damage reduction or something

    • I wanna say the citadels were both? I know for damn sure I slapped the Smolensk around, and I want to say one or two of the citadel salvos were on the Jinan as well?

      I dunno, I saw two broadside light cruisers sitting in smoke and I just threw shells at the smoke to see if they stuck.

    • @@that1connor583 oh hi! well done, gg, I enjoyed every black ribbon you collected!
      I just saw their icons humping, too much hp on the Smock and later in the results that you scored ~20k on the Jinan, which you didn’t target directly iirc.

  9. the NA server is a blast jingles. we feel like we are all on the same team and just having some fun shooting at eachother. the limit on comps we can give out annoys us cos we comp eachother for good plays both sides, you dont see toxic people very often , and when you do everyone both teams goes to work on making them feel like an upset child. we get a lot of auzzies over here and we love are roos so thanks for sharing them with us. glhf everyone !!!!

  10. I would say that, ever since your video about radar Minotaur, not quite nobody expects them anymore; you alerted them to pay more attention to them… 😂

  11. Here mainly for the appreciation of the long-held tradition of NA chat banter. Cheers.

  12. The jumpscare that I had when I heard my username for the intro lmao. Thank you kindly for the showcase Jingles, this is still one of my personal favorites, and probably the most pulse-pounding match I had in a good while (At least a month or two considering the replay age lol).

    Still the massive respect and salutes to the friendly Akizuki, for who I think this match would of easily gone to the enemy team, and commiserations to the enemy Mecklenburg who knew when to run, but was a lil’ too late.

    o7’s and GGs, ConnorGamingFTW

    • You did a great job out there. That was truly nerve wracking lmao

      I wish every destroyer out there is like that Akizuki tho lol

    • ​@@Rex_Nichts Amen to that. I consistently wish I had more teammates like the friendly Akizuki, but no luck.

      Only good thing to come to this? It makes players like him a dime a dozen, and that’s something I will always enjoy.

    • well played game , and congrats making to a jingles vid. hope to see you on the battle grounds so we can poke holes in eachothers ship ! gg!

    • ​@@evilferret1453 It took some time to get a personal replay in (looking at my sent emails, over 6 years of sporadically sent replays), and this has been a personal goal for me. But the training arc never ends, the gaming never stops, and the Replays shall only get better! (Hopefully lol).

      One day we shall meet in the seas, and on that day, it will be a good one.

    • @@that1connor583100% feel ya. ive been sending replays since 2018 and even run my own yt channel inspired by him. i have a 57% win rate and only play DDs so you know i have some good vids to show lol. congrats my guy 100% respect for hitting this goal.

  13. not gonna blame anybody, but praise the Aki player: well played!
    allways kinda hurts and pleases me at the same time to see how much fun the game is/can be/was without plane spotting.

  14. Ahoy Rear Admiral Jingles! As i have the Mecklenberg with the concealment module and captain skill, I can confirm that the exact detection range is 13.9km by other ships and 10.4km by aircraft, as requested.

  15. Thank you for sharing Jingles! 😅 Great Game to the friendly Akizuki too! Love from Oklahoma!

  16. @ThePrinceofParthia

    Love the ad spot Jingles, your laugh is infectious!

  17. 15:29 Thanks Aki, started to get up to open the bedroom door to let the cat in…

  18. Appreciate that the music was so loud it drowned out the advert 👍

  19. @jackcrawford6078

    +1 to Both Akizukis; the ship and the cat. 🙂

  20. Jacknife_Bootstrap is the player we all want on our team. Complete legend.

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