World of Warships- The Single Most Hated Ship In The Game

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Hey guys! Today we take a look at the Tier X American Premium Submarine Gato! The idea here is that by examining an outstanding replay, you guys can be better prepared when encountering these things in game, enjoy!

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  1. Most hated ship? Im waiting for japanese tier x hybrid sub

  2. Basically, imagine a less risky Yolo Emilio

  3. Interesting. How do you get the torp trails to appear on the mini-map?

  4. Im 90% certain it is pronounced (g-a-toe) class submarine. Also take note of the “in detection range” thing that keeps poping up, thats a Sub Captain skill that as you can guess, tell you when you are inside detection range of Radar, Hydro, Sub surveillance. Very handy skill.

    So yeah the Stalingrad was using his radar.

    • The skill is called “Watchful” and yes, it’s extremely useful for a submarine.

      Note that you remain undetected, even if you’re in active hydro range IF you don’t CHANGE DEPTHS.

    • @Loanword Eggcorn Figured that out the hard way.

    • @Jay Werner Yes it’s a bit confusing but I think the depth change is mentioned in the description of the skill.

    • Michigan UFO Sightings and Paranormal Encounters

      Yeah, that skill is pretty broken, as long as I saw that and I knew what ship was close by I figured it was radar so I had to just wait it out. Hydro will detect you on the surface and at periscope depth so you have to go deeper and at your air spotting range hydro detects you at any depth (2.1km). Sub hydrophone is powerful as hell as well, 1 if you skill into the 1pt skill you can get quicker depth changings but also get a location on enemy ships around you so you can avoid them or at least try AND they don’t know they are being detected! I pop it right before I go into a cap and if nothing is there I usually try to cap. Like I said above, I don’t use homing torps on any sub except vs other subs because I don’t want to give away my location, hell the torp wakes point right to you if you don’t move your azz. 🙂

    • @Michigan UFO Sightings and Paranormal Encounters Yes, use the passive torps as much as possible. Pings give away your location. You can even passive torp subs underwater if you’re near enough.

  5. Only the German Subs have Reserve battery. Although All subs get like a few seconds before poping up to surface when running out of air.

    • I-56 has reserve battery as well

    • @KineticRhyme true but in the cse of the I 56 it would be very bad if hadn t them, it as a very short dive time, very slow underwater and going up and down too, and everything is consumable ( the hydrophone, and the battery, and nothing to spot other sub)… it seem it iw the more balanced sub XD perhapes

  6. Gato is like the most hand held ship in this game. You basically have gearing torps, that has the ability to home if you use it, you are also stealthier than every DD in the game at parascope depth, you are also immune to plane spotting, radar, and only hydro can spot you at 3km. Your torps also reload in like 30-40 seconds. I feel like subs are for people who just suck at playing DDs and need to play the game on easy mode.

    • No, DDs and subs play different and a submarine is pretty unforgiving, you make one mistake and you die. Pinging is dangerous, so yes the Gato has a plus here, because it has long range dummy torps and I would say the Gato is easier to play then other subs, but you still have to use your brain to make it work. Subs are not immune to plain spotting, they can be spottet at sea level like dds and they get still spotted at periscope depth. I am decent DD player and a decent player overall (59% WR) but I fail miserably to play subs, because you have to be very patient ALL the time or you just die instantly. Subs are not easy mode, its just different and to be a good submarine you have to be much more aware of your surroundings than other ship classes, because you have to avoid being detected at all costs.

    • @Martin Lwell said. lots of people don’t get this because they never play subs or just hopped on the hate bandwagon.

    • Hahaha truly spoken by a non-sub player. Try it, I dare you! You just might like it…

    • @Martin L “Submarine is not immune to plane spotting” > Dive
      Periscope depth > 2,5km air detection across the class.
      ASWs in this game peak at 12km.
      Built in French saturation.
      Sounds like coping for a handholding class. Just because you don’t abuse the bs of submarine gimmicks doesn’t mean the majority of this class players don’t. It also doesn’t make the facts the original comment about Submarines is invalid, you just described yourself suck at Submarines

    • @Martin L nope and nope. Subs are protected from almost every form of detection and depth charges, if not a direct hit, do very little damage against tier X subs. In addition the close arming range of torps allows you parasites to just shotgun 80k damage in one shot and the BB or Ca can do fuckall. More importantly and infuriatingly is that subs and cv’s as unbalanced and protected as they are, are allowed in Ranked battles. The highest competitive form of the game. Subs could enhance the game but their upsides are so fucking broken it is hilarious.

      IMO these need to happen:
      – Hydro should detect subs at 6km no matter the depth.
      – Underwater speed must be reduced for many of the tier 10 subs
      – torpedo arming distance must be lengthened
      – 4km arial spotting at periscope
      – either increase ADS distance or limit sub torp range to 12km,
      – give depth strike to all CA’s. (some have depth charges instead for some idiotic reason)

  7. 2.1km conceal at periscope depth, 38kts, 47s torp reload and 20k HP
    If you just have any idea of how the game works, you can’t say this is balanced nor fun

  8. In defence of the bb’s, they were pretty much permanently spotted so if they kept turning they’d just end up being really slow and not able to get guns on target

    • Yes, I was thinking the same. Not to mention that unless they’ve taken Priority Target most of the big BBs are going to stay perma-spotted anyway and can’t tell the difference.

    • Slowing down, then speeding up, masking turrets and unmasking, switching tacks and etc. Does create a really annoying target for torpedoes.
      Going slow in a straight line is perfect torpedo food behavior.

    • And it requires full attention leaving the BBs easy meat for other surface ships. Subs are a shitburger hold the bread.

  9. I’ve played subs on the PTS to, as sub-players say, “learn from the experience”. What I’ve learned is the torp reload is broken as hell and homing torps are an abomination in this game. I don’t hate subs because it’s “trendy” to hate them – I just hate them.

  10. Sub hydro doesnt spot ships it outlines them on the minimap and gives a grey ship outline on the surface. For US subs its a 9km hydro for german its 6km those numbers are reversed for sub underwater radar for thos nations

  11. If that’s how subs were I would be more ok with them. The homing torps are what get me frustrated. If they really wanted to give subs homing torps make it a t10 German gimmick since they’re really the only ones that had them.

  12. When I saw the Gato I said it was a matter of time before one of the capt ramius’ who sail American subs have a 10 sink 300k match. The gato I’d everything American subs so well only better.

  13. So, between this, and personal experience, T10 sub players are *really* good, and T10-Non Sub players don’t pay attention half of the time.
    A sub at periscope depth can be detected at full hydro range.
    And what you don’t see is the dozen or so games in-between a good round where subs get annihilated because of something unexpected.

    • That is true the same as it is true for every single torpedo DD in the game the only difference is that Gato is better than them in every single way.

  14. So Sea Lord (on CVs): if you want to learn to counter you need to play this class
    On subs: let’s watch some one else’s replay

    • Sea Lord Mountbatten

      I very much have said the same about subs, it’s just that players seem more reluctant to play subs than CVs. So here we are

  15. You can easily tell if you are spotted by a sub or DD. The spread pattern on the torps is very different.

  16. Now that is the way to play a submarine. I hate homing torpes. When you said a Shimi a game I saw earlier showed that a Gearing can do the same thing. The gearing got 3 kills and multiple assists and was never spotted until the last minute of the game. He intentionally got spotted then.

  17. Matt Geary - Transplanted!

    sub speed and homing torps are the biggest problems with these things. I appreciate this guy using the normal torps – that’s the way subs should be.

  18. Its too bad too. I actually want carriers and subs in the game just properly balanced. I would love my American AA to mean something and really tear through planes like they used to back in the old days (like RTS old days). I like the idea of subs in the game to round out all the major ship types…but problem is none of this is balanced. CVs run the match with no risk for their reward and subs have homing torps or they just shotgun you no chance for counterplay and somehow go super fast. If CVs planes were easier to kill and subs had like a 5 or 6 km detection from sonar it might actually lead to some fun matches. Oh well I can dream.

  19. wow a unreal sub moving almost 40 knots ! the thing can even by pass aws auto of a cv to !

  20. My experience with subs isn’t this obvious. Usually I’m spotted by other ships too. And when I get pinged, I run and go evasive. But while you’re doing that, enemy ships are feasting on your broadside. The only real option is to run for the back edge. Most of the time I can’t find the sub that’s pinging me because the marker disappears too quickly. Fighting subs in BBs is pretty much a miserable, shitty, and unsatisfying experience.

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