World of Warships – The Slovenian Navy

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Wait, Slovenia has a Navy? Despite only having 47km of coastline they actually sort of do, but they definitely have one today.

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  1. Keep up the good work, Jingles. Love your content.

  2. As a Slovenian who’s been watching your channel for many years, this video majorly threw me off guard there.

  3. Thank you for continuing this series! Not going to pretend to be the most spot on viewer, nor the most attentive, yet I look forward to the day my noob ignorance earns that hard earned recognition for eating the most torpedoes in a smoke screen.

  4. Actually Jingles, the name is composed of two words, Kekec & Jan, Kekec being a fictional character from our childhood 😀 And the C is not K 😛 Yes yes, going back to the salt mines 😛 Ps: Zaromet is Spotlight 😛

    • Wanted to write the same.

    • So I google translated as much as I could of that players raging rant, I got the jist of what he said but that is enlightening (since G translate couldn’t figure out what Kekecjan meant)

      Translation: “I’m going to f*** your mother aunt evaldi. I swear by the one who gave birth to you, take you out b***. Kekecjan f*** your mother over and over”

      Dude was really malding lol. How accurate is that by the way?

    • @Artimise Tbh it’s Turkish and not Slovenian in any way XD got a slightly different translation but it’s the same gist 😀

  5. Rough translation on the angry GK. It is indeed Turkish, and he pretty much called the Shima a mofo.

    • Google translate indeed concurs, which is kinda funny because that sure is a very long winded way of saying that.

    • @Artimise That’s Turkish swearing for you. It is an art form. Not that this guy’s being truly artful. It is basic as hell. I have heard more creative swearing from ten year olds.

    • Definitely more complicated than mofo 🙂 Google translate fails to appreciate the complexity of turkish swearing 🙂

    • ​@Ozgur72I need details 😂

  6. We had the opportunity to play against them in a tournament. Very nice fellas – and good players, too.

  7. You know it’s a good ep when the run time is longer than the match.

  8. Make-A-Woosh-Foundation

    I like the multi-perspective battles. I wish there were more spectator mode features in the replay-player for you to exploit for fun and profit…

  9. I love this format with different perspectives and switching between the three of them!

  10. Jingles embraces his inner Christopher Nolan and gives us an out-of-sync battle replay!

  11. Like the 3 perspective idea, much more interesting. More like this please Jingles.

  12. I really like these 3 in 1 Replays. Keep it up!

  13. A Slovenian.. What?! Our time has come brothers! Our country was named in a Jingles video!

  14. Just reading the title, I thought it entirely possible that Wargaming made a Slovenian tech tree, aircraft carriers and all.

  15. Imposter Flareon

    A quick note on that Constellation. The observant of you may have noticed that at the point he radar’d the Katsonis behind the rock, that was actually his 2nd radar used, the first one of which he popped at the very start of the match when there was zero time for the enemy to be in the same country as his detection range. MEANING, he literally just hits the button on cooldown simply because it’s there without a single brain cell devoted to figuring out what radars do. Yes, really.

    • He’s not the only one. I’ve lost count of people using hydroaccoustic search, spotter planes, smoke and radar, right at the start of battles, when they’ve no hope of seeing ANYTHING due to them only being 1 metre from the start point. It’s almost as if they expected the enemy team to have been given a head start! lol

    • bots do the same thing……hmmmmm……

    • @Joe To be honest, it had crossed my mind that the players were mimicing the way the bots play, thinking that was the ‘right’ way to play the game, because they didn’t know any better. Not everyone who plays WoWs watches Jingles videos to learn what not to do!😄

  16. Is it Christmas? We’re treated to a 3in1 WoWS video today! Not a game of throws and not a game of teamwork but definitely a game where a team of 3 players individually show off how well they can fight their ships!👍

  17. Grindlife Gaming

    Hey Jingles, thanks for the longer than normal format. I know it isn’t always doable, but it’s awesome to be able to watch or listen while getting up and ready in the morning. Keep up the good work.

  18. A thirty minute WoWs video. What a treat!

  19. The multi-ship view of a battle is great, and it’s really appreciated given the extra work to splice the footage together in a viable order. Thank you.

  20. I saw my country mentioned in this video so I clicked on it instantly. Thanks for making lovely and entertaining videos for such a long time Jingles. You’re a legend

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