World of Warships- The State of Clan Battles

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Hey guys, today I talk about the current state of clan battles with the changes this season brings. Enjoy!

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  1. played CB for 2 days, never seen a cyclone

  2. drake consumer of souls and cheese strings

    I haven’t seen the more consistent bombs myself, they still feel as awkward as usual. Also in regards to the FDR, yes it’s completely stupid but each wave takes an additional 20 seconds between each drop witch is the reload of some BBs. I will agree that the HP of the planes needs a strong nerf though

    • If you buff the respawn rate, plane speed and CD inbetween strikes, I guess a nerf in plane hp would be justified. Also, getting standard consumables on planes. The hp is basically all the FDR has going for it, together with big alpha on an area that typically only can be filled by BBs.

  3. #Removetheskycancer
    Clan – VIP
    Ship -Stalin, DM
    We haven’t played CB this or last season at all, but we plan on slogging it out to at least Storm/Hurricane.
    We have been dreading the Game breaking power of Manfred von Broken & the dominance of HE Spam via thunderer.

    We have constantly been capable of dealing with whatever BS the Meta has been (outside of venezia), but the Wheelchair (FDR) & M.V.B. are so game we’ve debated if it’s even worth going in to the meat grinder.

    Please, I want feedback from ANYONE on their thoughts for what has happened to CB & HOW could we genuinely affect change for the better of the competitive community. Thank you.

    • @CaptainBadger do you ever play DD??

    • @ProSTEEL RAIN Yes, as a matter of fact, I do.

    • @CaptainBadger Then you realize how absurd the statement is when applied to anything other than an equal or higher tier floatilla of AA speced BB/CA/CL?

    • @ProSTEEL RAIN You asked for advice, I gave it to you and it’s up to you if you want it or not. All I can say is that I’ve played Carriers a _lot_ , so I know what any sane Carrier player will do in any given situation. AA-specced Destroyers are a genuine terror for any Carrier player worth his salt; they have stealth, most have extensive AA suites, and in the case of some of them, DFAA that will rip your squadrons a new one unless you are _on point_ with your play. The FDR is not a monolithic death machine that people make it out to be, so I suggest you stop taking content creators’ word for it and take a hard look at the limitations of the ship; the same goes for the Richtofen, which might have strong strike potential, but sacrifices any pretense of aircraft durability and essentially flies glass cannons off its deck, aircraft that any concentration of strong-enough AA will easily deal with while you mitigate the damage by utilizing your mobility to force its rockets to bounce off your armor or making it difficult to drop bombs or torpedoes on you.

      I stand by what I said; Carriers are here to stay, Wargaming has made their intentions clear on that so there’s no point complaining about them. From this point on, short of a special season where Carriers _MIGHT_ not be present, the only way you’re going to continue from here is to adapt and overcome. I’ve learned to change the way I play the game and adjusting my thinking to match, as a result I’ve come to love Carrier matches as they provide me with variety that was previously lacking in the game, I suggest you do the same.

    • @CaptainBadger This was not advise however, it was an opinion thrust unto me in a manner of suggestive statement. Please don’t try to disguise it.

      And as far as learning to work with CVs, they have & Will always do whatever they want to improve their kills.
      It may just be my experience, but not once have I had a cooperative tactical CV player to work with. CB is a different story, mostly because they’re so Overpowered you have to take one.

      Even when you have the AA Bubble it doesn’t matter how good it is in theory, AA is just a crap shoot as it sits.
      An AA Speced DD does maybe 50k damage to your planes, where as you kill him guaranteed, with 0 threat to your vessel.
      How is that an even remotely acceptable reality for competitive OR random play???

      I have several people who will disagree that the FDR & MVR Are broken.
      10k salvos on DDs with rocket planes, 20k salvos on BBs with Bombs, 30k with torps.
      All of that damage & spotting without any threat to your actual vessel.

      I have multiple clan mates with both ships, they have confirmed it to me with their stats & own words. They agree that CVs need to be nerfed or just bringing back the Old AA System would work too.

      I ask you: What sense does it make for the vast majority of players to change their playstyle, to suit a minority of players who’s ships will never be balanced.

      I Genuinely do appreciate that you have given me some input from the skycancer side however.

  4. The meta hasn’t changed one bit; Russian radar ships, super cruisers and Venezia’s everywhere. CV & BB or 2 BBs is balanced but the boring, static radar meta hasn’t changed one bit. I have a much bigger issue with this than the CV.

    • Meta changed totally at EU! No Stalingrads, maybee 1 Venezia per team, most teams play with DD, everybody got a BB…how can you say „the meta hasnt changed one bit“??? I mean wtf…just 2 out of 7 are the same

  5. Will subscribe to you. As a new(ish) player I’ve got a lot of good info from your videos.

  6. Cyclones does one thing really good in CB. It makes the ships and shells look beautiful! But have only encountered 3 so far…

  7. The only thing FDR highlights is how crap AA dps is and how crap many CV players are. Yes, the planes won’t die unless they take massive damage and strike hard, but, the ship also has some of the worst flexibility of all high tier CVs (being slow and having little in terms of precision weaponry, everything is up for saturation) and they are hands down the slowest planes. If the general approach of FDR was brokenly good, British CVs would actually be decent, not bottom tier trash, while ships like Enterprise and Kaga would be poor, because they lose planes (but can regenerate fast). If you take a Midway instead of FDR, you basically get most of the same out of it, you will lose a few planes, but you can also recover planes over time more and make up for the losses. Midway torp and bomb strikes also carry 75% of the FDRs load on faster planes that arrive sooner and don’t need 25s of CD between strikes.

    Obviously though, FDR is decent in CB, because guess what. Camping is pretty common, BBs and large cruisers are common and there is a marked absence of the one AA tool that would punish FDR hard: fighter planes (which with their massive dps and sure ability to intercept FDR’s planes would impose a toll the FDR cannot afford if it loses too many planes. FDR also only uses 2 planes per strike, so the only way to cheese it well is to only use two planes to minimise losses on the way out, but that absolutely cripples the dpm of the CV). But well, too bad Petro, Stalingrad and PR typically don’t run a fighter or simply have no option for one. Naturally, fighters don’t get you through the entire game untouched, but that’s because fundamentally, FDR is a CV. Difference is, other CVs can cope better with this issue and lose out less. At the end of the day, it’s a broken class, FDR is just a special example in a special environment.

  8. We had mixed battles, some where like us, with quite a few rentals and definitely new-ish players to CBs, we meet a DD only match which was actual fun. Oh yeah and the tryhards running a Shikishima, MvR and the rest Stalingrads.

    For a lot of us it was the first ever CB season so we had fun, trying around and finding out how our group reacts. We hd three people who are seasoned veterans of the game and then 5 more in our call who just reached T8 or had some T10s.

    I personally had fun, I ran my Petro. We had better results than expected.

  9. FDR is a flying Kitakami, even if the squad is shot down to 1-2 plane, it’s still drop a huge amount of torps.

    • Torps that will only do around 20k damage if all of them hit, discounting the torp protection system

    • Not strictly true, it’s actually 140% of a kitakami since each drop is 20% of a kitakami’s supply, and it gets 7 drops per flight.

    • @TheTripleAce3 yeah maybe in volume, but i think he is reffering to the damage capacity of the torp bomber squadron (of FDR),which is similar to kitakami when compared to other ships that have only 12 or max 15 torpedoes in 1 ships and not 40.

  10. The Bearded Warrior

    Don’t dis the republique, ive used that to great effectiveness in clan battles

  11. I love that you can play with other clans now. I played with a few, all great guys and learned new strats

  12. I only have 1 thing to say regarding my opinion that CV’s should be OUT of clan battles: If they are good for competitive gaming, why were they out of the King of the Sea tournament?
    Surely the BEST teams in this game would appreciate having another tool at their disposal… No? Geez, I wonder why?

  13. We are seeing cyclones about one J in ten matches and that suits us fine.
    Horrible mechanic for competitive battle modes.
    One positive from it appears to be just the chance means we have not seen Any 4+ Venezia teams.

    As to CV’s.
    Hak ap bombs were bad enough.
    Mvr makes Hak look like a child’s toy.
    The insane ap rockets and ap bombs have completly broken the meta.
    It’s one thing to cause that much alpha damage per attack, but massive repeated ap citadel hits that are mostly non repairable have no place in the game.
    WG must make this damage far more repairable to be remotely fair.
    That and Mvr is the only ship, I suppose fdr also that can nuke enemy CV’s because of the insane ap rocket strength.
    All CV’s need reduced aa defenses to allow viable cv vs cv targeting. Not just one or two being capable of it without being Deplaned.

    And I say this with our team having competent cv players. It’s ugly. Feels dirty bad.

    For giggles, Sunday, we played the last two matches in our second team still back in the starting league with 2 BB a smalland and selection of heavy cruisers.
    Both matches we faced 2 BB teams with 5 dd’s. One was heavy bbs and torp boats, the other, groz, Kleber, khaba, and 2 borgogne.
    Good team work on our part tore apart both dd heavy teams. Intense, quick, massive dpm storm and torp beats. Very fun. Unlike the cv matches.
    Tonight, we’ll be back in our cv format slogging forward banging out heads against the bulkheads.

    CV’s in cb’s are just not fun
    No surprises, no flanking, no traps.
    Bulk up, two groups, shift as needed to compensate for the enemy when you spot them all in under two minutes, focus fire and deal with them… Rinse and repeat. Dull as watching paint dry.

    WG would be served very well, as would the community, do cv vs cv and BB vs BB match making.
    Barring that, we really need mini map only spotting for team mates of the cv.

    I would begrudgingly accept radar like delay in spotting for team mates to reduce the insane focus fire, and remove fighter spotting. Only spotter planes and the primary attack squadron.

    And CV’s should have a 20-30 second loading time like bbs and all other ships before being able to launch to allow better initial positioning of the enemy… Like CV’s USED to have.

    And bring back the big dispersion effect dfaa and fighters used to have to buy a little breathing room for, 40 seconds or so to try get a heal off between being pummeled

  14. They need nerf the op cvs or be out of clan battles and ranked

  15. Haven’t seen the video yet but I’ll take my guesses beforehand:
    CV bad, remove fdr, mvr, hak
    No mention of Petro usage
    No mention of Dual BB push comp viability

    Wonder how accurate it’ll be.

  16. Republique can actually be citadeled by ap bombs especially with MVR

  17. FDR makes MVR look like a weak ship :S it’s ridiculous.

  18. The way warships is implemented it can never be a true skill based competitive game. There is no RNG in esports for a reason, it doesn’t reflect true player skill. Note: The Des Moines juke, try firing one turret, let him start the juke then give the other three adjusted for the moves. Gets the propulsion mod Des Moines every time.

  19. I seem to be the oddball in that I’ve seen a cyclone announced most matches (but it seems to migrate around the map). I’ve been caught in the cyclone maybe 1 in 4 games.

  20. Entirely wrong about FDR, Midway can do the same thing with more flexability.

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