World of Warships: The Strongest T9 Cruiser – Re-visiting the Roon [179k damage in 14 minutes]

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Another look at the , a very strong that seems to be quite under-appreciated from some reason.


  1. Flamu Op pls Nerf

  2. is it me. or u can’t play this game without a tirpitz 😀 cuz its to
    expensive to buy any thing from tier 8 and above. and in the return u dont
    get much credits in the wins.

  3. I just unlocked the Roon, I have the fire control and turret upgrades and i
    use the same mods as in your first video, im struggling to do the anywhere
    near the damage you do. Im hoping the hull upgrade improves the turning at
    the moment it feels like a BB

  4. Wargaming does not need to nerf the Roon…They need to nerf Flamu’s

  5. Excellent job, awesome gameplay! :)

  6. Best T9 cruiser in the game. Fast fire rate, high AP damage. In
    close/medium combat you can deal 5-10K salvos every 8-9 seconds at BBs and
    obliterate enemy cruisers by one/two shots. Also, you can use torps from
    better angle than any JIN cruiser.
    Zao and Hindenburg are better, but in comparison to Ibuki and Baltimore,
    Roon is imho T9,5.

  7. +Flamu Do You think You will have possibility to revisit Mogami Your
    previous Zao favorite Cruser?

  8. You always “Ruin” your opponent Flamu :)

  9. very good play, mr. Flamu…no im am at tier 7 cruiser yorck, that is a bad
    ship, but I fight because I want the admiral hipper and roon…what do you
    think over hindeburg an admiral hipper? are they good

  10. Well… Damn, Now I know how to play the roon once I get past the hip hop

  11. great game as always, I’m almost at the hipper but I can’t wait for roon
    and hindie 😀 now I’m looking forward for the udaloy commentary, it’s seems
    like a kind of kiev 2.0 and I really love the kiev, even after nerf.

  12. How did you get the extra circles on you minimap?? (Just started watching
    your vids)

  13. omg those shells are so fast and barely have an arc.

  14. fantastic gameplay m8:-)

  15. It’s not 20% debuff to concealment it depends on what caliber weapons you
    are shooting

  16. Some one grabbing that carrier kill at the end made me absolutely snicker
    out loud. I couldnt believe how many kills got taken haha. Ill be happy if
    I ever hit 100 subscribers. Not sure though since I mainly do DD’s and
    gameplay on those can be kind of boring.

  17. You just made me look forward to unlocking it! I really like your channel,
    you have taught me a lot about good gameplay. Thanks

  18. “Because I’m a Roon, Fuck you that’s why” I was expecting it yet I laughed
    pretty hard at it. Love your commentaries, Flamu.

  19. ‘Michael Kutuzov’ flamu nice :D

  20. are you doing your commentaries live or postcommentary

  21. Jesus awesome

  22. I’m not usually too fussed about the average damage, but the huge disparity
    actually caught me by surprise. Seems like people haven’t really caught on
    to the power of the Roon yet. Even more baffling to me is that my average
    is brought down by all the games I played the ship at stock, it has been
    rising steadily and I fully expect it to approach 95-100k before I move on
    the Hindenburg.
    The Hindenburg is now also becoming a very enticing ship to me, because if
    the Roon is this powerful then I’m definitively looking forward to what it
    can do. Maybe this will finally be a cruiser that can de-throne the mighty
    Zao from my #1 cruiser in the game spot?

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