World of Warships – The Summer Games

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No, it’s not that there’s an official summer event coming to World of Warships (that I know of) but summer is here, which means school holidays, which means… well, you know what that means.

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  1. Christopher Vanoster

    Woke up at 3 in the morning for no reason. Now I know why. Thanks jingles

    • Your profile pic can burn in hell

    • Jacob Seager he can as well. Boohoo I was woken up by someone just doing their job so I will blame them for waking me when I could just go back to sleep. Infantile behaviour.

    • Christopher Vanoster

      Josh Creepa I woke up before this video was posted. I woke up, laid in bed for a few minutes, and this video appeared

    • Hmm, that explains why I woke up in a pool of sweat for no reason I could discern – my Internet was down yesterday, switching ISP, only got my new router this morning.

    • Christopher Vanoster you said you woke up a 3 in the morning for no reason, then you said you knew (referring to the video that Jingles released, when he had NO idea what time it was where you were), then you blame him with a sarcastic thanks. Boohoo.

  2. Damage brain cells?!?! But I only have 3. I’ll risk it.

    lkijrfau’yb er3y54 wuy23

  3. Double Double 4G

    Last time I was this early, Jingles still played WoT.

  4. Should the CV, or especially any of the Atlanta players ever try to plead a mental disorder defence in a court of law, this video would go a long way to establishing their character.

    • @UltraNoob I’m getting OK at playing the Atlanta…except for last night when I sailed right into a crossfire because I got bored of hiding behind an island. I was promptly deleted.

    • no.1 rule of atlanta-ing – never let a battleship see you.

    • I’m also going to use this video as Exhibit A, as to why I stick to playing Operations and Co-op.

    • @oldfrend Oh, I know it. I was just careless in that game and got caught between an Iowa and another Iowa.

      /I admit that I am a Console peasant and play WoW on XBOX…but watch these videos all the time.

    • @Mitchell Oates- Sadly, you still have players like that, who still don’t know how not to throw a game, in Co-Op, but not as many.

  5. Damn the torpedoes! Cut the engines and stay still!
    – probably the Shokaku or something

    • He probably should have paid more attention to the actual quote, “Damm the torpedoes! Full Speed ahead” it might have saved the team lmao

    • @Cody Davison You apparently can’t expect pilot wannabe’s to be captains as well. WG needs to ban all CV players to world of planes and then revert their efforts to “spice things up”.

    • Or maybe the crazy idea of paying attention to the map, that Shokaku could have been at or towards the south of the map to help against the Saipan, or any number of ships.

  6. I have a nagging suspicions some people buy atlantas for the sole purpose of grudge-killing cv’s… the enemy atlanta looked like she was trying to sneak up on friendly cv, too

  7. “Damn the torpedoes, full stop ahead” – Shokaku Captain

  8. Kristopher scudder

    Its probable the kagero was in the middle of crew retraining with a new ship and his crew skills were inactive

    • StArShIpEnTeRpRiSe

      On Retraining skills are not inactive but reduced. Like turret rotation is not basic, but 50% worse than with the fully trained captain buff.

    • Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli Quetzalcoatl

      @Captain Jaws fair point, panicing can happen and sometimes makes you do stupid things. But not in the first minutes of the game when you’re just moving towards the caps. beeing radared there is a standard situation for any DD player on higher tiers, it shouldn’t cause panic at that point. I mean, if you’re unlucky you can be confronted with radar as a T5 ship, and from T6 upwards it happens more and more regulary, so at T8 any player should be used to radar.

    • Branislav Radojevic

      Glad I’m out of taht circus for a while…God help me return to it in october xD

    • @Renard Foxington Ah yes, the famed “Tactical Notser”.

    • That’s a bit of a stretch. More likely he just didn’t take the skill for whatever reason.

  9. old_rust_ bucket

    If it’s stupid and it doesn’t work…we’ve probably seen it before.

  10. no one:

    the mighty jingles: *laughs intensely*

  11. I noticed that. Ive been playing since day 1 of Closed Beta, and from time to time we get a big influx of players who got fed up with WoT and its BS. Only they tend to bring with them their toxicity and stupid window licking habits, and they stand out against the average WoWs players who tend to be more mature in the game chat.

  12. Rae van den Berg

    @c koch true unfortunately

  13. Start a game.

    Watch all but one of your destroyers suiciding in the first 4 minutes..
    The only surviving one, has a cunning plan, and is doing a 30km strategic flanking movement around the 10-line, trying to catch enemy CV.

    Then say to yourself, “Hey, let’s play dd, I will do a decent job and take one of the dd spots”

    Start a game.

    Try to contest caps, spot, call for targets, screen enemy dds.
    Then watch a clusterfuck of battleships and cruisers form in a corner of the map and do nothing.

    Press Alt + F4.
    Go to bed.

    • Start of Game. DD wants to go spot. BB at the back of map screams for Intelligence data and tells you to cap all while they sail for a new map….DD decides to prove why this is a bad idea……Radar active DD dies BB blames suicidal DD player and call them a noob.

    • CVs: Exist in current state.
      Me : Uninstalls game, starts waiting for Cyberpunk 2077.

    • You’re screwed either way with the amount of window licking retards that plague wows or wot.

    • Such is life in the zone

    • Honestly, this is why i cant take the cv hatred from dds more serious. The amount of times I’ve seen DDs suicide right at the start, as well as how much they can perform against bbs, and suddenly I no longer care that they are getting sky cancered.

  14. Wait? It was my understanding that we are always more stupid after watching one of your video’s.??

  15. Have never played World of Warships and do not inted to ever start playing. Still watch every WoW video from Jingles. :X

    • Vlad Harabagiu world of warships is pretty fun and can get very satisfying when you manage to delete a ship either by luck or playing to your advantage.

    • I play war thunder naval, why do i feel like all the WOW and WOT players flood it then suicide with PT boats into my Light cruiser.

    • @matt Lol most wows and wot players don’t play War Thunder. Wargaming’s games and War Thunder appeal to different audiences, so most players play one or the other. I play War Thunder. Have never played world of warships, and dont play WOT, but I still watch Jingles’ videos for the witty commentary, good gamplay, and history lessons.

    • @Cobi Lancaster Eh, must be the same mindset of the area 51 raid then, “hE cAnT sToP aLl Of Us”
      its funny how they forget what secondary guns are and maunel targeting, lots of hull breaks XD

    • Same. I enjoy Jingles’ commentary

  16. Jingles! SPOILERS! You can’t just be like “If those Atlantas were over here he might have survived”. WE DON’T KNOW HE’S DEAD YET JINGLES!

    • Any experienced WOW player could have told you those were dead the moment they chose to engage the BB at as close a range as possible. They looked more like (poorly coded) AI to me, tbh.

    • @mgc7199 He was reffering to FIX CV’s. Fix wasn’t dead yet and still had half health when Jingles dropped the spoiler on us. Jingles is CONSTANTLY telling us important events in the videos minutes before they happen.

    • Actually, @Robert Marks , the Fix CV’s player was long gone before the Atlanta’s that were hunting the CV chose to throw away the win.

    • Oh, my bad. I misread that. You are correct.

    • @Robert Marks There is only one remedy: watch Jingles’ videos with the sound on ‘mute’ 😛

  17. @c koch Jingles covered this in a mingles video a few months back saying that these sort of accusations are completely unfounded and have a real lack of evidence.

  18. This is not the Summer Games, this is the Special Olympics…

  19. eeer actually Jingles it’s RADAR has a range of 12 km. THWAP BAMPH WOLLOP as Jingles slaps me about!

  20. @James Parker your comment sounds like someone who says it must be true because snopes says so. If more than enough people have noticed the pattern enough for him to make a video of the subject, then its likely enough that there’s still some base behind the thought.

  21. That russian Cruiser has 12 KV2s mounted on it. Who thought that was a good idea? If all the shells hit the target the worlds going to end!

  22. @c koch Whom is this “snopes”?

  23. The joy of playing with wallet warriors. Just grab your credit card and buy a new high tier premium and join a match with zero knowledge and understanding of the game just to screw over your team mates, good job

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