World of Warships: The Team That Doesn’t Push

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I took my Kremlin out for a spin. I ran into a team that just refused to push. It’s pretty difficult to get cap points without pushing.


  1. Happens to me nearly every match. Passive and map unaware 45% win rate holiday players.

    • @Matthew Bond summer school vacation

    • Sorry, but if it happens to you nearly every match, then surely you could do something better about it! Won’t be possible every match, but at least in some.

    • Most players farm damage from save zone behind the first line and ignore caps. If CV is there then also DDs won’t do caps, they rather stay close to team in the spawn. There are some players with guts and go for caps, but they became target for all enemy ships and quickly die, because there is no support in push. Got the same result several times our team kill most ships but lose on cap points. I guess this is now a general plan in todays meta with all new T9 and T10 premium ships.

    • @Aerroon Yeah, you are right, I can try to communicate with my team mates, many of whom don’t speak English. I can ask people to push and use commands asking for support. Meanwhile I play my ship to its strengths (I use all classes other than CV which I rarely use). Then watch as those that try like myself get focused down and die very quickly. Which confirms to the other players that it is best to sit back and snipe. Most games I end up in the top three on the board but for what? I can’t do everything.

      I did exaggerate when I said “nearly every match” it is noticeable though while on the summer holidays.

      When I get a team that listens and works well together though, it’s glorious, rare but glorious.

      Ask yourself this, how many matches at the moment are a very one sided game? One side takes few losses and the other gets wiped out? It’s happening an awful lot at the moment.

  2. Capping wins games but the scoring system says damage farming from behind islands earns points.

    • Except that you get about 1000 fewer points in a loss, but I don’t think math is a strength for these kinds of players.

    • Matthew, while you might get more points for winning… winning and having a bad game is pointless, because winning multiplies your results.

  3. This is why I gave up on random over a year ago, this is like almost every game I was getting, either majority of my team has a sudden allergy to cap circles, or they just prefer to hang out at whatever cap point is to their right, and the border hugging German BB frantically clicks on B cap, while showing no interest in actually going there, and every interest in keeping the 1 cap we do have and every other ship on our team, between him and the enemy.

    I’m guessing these days replace the German BB with a Russian BB who additionally fails to hit anything, because he doesn’t understand how his guns work with regard to dispersion.

    Honestly Co-op is just more fun, even if the bots do seem to prefer to shoot at me.

    • Yup Aaeron was hugging that wall over half of the game.

    • Well, if you enjoy coop more then more power to you! I just don’t find it anywhere near as much fun.

    • @Leopold It’s better to survive and be able to back stuff up than to go down quickly. Considering how little hp I had left at the end I think hugging that wall was an okay decision.

    • @Aerroon everyone knows the wall is a cheat mechanic because its harder to predict where to aim. WG should punish people who use it, maybe 1% hp damage per second you are using it. If you die using wall cheat then you get the “deserter” punishment, no exp for the match, as if you quit the game early.

    • @Leopold That last part wasn’t a criticism of Aeroon, he clearly wanted to push, but got little support. No point to push in on your own, you just die. Dead ship does no damage.

  4. There’s also the team that I call The Amazing Disappearing Team – you look and all of sudden half of them are dead with no enemy kills.

  5. I can relate to your situation. Happened to me in one of my games tonight. Its frustrating when you are trying to hold one flank, and your other team mates on the other flank starts falling back for no good reason.

  6. Maximum potato.

  7. You lead a push in your bb with others on your team then you look behind you and they all stop you get focused fired and die.

  8. Still don’t know the F3 quick command?!

    • I had it bound to the space bar for the first many years. Also, I don’t notice those voice commands, so I don’t really bother sending them out either.

  9. Until they move the XP system away from damage focused they will never alter this meta.

  10. Destroyers up front being focused. Cruisers being pummeled by pushing enemy. Team calls for help. The help BBs with HUGE HP and Heal and Armor and guns that kill up close being 25km in the duckin waaay back. Front line dies BBs in back push up finally into the entire red team alone.

    Loss. Blames the DDs for sucking. Pfft.

  11. Who else almost clicked on the Back to Port button at the end of the video?

  12. Your team did a great job avoiding those 4 minefields.

  13. the conaqkek that just would not die…

    • But it wasn’t even because of the Conqueror that this happened. It was due to my teammates just picking a different target!

  14. Try my mantra:
    “Its the weekend, its the weekend, its the weekend……”!
    WoW: “It a Tuesday mate”!

    Then you realize this is the lever of skill/knowledge of T10 players in WoW. And if you ever bother saying anything you get the standard reply “Chill, its just a game”, so because its a game I should go out of my way to suck at it and loose?

  15. Wow, that match must have been infuriating for you.

  16. Christian Krakhofer

    aka weekends and premium ranked in a nutshell, the product of wg catering to the lest skilled playerbase to make it more “accessable”

  17. main problem is that LOYANG

  18. you REALLY need to start using dmg con as u have limited heals anyway…u dont want to over use anything

  19. Happens so often I’m about to uninstall. I charge ahead into the cap, everyone else, just hides behind islands. I die, they cap, the islanders then die, we lose.

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