World of Warships – The Team Works

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It’s not often you see players behaving unselfishly in online because a) people are selfish and b) online games are set up to reward selfish play, which is why it’s all the more awesome when it does happen.


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If you have a World of Warships replay just send the file to the same address.

Just be aware that I get hundreds of emails every week and I can’t promise that I’ll show what you send in.


  1. David Kennedy (Montanakennedy)

    The Mahan was named after Alfred Thayer Mahan. He pronounced his name
    muh-Hahn’ – stress on the second syllable. This from an elderly military
    history prof 20 years ago. – no mention here of the
    pronunciation, but good readng nonetheless.

  2. the Atlanta firing arc is mortar like, almost vertical

  3. pronounced (maharn)

  4. resultscreen ???

  5. The question remains though, if the DD used the time he needed to lay the
    smoke screen and instead used it to harass the enemy with torpedoes that do
    a lot of damage and spammed HE to set fires/destroy modules, wouldn’t he
    have been a lot more useful? The problem with using smoke screens for your
    team is that you need to rely on your team, something that I would highly
    advice against, as it has a high tendency to end in disaster.

  6. most ppl actually doesn’t know how to use smoke, so as a well trained DD
    player, I lay smoke for team but most ppl are dumb enough to sail out of

  7. uhm jingels, will there be the xcom2- dlc on saturday?

  8. 20000 free XP on The tog

  9. 20000 free XP on The tog

  10. kv1s think he can kill a tog tog ate lunch

  11. This is why I love my Atlanta. My most played ship by far.

  12. Atlanta is overpowered

  13. Wows not the same without Royal navy

  14. The title and his introduction to the second replay got my hopes up for a
    game that I sent in, where a friendly destroyer sacrificed himself to put a
    smoke screen down for me to hide in an slaughter two to three cruisers in
    my Molotov.

  15. Jingles say armpitz

  16. GrandPrixRacer100

    “You’re there to advance yourself, not everybody else..”
    And that’s why there’s a 20% XP Booster for all teammates in War Thunder

  17. Quick search on ‘’, worth about what you payed for the
    search, claims “Muh-*han*” as pronounciation, in relation to Alfred Thayer,
    name-giver of the ship(s) and class bearing that name.

  18. “Catapult launchers” I too, watch atsf.

  19. Please review the USS Arizona or HMS Campbeltown.

  20. Armored Warfare has right idea rewarding spotting enemy and concealing
    friendly with smoke. It wold be great if that mechanics is implemented in

  21. Anyone ship Atlanta x Flint? Because I’d TOTALLY ship them…

    See what I did there?

  22. I regularly drive a DD, and many times I will act in the best interests of
    the team winning. But IMO most are unappreciative, and I rarely get a
    thanks. Also, I have communicated to a much heavier armed ship behind me I
    will throw smoke for them, and they just power right through the protection
    I just set up.

    I wish WoW would reward team work more, because SOB BB drivers who
    selfishly sit way back and collect kills and damage points benefit from my
    sacrifice. I spot, run the risk of getting killed, and of course, when
    spotted the attention of every cruiser within range. And guess what, those
    very same BB drivers won’t back me up because they have an enemy BB in
    their sights, and it’s much cooler to shoot at a BB than take out cruisers
    killing your DD’s.

    I could lay back, and wait until the battle is half way over, and collect
    massive points by picking off lone targets, but usually we get a loss.

    I used to go after trouble, try to protect some dumb BB driver who charges
    ahead alone. But now, if I see it happening, I just shrug my shoulders and
    know that I will probably be on the losing end of a battle.

    WoW has historic ships, historic battlefields, but does not reward historic
    methods of battling. The word “fleet” is just an abstract concept in WoW,
    and the game play does not reward combined fleet strategies and actions,
    just individual selfishness.

  23. :O new upload. Hi Jingles :D

  24. Why can I not get teammates like these… :P

  25. Tirpitz the Lowe of WoWS!

  26. Someone forgot about the Flint

  27. I’ve used the “lay smoke for your team to hide behind” strategy, but the
    team usually does not get the idea. They almost always pass near it or
    worse, they go into it. I-ve even been scolded by the team that i should
    scout, not lay smoke, and i did explain that the smoke is for them and i
    will scout ahead of the smoke, but noobs will be noobs

  28. May-han. Not so difficult yo

  29. I want to play world of warships, but I can’t because every time I try to
    download a watchdog error causes my laptop to restart! :(

  30. He never said anything about USS Flint . There are 3 ships that has smoke
    Iwaki alpha, USS Flint, and Mikhail Kutusov

  31. The last time i tried to cover a izumo with smoke who was trying to flee
    against 4 BBs, he just turn around passed, full speed my smoke screen and
    brawl with 4 bb…. for 4 seconds (facepalm intensify)

  32. Daniel Gyllenbreider

    Teamwork in WOWS or WOT – when you see it, you shit bricks.

  33. I have to give props to that Kagaro, he was risking his life for someone
    else’s. That takes true valor. Nice work keep it up.

  34. that’s a paddling

  35. 8:46 so the flint in a nutshell

  36. PretentiousPainters

    Yes another wow video by jingles! huurrahh!

  37. Jingles what are your thoughts on the 2 tier split in world of warships?
    good or bad?

  38. We clearly need assistance damage in WoWs. In the same way you get XP in
    WoT for tracking a vehicle that others then damage, If you lay a smoke
    screen that enables somebody who would have been spotted when they fired if
    the smokescreen wasn’t there to do damage and remain unspotted, you should
    get assistance damage.

    Although in a way you do – if there are two groups of battleships slugging
    it out doing massive damage and you lay smoke between them then pop through
    it to spot the enemy, you get all that lovely spotting damage…

  39. Skipp dagiraffe (Skippr)

    can someone tell me why people dislike the mahan? with the upgrades and if
    you properly use cover you can do a metric ass ton of damage, honestly one
    of my fav ships rn it just plays a little different than the Farragut my
    last game in the mahan I did about 130K damage and almost 9000 xp gotta
    love american mini cruisers

  40. Jingles needs to get original title is ease and not stealing them from the
    Australia navy recruitment ads

  41. Jingles you might want to take a look at the USS Flint. It’s an Atlanta
    without the 2 side turrets, better AA, usable torpedoes and it has smoke.

  42. It would be awesome when more wows players would look for their
    teammates,the most times when you scream for help no one cares!!!!!

  43. As of last patch the smoking for team by destroyers drastically increased.
    At least as far as my games are concerned.
    And I do it reasonably often myself.

  44. Skipp dagiraffe (Skippr)

    I once had a dirpitz joke but it sunk

  45. “the atlanta with smoke would be hopelessly overpowered!”
    may we all welcome the USS Flint? :D

  46. Jingles- “Wait until you see the post battle results.”
    *30 seconds later* “Sadly, I don’t have the post battle results.”
    oh jingles, never change

  47. Atlanta + Flint (with smoke screen) is the perfect division. Believe me :D

  48. hey jingles it looked like he intentionally took that torp for the BB at

  49. I’ve said it before and it bears repeating; Atlanta > Indianapolis
    Especially now that Atlanta has the same radar!

    Of course it always comes down to player opinion, but the Indianapolis is
    just so VERY easy to kill! I mean she feels every bit as squishy if not
    more so, than the Atlanta!

    Because the Atlanta, when hit with AP in the superstructure, below any of
    the Turrets and above the belt – it will almost certainly result in a low
    damage over penetration! Where AP versus the Indianapolis, well citadel
    city! Even bow in, the Indianapolis seems VERY easy to citadel, and the
    only reason for that, would be an AP shell penetrating that big wall at the
    back of that GIANT gap amidship, and into a turret magazine!

    I remember when she sat too high in the water and people thought it would
    be all better when WG lowered it, but that really did not change much!

  50. Bit off topic but jingles i just sent you an amazing armored warfare replay

  51. DDs don’t do this in random. I learned this also to use this in random
    while played ranked. Because in ranked it was normal to do this and the
    team appreciate this very much. :)

  52. this is coming from me where I’m Asian and have to wake up at 5 30 am in
    the morning and come home from school after shot put track training at 730
    pm so ur life seems like a dream for me☺

  53. jingles have u ever considered doing a separate gaming channel where u play
    games such as overwatch or scary like outlast 2
    that would sincerely be interesting
    in know ur old and all but u are still full of life in my eyes from all the
    jaw splittingly funny videos u do

  54. jingles have u ever considered doing a separate gaming channel where u play
    games such as overwatch or scary like outlast 2
    that would sincerely be interesting
    in know ur old and all but u are still full of life in my eyes from all the
    jaw splittingly funny videos u do

  55. why does every tier 8 premium ships i see in jingles videos are total

  56. Unless I heard something wrong, did Jingles just pronounce the Mogami
    wrong? I heard him say it as Mog-ami instead of Mo-gami.

  57. its that damn floating tanks game

  58. Jingles.
    Did they nerf the derpitz? seems to not perform as well now with horrible
    gun dispersion.

  59. Jingles – check Flint – it is basically Atlanta with more close range AA, 2
    guns per broadside less but it has a smokescreen – and bloody good one for
    that matter. Once you smoke dissipates, you have to wait only about 30-40
    seconds to pop another one – so you can stay around perma-concealed for a
    very long times, throwing 12shots per broadsides, almost like Atlanta can.

  60. Husky The Dinosaur

    The Flint has a OP smoke

  61. 8:30 Bahahahhaha! Jingles still is not using the Acceleration Module on his
    Kutuzov – that or he is just terrible with his timing, also it would APPEAR
    that Jingles STILL is not aware of the option to show smoke screen
    boundaries that has been added to the game, no mods needed!

    All you have to do, Jingles, is go into Control Options and select a little
    box near the damage counter and new shell ribbons that says something like
    “Show smoke boundaries” – and unlike the mod, it looks very clean!

  62. DatOneTurtle - Random Stuff

    I hate ppl who ask for likes

    Like if you agree ?

  63. Darth Praecanatus

    Jingles, with all due respect, I believe he had 361 hits done and another
    40+ were to be counted in so… 400+ hits.

  64. Has nobody told you about the Flint yet Jingles? Atlanta + smoke. iChase
    did a review recently.

  65. Anybody knows whats the intro song named?

  66. Jangles, NOOO… The flint is an atlanta with smoke, -2 turrets, +AA buffs

  67. In fact there is light cruiser class Atlanta with smoke!!! It is Tier 7
    FLINT with smoke it has less guns 6 turrets with double 127 mm and Torps
    from Mahan 9.2 Km range! it is reward for Rank 1 in Ranked battles all
    players with that rank will get it!
    Here is Video of Flint!!

  68. The two brothers map just look like a gigantic megalodon tooth split in two

  69. Tried to send in a replay to Jingles, but I just realized… he has just
    had a replay contest! He probably has replays coming out of his ears

  70. “Mahan” is pronounced MAYan

  71. just back from holiday with limited wifi, god have I missed your videos

  72. hoxtalicious ol hox

    is it just me or does the cap overlay not fit properly on the caps on the
    top of the screen

  73. MelonCube // The Turtle

    When the team doesn’t work in WoT. I get shot twice so I pull back to grab
    some cover, when WHOOP DEE DOO, OUT COMES T110E4 and blocks me from getting
    cover. The NA server for you :/.

  74. Every time I try to lay a smoke screen for my team they rush right through
    it xD

  75. Husky The Dinosaur

    ‘My Dick works’ should’ve been the title, haha

  76. Warships doesn’t have spotting damage? So that’s what I don’t play it that
    often. D:

  77. There is another cruiser with Smoke the USS Flint, Atlanta class ship, just
    came out as a gift ship and it is op.

  78. Wtf have I have watched? Is this real life?


    Jingles do a Iowa review :)

  80. what about the USS flint jingles?
    that an Atlanta hull with an armament reconfiguration and a smoke generator

  81. You know, I was thinking about there being no spotting damage here, and
    suddenly had an epiphany: Smoke works both ways.

    Perhaps the reason we dont have spotting damage yet is because of how easy
    it would be to smoke across allies to deny them LOS for the sole purpose of
    giving yourself spotting damage by having the only eyes on target? Just
    something that popped into mind.

  82. Anyone know why they never added spotting damage to WOWS? Seems to me it
    would change the play style for the better.

  83. Unfortunately most of ppl dont understand since are15 vs 15, in random at
    least, to be selfish is not the right way to win a game.I saw many, too
    many times, big guns w8 to shoot enemy ships for 1-2k damage just for a
    kill, instead of shooting on reload and make real profit+ helping team for
    win.And dunno what must be done for BB players to understand big ships are
    made for TANKING, since they have tons hp+hp regen+ armors…maybe you,
    Jingles, can make some videos to show the right gameplay style for

  84. Can the Atlanta push out a staggering RoF? Yes. Can it actually hit
    anything with it? Not usually. That’s the biggest problem with the Atlanta:
    It can’t always hit what it’s aiming at.

  85. jingles. doesnt the flint also produce its own smoke and is a cruiser?

  86. cool something not tier 4 this time

  87. Man, i would send that kagero a friend invite and division up with him. hes
    a total fucking bro

  88. Hey jingles I have a friend whose last name is Mahan. They seem to
    pronounce it May-han.

  89. yea..spotting damage in wows would be nice. Also wargaming went and
    “autocapped” B and C caps on some of the 4 cap domination maps robbing
    players of some easy XP

    PS. Jingles I do believe the USS Flint reward ship has smoke

  90. Jingles…the Flint has smoke…and sadly lead tainted water:(

  91. There is a third cruiser with smoke screen now which is the USS Flint.
    Which was the reward for those who got to rank 1 in ranked battles and won
    in a Tier 10 ranked battle.

  92. Shrutesh Kumar (ZonerRoamer)

    I try to lay smokescreens for cruisers/BBs who are getting focused; but
    they just sail out of it and die lol.

  93. what do you think of the reward ship U.S.S. Flint ? Which is a Atlanta
    class cruiser that has smoke and minus the two midship turrets that were
    replaced by bofors.

  94. jingles how fo i send u 1 of my hetzer replays

  95. Early af

  96. 2 times a random player went infront of me to save me from the enemy fire
    when i was on low hp, so he got the shot so we both stayed alive. (yes in 2
    battles there was at least 1 player who wanted to win and keep 1 more gun
    fireing… sadly it was 2 from the thousands…)

  97. Do Ctrl + F Then press 3


  98. “Atlanta with smoke would be OP.” Introducing: the USS Flint!

  99. “I need something to damage – oh look a tirpitz”

  100. A Atlanta with smoke you say. Well introduce the USS Flint.

  101. Pringles yay

  102. ‘if the Atlanta could generate it’s own smoke, it would be ridiculous’. Why
    hello there USS Flint.

  103. Jingles, the Flint is basically an Atlanta with a smokescreen. It’s a

  104. The USS Flint is being added on US server as a reward ship for ranked
    battles. It is an atlanta with the port and starboard guns removed, and
    Radar replaced by smoke consumable. ichasegaming did a video about it on
    his youtube channel

  105. but there’s also the USS flint, which is a atlanta that can generate smoke,
    maybe even better than the DDs’.

  106. Hello, Jingles! I have a question I hope you can answer. Over the years,
    you have been featuring many replays from many people, on your channel.
    This, of course, brings recongnition (and bragging rights 😛 ) to the
    player featured in the replay. I loved what you did with the 500k contest,
    showcasing actual videos from other YouTube channels! My question is: what
    are your thoughts on, instead of, in some of your videos, showing a replay
    from a player, showing a video from that player on his YouTube channel (if
    he/she has one), therefore giving a “shoutout”?

    For choosing which videos you want to feature, you would follow the
    criteria you use for choosing which replays are featured on your channel
    and, particularly, those you used for the 500k subscriber special.

    Basically, we send you links to our videos via the normal Jingles replays
    e-mail address. If you liked the video and if you think the video and the
    video maker deserves some recognition/encouragement, then do what you did
    in 500k contest showcase! Show your subscribers a bit of the video – as you
    see fit – and recommend us to visit the channel of who made that video!

    I say this because I don’t think recognition/encouragement initiatives
    should necessarily be limited to when you achieve a channel milestone. 🙂

    I hope you’ll consider this and discuss it with us 🙂

    Take care, greetings from Portugal, land of Rita 😛

    (If you guys want Jingles to talk about this, then you might want to “like”
    this comment. It will make it more likely for him to see it) :)

  107. 973

  108. Atlanta + smoke = Flint. And it IS OP.

  109. except there is a atlanta with smoke… a reward ship (third time rank 1)
    called flint… and yeah it is overpowered :D

  110. Jingles! You won’t reply to my comment, I bet I’ll make a wot video(which I
    don’t want to because I suck) if you do!

  111. well then jingles, just wait till you see the uss flint

  112. Jingles, you forget about “Flint”. This is basically “Atlanta” with
    smoke… iChase made a film about it few days ago. And yes, it is OP.

  113. Where’s the Nathan James !?

  114. Sir Jingles, i only play co-op on WoWS and I haven’t seen the assault mode
    yet and iv’e played quite a bit. What’s going on?

  115. Under 70th comment

  116. well, i’m early so i’ll make a joke

    Jingles skills

  117. Actually Jingles the Flint has smoke to

  118. Hey jingles there’s a third cruiser that can deploy smoke now *some say
    it’s better than a destroyers smoke….* the rank 1 reward ship! USS Flint *modified
    atlanta class*

  119. Well, i have to get myself an atlanta :D

  120. Some one forgot the Ranked season 4 reward. USS Flint. Same as USS Atlanta
    but better AA, no radar but holly smoke! ;)

  121. Actually, there will be an Atlanta class cruiser ingame with a smoke screen
    generator. The USS Flint. Two less 127 turrets, more close range AA guns.

  122. the Flint has smoke and your right it’s over powered

  123. JINGLES! I sent my best WOT replay.
    pls look at it

    p.s it’s the me-Han

    pps its under the same gmail name ad my youtube name. its confusing. I have
    many email adresses.

  124. Casper krægpøth

    Atlanta with smoke….OP ?? Yep adn very much indeed its even in game its
    called the flint and i saw ichase wielding one it looked amazing 😀 sorry
    for the unintended ichase fanboying ill be going to the saltmines

  125. Jingles how long do you think it will take for wargaming to release world
    of warships for consoles? and keep up the good work :)

  126. Too early for anyone to finish the video but there is 93 likes already…..

    How? :l

  127. destroyer gameplay? where’s the battleship gameplay? I love seeing a fuso
    or yamato gameplay from you. the destroyer gameplay is getting boring now

  128. I’m early-ish well guess I’ll get em next time

  129. Humanity Restored

  130. Flint’s got smoke, and it’s ridiculously OP by the looks of it.

  131. hey jingels, you forgot to name the flint , it also has a smoke screen as a
    cruiser ^^

  132. I’m early let me tell a joke that everyone will hate

    American politics

  133. Last time I was this early…

    I’m going to the salt mines aren’t I?

  134. Im early, lets make a joke

    Oh wait, I grew up

  135. Which one reaches first the ground: an emo or a leaf?
    Leaf. Emo did hang him-/herself.

  136. JINGLES COMMENT TO ME !!!!!!!!!!

  137. I just want you back on my mind and body… I made that sentence from my
    recommended words from my iPhone! Oh god haha

  138. i’m relatively early let’s make a joke…..

    the Mutsuki’s guns…. no wait, simply the Mutsuki

  139. wow 22nd comment

  140. ™ is no works inez

  141. Last time i was this early someone posted a cringy joke in the comment

  142. jingles????

  143. The Anime Civilian

    Nice thumbnail Jingles.

  144. jingles i love ur vids! if u respond ill scream and maybe shit my pants

  145. Hey jingles how do you record videos on world of tanks? I don’t know the
    software. Thanks if you reply.?

  146. Clarence Constantino

    I had a dream that one day jingles will reply to my comment!

  147. 5th xD

  148. seif eddine Khiat

    me 46 :)

  149. Woot woot more jingles

  150. Holy shit 39 seconds ago

  151. Second commend

  152. magical pineapple

    title is incorrect please change

  153. Hi jingles

  154. Shit in my mouth

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