World Of Warships – The Thinking Man’s Action Game!

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  1. Awesome content

  2. Nice game, I only play the mobile version tho because I don’t have a pc

  3. Great Slip Great, Choice your excellent At the game Keep it up Slip Love your Contact and Awesome PC And Stuff’And’Things.

  4. I enjoy the video good job slip.

  5. Sp1p you might want to enlarge the minimap (press the “+” button or “-” to reduce again) because that is pretty important to keep track of your enemies’ movement. Also pressing the “z” button will make your camera follow your bullets (or torpedoes) from your last fired salvo. This might make for some cool shots while also helping you improve your aim. hf! 🙂

  6. Radar is a Wall Hack because it is.
    It lets the cruiser see though mountains and there is nothing you can do about it except die because his buddies are going to love you tenderly until you explode.

  7. You need to try aircraft carriers or Japanese, British or German battleships

  8. USS Arizona… it’s a real shame my states ship got recked

  9. It’s so funny how Sl1p sounds like a kid in a candy store when he lands a good volley of hits. 😛

  10. slip its a good job you don’t do PvP your aim is amazing. I have never seen someone help out the enemy so much, your the enemy’s greatest asset. and as always so much fun to watch i love how excited you get over little thing’s me and my son watch he thinks your just a big kid . keep up the good work buddy

  11. Wait…sl1p playing WoWS??…. get outta here!

  12. Caboose Mobeile

    when tier 6 is high tier XD

  13. More of this plss…

  14. nunjadamnbusiness

    So glad to see you back on WOWS!

  15. nunjadamnbusiness

    Your regular playing style is not a great fit with WOWS.
    You need to become Sh1pG8r!

  16. Hopefully we end up in a match together.

  17. Hope you play this again!!! If you do, change cross hairs to show timer till impact of your shell. (its in options)) Each vertical line on your horizontal bar is 1 sec for ship at 30 knots. So if you target a battleship and the UI indicates 10 sec travel for your shell, you put horizontal line atleast 10 stripes in front of your target. because battleship travels less then 30 knots you deduct some extra lines for speed loss and presto you start hitting targets. (for faster ships you add some stripes) Hope this makes sence.

  18. Wouldn’t mind seeing some more this it looks pretty interesting

  19. huge bombing particularly identity spectrum cheap popular delicate initially emission refugee.

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