World of Warships – The Tier 5 Cruiser Experience

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Tier 5 Cruisers, the only thing with a shorter life expectancy than mayflies, Destroyer Captains and jokes about child abuse.

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  1. Yaaay! Thanks, Jingles ^^

  2. Tier 5? Oh boy, here we go clubbin’ again!

  3. Cruiser go BRRR

  4. The day you realize Furutaka has more deck armour than tier 10 battleships and has Zao dispersion is the day you realize it’s the perfect seal-clubbing machine.

    • @dominges You might have misunderstood me. When I talk about Kirov’s guns as a failed design, I am talking about the real life Soviet 180 mm guns, that had horrible barrel life and a rate of fire like a battleship. The in game version, on the contrary, is great.

    • A Very Gay Butterfly

      @Max kennedy Doesn’t the Exeter get 203s?

    • @HidesHisFace I’m not really confident in my memory anymore but I do recall it was rather horrible in the beta.
      May be rate of fire was buffed? before the turret was added?

    • @A Very Gay Butterfly they do but they’re bad 8in guns. The HE is ok and the AP just sucks.

    • @rtfgvb It way way beyond the beta. Furutaka got the buffs alongside Karlsruhe, I believe.
      It got a rate of fire buff, massive accuracy buff, turret traverse buff and 10km torps.

      Before it was quite painful to play.

  5. anonymous person

    I feel like I might actually go back and play tier 5,6,7 for a while as it looks much more fun than the high tier matches at the moment.

    • The players are way worse, as you can see in this video. So if you want to club some seals, go for it. The lower tiers have fun ships and arguably a better meta, but there just aren’t enough people on the servers for the low tiers to have the same quality players unfortunately.

    • @mjxw What mass of high tier quality players are we talking about?

  6. @11:26 is the only time you will ever hear an Englishman tell people to be more like a Frenchman.

  7. tier 5 cruisers: I’m straight up not having a good time!

  8. He should have named this video Another One Bites the Dust 😆

  9. Lumpi Lumpinski

    “Every time a cruiser gives broadside a battleship, god kills a kitten.” *Darth Jingles 2021

    you wicked old english person…..


  10. Anyone notice the friendly Acastas name ? Ilova_Goodfach.

  11. Remind me of my time in the phonix, only after i learned the hardway to hide behind islands it got better

  12. Now I want to see Jingles play couple of hours in tier 5 cruisers, excluding furious taco. That would be delicious

  13. Jingles, you forgot the 4th characteristic: using not only the w or s key, but able to use the a and d key with the w and s.
    The emile was zig zagging better than a lot of t10s

  14. I have been playing Since beta but i just came back from a 1-2year break.
    And i decided to start grinding this ship and the new tilman ships.
    I am using a normal 10 point captain and its a servival build.
    Also i state during the battle that im glad i equipped all my flags for extra XP and its the 1st battle of the day.
    Only to realize i equipped them on the colorado but forgot to equip them on this ship! XD
    I just unlocked the Izmail!
    Fun to be had by all!

    • You will enjoy all of the USSR BB line ships for sure. My personal favorite was the Sov. Soyuz, it felt like a BETTER NC in all aspects. Kremlin on the other hand, was a disappointment compared to the other USSR BBs due to the fact it wasn’t so ”op” for it’s tier. Sure, you can still face t10s in a t8 BB but it’s not that common today. USSR heavy cruisers and ”op” BBs just sh*t bricks when a Thunderer starts to focus them with HE… I mean high velocity plasma shells! And I can’t stress enough how badly the soviets suffer from IFHE cruiser spamm in t10. But when the stars align, the weather is clear and your ship crew have a full stock of vodka, it’s a blast to play. The close range dispersion buff allows you to nuke DDs with AP 95% of the time and the turret rotation is just pure ”magic”.


      @dominges In my experience USSR BB is good only up to Izmail. Beyond that it’s like a downgrade, I can’t use the higher tier ships at all.

  15. Jingles: Look at the Hawkins Citadel! It’s absolutely massive!
    Also Jingles: Is viewing the *Casemate* and Citadel armor

  16. That Emile Bertin is basically like Mr Nesbitt. Mr Nesbitt knows the value of not being seen 🤔😂

  17. Sebastian Bemrose

    And that’s why I treat all my cruisers like they’re made of citadels and TNT and armoured with tin foil… 😀

  18. Watching those cruisers pop reminded me of that quote from the Battle of Jutland: “There seems to be something wrong with our bloody ships.”

  19. Jingles: Explains overmatching

    Also Jingles: Shows match with no overmatching

  20. I cannot explain the feeling of excitement that overtakes me when an enemy Omaha is spotted

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