World of Warships: The Torpedo Terror – Shimakaze Commentary [159k damage]

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People have been requesting a Shimakaze commentary since I first started posting DD vids, so decided to answer that request as soon as possible. Haven’t had that many games with the ship yet but it seems very, very strong so far.


  1. Do you have something that lists what mods you’re using? I assume that’s
    what is making your shells stand out so nicely from the others.

  2. I mean sure whats not to love, torps that do more damage per hit than a
    citadel, require little to no real aiming, and can be done all while having
    never been seen, sounds like the perfect model for balance!

  3. Awsome game man! I got my Shima a while back but dont seem to get any good
    games in it. All BBs seem to know where my torps are all the time and i get
    spotted and killed ny enemy DDs all the time.

  4. Flami this is off topic but what do you think of carriers after the recent

  5. Ginés Ladrón de Guevara

    Great game, Flamu! I love your vids.

    Merry Christmas, and keep the good work!

  6. ‘i consider this a very good game”base XP it quiet good’ i love how modest
    you are :)

  7. I’m so looking forward to this thing. 🙂

    But for now the money I got with the patch will be used to get a Hakuryu…

  8. I played the Shimakaze and other t10 ships in the recent public test which
    was a massive Yamato and Montana fest. You should maybe try it if there’s
    another you get like 1 million free xp and 20k dubloons to get any ship you

    I liked this ship a lot its torps are seriously powerful and highly
    effective against BB’s if you fire from around 7km your pretty much going
    to hit it and without being detected BB got no clue with there nerfed
    rudder shift and less torp detection.
    Lots of damage dealt while receiving very little to none best combination
    you could want. Oh and for some reason your voice sounds like Kimi
    Raikkonen to me. Nice to see new vids.

  9. very nice play again flamu, want some more please bud.

  10. aww ya was waiting for this! haven’t watched it yet, but you getting an

  11. great to watch more please

  12. You are the beast!

  13. Glad to have u back Flamu :D, many thx man u have teached me the way of the
    ijn DD.
    U’r one of the few i watch and enjoy WOWS , one thing sayd i have learned
    much form you’r videos so keep up the good work , and hope i’l see you
    ingame sometime when i’ll get my higher tiers 😀

    P.s sorry for my bad english.

  14. Welcome back Flamu, I hope you had a lovely rest/holiday…now get back to
    what you do best…swinging a pick in the salt m……eerrr Sinking ships
    hehe, my bad ;)

  15. I will probably make one or two additional Shima commentaries once I get
    some better games for it, but this has been requested so many times that I
    figured it was about time I got it done, even if I only have had a handful
    of games in it.

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