World of Warships – The Trouble with Map Tactics Videos

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Thought about this question all day yesterday I think map tactics videos are just too difficult to do they have too many variables.


  1. HyperDimension Bliss

    7:47 The Buffalo’s mistake was playing Buffalo in the first place.

    • HyperDimension Bliss

      +James Kelly No, it’s just trash. I want my T9 Balti back.

    • I found through using it in the test server making it a secondary build and using AP even on BB’s HE for angled ships and DD’s and CE get close to BB’s and wreck them even yamatos and it’s now how I play my buff on main server and I enjoy her far more now than before when slinging HE at evryone

    • HyperDimension Bliss

      +Goatranch Gaming You overestimate 1, Buffalo’s AP and 2, Buffalo’s ability to actually survive being at a range where the AP /might/ be usable.

    • Shitty Pony OC Recolor

      You have just awakened every Buffalo fan in the comments section lol

    • +Goatranch Gaming Yes, you can wreck BBs in it, especially at close range.

  2. I feel like there are some general map tactics you can apply to random maps, here’s what I think they are and I think you do most of these to some degree in this match:

    1. Avoid the A, J, 1, and 10 lines – under 95% of situations, if you are on one of those lines you are out of position.

    2. Play objectives, if you’re a dd try to cap safetly, if you’re a cruiser or bb, try to support the cap safetly etc.

    3. Always look to move towards the middle. Safetly occupying the middle of the map gives you map advantage… this is more of a mid-late game general strat.

    4. Move into “vacuums” as allowed by your detectability – easier for DDs, harder for BBs to do. This can be tricky as you can easily over extend but you should be moving into space that is opened by retreating or dying opponents.

    5. Maintain the battlefront. In the early game the battle front usually forms parralel with the cap orientation but this can rotate as flanks collapse or push and can often end up perpendicular to the cap orientation in the late game. If you are behind the battle front, move up, if you are infront of it, retreat back to it. Using island chain orientations can be powerful when forming battlefronts.

    6. Manage the number of enemies that can shoot you by using your detectability and map features. Ideally you’d spend the game shooting at one opponent at a time while only being able to be shot at by the enemy ship you’re shooting at…that is if they even want to shoot at you! 🙂

    7. Thankfully you see this less and less lately but ignore people who call for everyone to go A/B! Or B/C! Or whatever. Ideally you need to form a battle front along the length of the map (usually by going all caps or the two flank caps – and mid to late game going mid cap(s)). This maximizes angles on enemy ships and minimizes unadvatages vacuums, ie minimizes enemy flanking movements.

    If the whole team goes say A/B what ends up happening is no one goes B, because it is central with no C flank protection, and so everyone just goes A and this means you’re surrounded by the mid-game…which is the worse thing imaginable – the entire enemy fleet can angle to your “ship ball” pinned in one quadrant of the map, while you are unable to angle against all enemy ships.

    8. Try not to occupy the same square as multiple friendly ships, spread out. By spreading out, you open angles against other ships and reduce those juicy torpedo targets where enemy torp boats can send out salvos with 2 or more potential targets.

  3. about map tactics- first tactic – DONT ASUME YOUR TEAMMATES HAVE WORKING BRAINS 😀

    • Assume that teammates will shoot / torp through you to reach the enemies as well.

    • +CathayanMagus can we not call them “team mates” it assumes some level of co operation, maybe people playing the same game and on the same side! “PPTSGAOTSS” there it is! “GOATS” (almost) 🙂

  4. Map tactics rules are obvious for me, even if it varies from a map design to an other on some cases:
    1) fight where u spawn (dont take a long detour denying your help to teammates in very critical first minutes of the game, just bcoz u are shy and hope teammates can take advantage without u to take risks for)

    2) if team split in early game to A & C, never abandon the weakest side.
    Balance must be 6-6, 7-5, or even 8-4 between both sides, but soon as one side go down to 3 ships, there are good chances they get rekt fast or retreat soon as they meet the enemy(wich drives to outflanking later for the strong side as well).
    And u can be sure if the game start with a 3or4 to zero for the enemy team before the 15th minute or so… 90% of chances ur team loose the game (even if the strong side plays decently).

    3) when the all team choose AB or BC, try to escape the lemming train syndrome ;
    And finish in a small package on the A (or C for the other choice) cap, trying to hide between few islands in compact pack of ships, easy to flank, easy to hit or easy to drop torps and hit something anyway whatever u aim or not.
    SPLIT !
    U can defend the center of the map without automatically slide to the sides and finish in a lemming train (definition of a lemming train: a big compact pack of ships abandoning most of the map and stopping to push forward soon as they meet first enemy salvos… wich drives to let enemy the control of the map, and the obvious easiness to outflank your lemming train and slaught you all from both angles).

    4) don’t camp on BC or IJ lines.
    Some sniper BBs or CAs can stay back, but big part of the team must come in mid to close range to tank and get good hits from optimal ranges (and retreat/repare/comeback if necessary to stay alive longest they can).
    If there are only our DDs in caps and all others ships are just too far to hit most advanced enemy ships, u are doomed to loose all of them and be forced to stay out of the caps all the game next, letting enemy team cap and occupy the terrain, wich drives to easy victories for them.

    I will add if I remember others obvious points to know.
    Note that these rules don’t mean u will never loose if u follow them or always by respecting them ofc.
    Good players or luck here or there can change the fate of the game…
    But usually, as we speak about teamplay, these rules are wise to follow, and drive to victory such more often than the contrary.

    … that’s how I interpreted map tactics personally.

    • stefanos perivolaris

      As fellow veteran player of t10 well said

    • in a tier 4 game with 2 cvs my Ark B has to either go left or right behind AA protection in the first 5 minutes. Unavoidable i think.

    • Random battle, never play for your team mates. Don’t waste time throwing your chance to get actual credits and XP holding people up who have every intention of letting you down.

      And by the way, staying alive while the terrible players rush and die is probably the best thing you can do for the team.

  5. This is a video a lot of people needs.

  6. Maybe for each map, as DD, CA, BB, based on where u spawn, what opp ships u are concerned about, etc… what ur plan would be?

  7. Map tactics. “For this map here are the good spots for a CA to lob shells over islands from.” “Here’s good places for BBs to be useful without being focused down early match.” “As a DD on these maps these are the best places to put torpedoes, push the objective from, scout from.” That’s what I think when I hear map tactics. You don’t have to cover every single possibility, but some broad stroke rules for the island heavy maps and various game modes might be helpful.

    • Calico Jack Rackham

      Yes. This is what I was thinking about when I voted for “Map Tactics”. Thanks for posting this.

    • Exactly. It’s not super difficult to find useful things to talk about.
      It’s not as consistent as wot map tactics but general good areas for ship types such as torpedo dds, open water gun boats, battleships that can bow in depending on match up etc are videos I want to see. Obviously as the match goes on wows is very fluid about what you should be doing.

  8. Map tactics videos = take a map, i.e. Sleeping Giant but could be any, analyze what tactics work well on this map, consider the spawns, and explain what certain classes should try to do regarding positioning, consumables, etc, to get an advantage. This doesn’t seem like a beguiling request, iChase. It’s actually pretty straight forward. You are over-thinking it.

  9. “In preparing for battle I have always found that plans are useless, but planning is indispensable.” – Dwight D. Eisenhower 😀

  10. Dude YouDon'tNeedMyName

    How about “High percentage opening positions or movements for each map based on generalized ship types”? Including a brief overview of where you can normally expect to see enemy player positions and movements. And also what @Lukos0036 says down below.

  11. You basically lined up certain spots that would help with a map tactics vid. Would be one vid for each map and then depending on spawn side and type of ship certain rules of thumb for that particular map.

  12. also I may recommend a book called the Art of war by sun Tzu. I listen to it and benefited. Here is quote from Sun Tzu. ‘If you know your self and you know your enemy you will never be in peril’.

  13. Thank you for addressing this. Most players are probably looking for a consensus based on likely outcomes. This could be the opening shots in the “adjacent cap vs all cap” war.
    Most plans are often rendered useless once the first shot has been fired. Are there any hard and fast rules to build on?
    Are any of the following opinions accurate?
    Material > Position. No cap is worth being sunk over.
    Control the center of the battlefield but try not to get caught occupying it.
    Focusing adjacent caps in domimation offers better support fire and gives somewhere to flex back to if overrun (this doesn’t mean bunch up). Focusing split spawn at the outset prevents overlapping support fire.
    Caps with hard cover are safer than caps without. Destroyers need something that will block incoming fire.
    Split spawn at lower tiers is terrible. Might as well be two separate 6v6 games.
    Geography including bottlenecks or choke points between caps should be avoided. Pick 2 adjacent caps without a bottleneck. Still need to scout all caps if material allows.

  14. A major sticking point in doing map tactics videos is the existence of players that have seen a lemmingtrain in one direction work once or twice, and are convinced it’s a viable tactic.

    Or the players that think going after the C cap on Shards when you’re at the South spawn area is a fantastic idea.

  15. One video for every single ship in the game on every map, from both sides. Also a weekend and weekday version. Easy, what’s the problem?

  16. The Gaming Python

    Chase, I think the best thing you can do for a “maps tactics” guide, would simply be posting a bunch of games in different ship classes and do a full commentary on what you are THINKING at the time. This would be more useful than trying to draw up a list of do’s and don’ts IMO.

  17. Map tactic: your Edinburgh on the weak side cap A by himself.?
    It worked!

  18. There is no tactics in randoms it’s just random choas with a bunch of the worst players in any player pool of any game in history of gaming. A better question should be why do u still play this game…

  19. I think by map tactics they want general locations people can go to on different maps, taking into account what ship they’re sailing… Which would be very broad in scope as well.
    Like another commenter said, what I think people mean by tactics is “what islands can I camp behind?” Lol

    Also, I was the Myoko in this battle! Lol I was far out because I had to start kiting early on, given that the enemy pushed up and our support on that side kept falling

  20. Could you make a video series maybe on possible different builds for ships. That would help me a lot

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