World of Warships- The Ultimate World of Warships Cruiser Tier List

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Hey guys! I present to you guys my Ultimate Cruiser Tier List! Enjoy!

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  1. “Not as tanky as battleships, but not as frail as destroyers” as an cruiser I can conform that

  2. I love Napoli, Salem, and Puerto Rico. Fond memories and great battles. They are among my favorite ships.

  3. I literally died laughing when the Grafzeppelin appear. As a Graf user, it’s sad, but it’s funny. AP… “shells”, torpedoes, consumable on auto. All in one package.

    • don t forget the elbing

    • your average tiga

      I was loughing to

    • “…she has 3 types of spotting planes…” lol

    • Hey the GZ will melt many ships. I saw a division one time in battle (my team mine you), the GZ proceeded to the cap immediately behind a DD. I thought well this CV player is in for a world of hurt and my teammate friendlies were BBQing him. Well he showed us. The DD set a long smoke and set hydro, the CV player slowed to a stop in the smoke. As enemy ships closed in on the cap the GZ began to literally burn down anything coming his way. Then as the smoke began to run out, another DD player set smoke in front of the CV and the three players repeated the tactic. Best bait and switch i had seen in a long time. The enemy team was fooled. Works well when no radar is around. One last thing thx SLM great video very useful!

    • your average tiga

      @w ramsey Graf zeppelin is indeed just a cruiser with 3 flights of spotter planes

  4. RandomCitizen Latt

    As a Graf Zeppelin main, I am appalled by how low she is on this list. She’s obviously the best cruiser, especially when you consider the fact she has three- count them, one two three. Three spotting aircraft so you never have to stop shooting.

  5. Emerald on F? I actually find her pretty damn strong and fun to play. Had a blast grinding through her to Leander.

    • Rasmus Dyhr Frederiksen

      those 8 torps per side are so much fun 😉 Emerald is a bit of a gem. Leander is amazing for tier 6.

    • ​@Rasmus Dyhr FrederiksenYep! Leander was great too and Fiji is godlike.
      Edinburgh was kind of a sleeper, better with Radar imo and still nice for helping DDs at Caps.
      Neptune is despite the massive Citadel, still extremely fun to play and it basically prints Dreadnoughts (and Flags back then)

      Really good line if you master them 😀

    • ​@Niczagree. Neptune and Emerald get a lot of hate, but both are really good ships in the right hands. The line generally takes above average skill to play though (except Fiji, that thing is a monster at its tier).

    • @Joshua Yep, the line really rewards when you turn on Brain.exe xD
      Probably THE hardest Cruiser Line but with hugh risk comes high reward!

      Otherwise, you end up as free Citadel Ribbon if you don’t play smart

    • She got her ‘difficult’ reputation when she first came out, as she originally didn’t have a smoke screen. But I had an absolute hoot with her, and she has my personal damage record for cruisers.

  6. andreas pedersen

    Japanese heavies are better than the lights IMO. Zao is pretty trolly, while Yodo explodes as soon a BB looks at it. HE and AP much better. The Omahas D? It’s hard to play, but a nice way to learn. Love playing the Marblehead. Yoshino is hardly a A, since it takes damage easily. Torps are a little too situational. Exeter has low DPM, but heal helps a lot. Nevertheless: enjoyable and great video.

    • Sea Lord Mountbatten

      Yodo with its 18km range is laughing at Zao’s “long range” of 16.2km

    • @Sea Lord Mountbatten Eye in the sky.
      Zao has good shell velocity when you need those long range shots.

    • Sea Lord Mountbatten

      @Anthraxso does the Yodo, without needing a spotter

    • @Sea Lord Mountbatten At 18km, Zao takes 10.6 secs to hit the target. Yodo takes 14.2 secs. Yodo’s shells are slower than Des Moines or Goliath’s.

    • João Marcos Araújo

      Ah yes… Clearly doing 2k damage every 11secs-ish if the target is clueless enough to get hit from 152mm shells at over 16km after shattering almost the entire salvo is way more dangerous than Zao’s accurate rail guns that have an alpha high enough to deal almost 10k each salvo and setting the target on fire on almost every salvo. Clearly one of the best parameters of all times

  7. Venezia should be S tier for sure, awesome ship.

  8. This one was good laughing the whole vod, you hit the reviews on the head (mostly)

  9. You missed THE most important ship in the game from this list and I am outraged. Not only is this ship significant to the game, it’s a historical ship and even has its own meme…
    I am, obviously, referring to the legendary, famous Russian comrade ship, the Krasny Krym, aka the Krispy Kream, aka THE worst cruiser in the game, aka possible the worst ship in the game outright.
    While I always make my offerings to the almighty Algo overlord, I cannot hold back my disappointment the you forgot this ship Sea Lord…

  10. Lovely Atago. My first premium. That thing as almost as nimble as a destroyer. Very hard to hit if you know what you’re doing.

  11. Steven Wiederholt

    The Exeter it is a Citadel Machine. Love it!

  12. I personally have a soft spot for Tone, mostly because the planes come in handy when needing to spot in the late game and the stealth is absolutely amazing. Its a very flexible playstyle with hella utility in the late game.

    • Tone is great and I love playing her. The main thing against her is the fact that Atago exists, but every cruiser has the problem of “It’s not Atago, the greatest and most beautiful ship in the game.”

  13. commit self deletus

    I find the Dutch cruisers to be miserable until you get the tier 9 and 10. Though I do think the dispersion is a bit overdone and it could use a buff. A 40mm deck would also really help considering their short range

  14. Graf spee is the best cruiser tier for tier, torps: yes, secondaries: surprisingly yes, AAA : very yes, big guns: yes, large health pool: best in tier, hydro:yes. The only bad thing is the wonky dispersion sometimes. This post is sponsored by the brotherhood of the Graf Spee.

  15. Loved this, one of your best tierlist vids

  16. Also – All cruisers move down one tier list when there’s a sub in the game and move up one tier list when there are no CVs.

  17. Anand Mohanaveeramani

    Very nice videos, enjoyed it!! we need more of these..

  18. I’m doing quite well using Tone in operations. Good guns, excellent torps. The planes are a good complimentary chip damage and spotting tool.

    Talking about operations, I think you missed the Weimar, a ship made for operations mode.

  19. Most entertaining wows tier-list, hope you make one on destroyers!

  20. I started laughing so hard when you went from Boise to Nueve de Julio. well done

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