World of Warships- The Ultimate World of Warships Strategy Tier List

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Hey guys! Something new today! I present to you guys my Ultimate Strategy Tier List in terms of fun for World of Warships! Enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

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  1. I think you missed one. Its a combo of the 3x and W strat. all it requires for success is 3 Massachussets

  2. Forgot two things – Binocular view ‘aimbot’ and the 2 Musashi 1 Graf Zepplin carrier deletion strat

  3. well done video sea lord, you made this video much more entertaining than your usual top 5 something something format. Good job bro.

  4. 星川ヒカリ Hoshikawa Hikari

    20 minutes of peak entertainment, love it!!

    The 2 strats in S tier are truly S tier levels of laughter XD

  5. Bowtanking: best done by Soviet ships where the enemy basically requires that every gun put on that problem until it is gone and a problem made exponentially worse by you activating Stage 2 of the bossfight when Chadmiral Kuznetsov comes in with that ability.

  6. Another possible A tier strategy: team consisting of a radar cruiser and close quarter ship. Use islands as cover to get close, use radar to spot enemy, crush them with close quarter ship when spotted. Been using this strategy with great results and high fun levels 😁

  7. That triple Ise must give some WoWs veterans massive PTSD.

  8. You missed one:
    Broadsidius Memius, whereby you deliberately sail broadside at close range to a BB in your narrow light cruiser for him to overpen you citadel, doing neglectable damage while you dakadaka his hitpoints down. B tier

  9. My favorite Strategy is still 899 Div and FRD + Balao + Petro have fun trying to dodge the countless homing + non homing torps let alone the FDR that comes and cross drops then Petro slapping you as your turn broadside and rinse repeat.

  10. The Phengophobic Gamer

    “Isolate targets into 1v1s”

    Procedes to rush two ships.

    • Sea Lord Mountbatten

      Due to Conquerers super heal, it negates the second ship. It’s like PEMDAS.

    • The Phengophobic Gamer

      @Sea Lord Mountbatten Lol, fair. Still, you had me yelling at you to use the back turrets on a point blank, broadside Kremlin. She would have been in a pretty bad way after that, likely a bigger threat than a cruiser, though I didn’t see what cruiser that was you disrespected.

    • @The Phengophobic Gamer that was a Moskva

  11. Pure entertainment. Absolutely amazing! Please do one of these every once in a while 🙂 Happy holidays from Switzerland 😀

  12. great vid,
    also one of my favourite strats is as follows…take hakuryuu with squadron consumable mod, take torpedo plane, fly around the enemy team and go for their cv, when his fighters approch you pop heal and become invincible, do multiple flybys and make their cv regret his existance.

  13. great video. very well thought out descriptions of the tactics. and excellent soundtrack for that Schlieffen-Napoli-GKF sweeping run at the end. now I have only one question left: where can I buy the keyboard with that super big W-key? 😀

  14. You can imagine 3 Marlborough shooting 48 HE every time on the same target 🔥🔥🔥

  15. FFF- Tier: As a cruiser you follow your DD to the cap then suddenly turn tight behind an island 100% blocking all gun coverage of that cap. DD dies. Later you complain about DDs dying early and start squawking “I need inteligence data” repeatedly.

  16. You forgot the Cowardicus Maximus. A DD spots another one in the cap and pops smoke and stays inside it. Hoping the enemy DD will just “go away”. And Attention Seeker. A torpedo DD open firing at an enemy ship forcing them to turn into the torpedo spread that would’ve otherwise missed.

  17. That clip with 3x Ise torping DD was brilliant.

  18. Different and fun! Loved it. Well done!

  19. Best strategy without fail.
    1st: Buy Orkan
    2nd: Make a full secondary build
    3rd: Profit

  20. Another strategy is when both CV work together on 1 target.
    One match, t8, I have RU he had IJN. We went from 1 ship to another.
    It was a short match.

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