World of Warships- The Uncomfortable Truths About This Game

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Hello guys, today we go over three uncomfortable truths about WoWs. Enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

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Music: Stranger Think- C418


  1. The only one at least I will say they need to work on more is the balancing of ship types a lot more then they have. I have seen quite a few times where one side does get more of the radar cruisers then the other that is a pain but not a deal breaker. The worst I have seen is one team with three CV battle ships and mine with out. You can already imagine how that went. What was a kick in the teeth about it is none of them were in a division at all.

    • Worst I’ve seen was an enemy team with full Tier X and Supership and my team got a Tier IX BB and two Tier VIII Cruisers. MM is a tragedy when it comes to divisions but part of the issue could be avoided if people just queue same tier at the very least.

  2. Unpopular opinion : co op and operations can be pretty fun

  3. Skill based matchmaking as in “You only get matched against teams at your skill level” may be a bad idea in today’s world of warships, but I can’t say I agree that skill based matchmaking overall is a bad idea, because it would be perfectly possible to implement something like “your counterpart on the other team will be at approximately your skill level”. Would it make your average match harder? yes, probably, because your average match would likely be more even, which is what I would want out of it. Just how it would impact the game would depend on how it’s implemented, and it’s really not possible to say whether it would be good for the game or not without trying it – and I think it would be worthwhile to try it to see the effects.

    100% agree on the other two though, great video.

  4. Skill-based match-making doesn’t have to mean meeting only equally-skilled players. Imho it should in fact be the same mix of skill as it is right now, just balanced across teams. I’d even say skill-balancing between teams is even more important for a fair match than ship-class- or tier-matching. A good DD player will have no trouble playing against a bad cruiser player. A good T7 BB player will have no issues against a bad T8 BB player.
    And after all WG would not even have to change randoms. It could be a game mode of its own, purely for solo-play, without divisions even, which would immediately break the whole idea. I’m sure a lot of people would appreciate that.
    Alternatively WG could drop any dependencies on winning matches. If you would get stars in ranked, and same amount of XP and credits regardless of winning or losing, just depending on personal performance there would be much less reason for grieving about bad teams. But I doubt that would ever happen.

    • I’ve thought about that rewards for wins vs losses thing a time or two and it took me less than half a minute to realize it was just exacerbate the problems we already have with the current meta where people refuse to engage, camp at spawn, camp behind islands, YOLO and just play crappy. What incentive do they have to play well if they are going to get the same XP whether the team wins or losers. And then there are those who already know how to pump up their XP and their stats without ACTUALLY doing things to help the team win, damage farming in garbage time, failing to spot if they are a DD or CV, failing to tank if they are a BB, failing to shoot at spotted DDs if they are a cruiser. I realized the scoring system for XP was completely busted a couple of years ago when I started realizing how many completely USELESS team members I was seeing at the top of the leader board on a regular basis. About the only way I know of to completely avoid the problem of useless teammates costing you wins is by reducing the number of teammates in a match. It’s amazing how much better my winrate in 1 v 1 brawls than it is in other format but Co Op. It’s amazing how much better I do in brawls in general and how much better I manage Ranked than Random. The fewer chuckle heads you have to deal with on your own team the better your chances are at winning if you are an average player or better.

  5. I get the whole play subs to learn how the work so you can better counter them. I tried I played them during testing I played a little bit when they released and all I figured out is I suck at subs, I don’t understand there mechanics, and they are incredibly frustrating to me because of the clear advantages they have been given to patch work playability into them. I know they’re not going anywhere but I know it’s going to be a shit frustrating game every time I queue up and they’re in my match. Though the same could be said of carriers.

    Enjoyed the video!

  6. I prefer not to play subs as well as CVs and Superships. I played the pre-reworked CVs very little before, but after that, no way. Had a Kearsarge drop in a random Supercontainer one day (not purchased by dubs, only random) and even in that ship I barely use the planes. Simply put, I’d rather not be the problem (or part of the problem) in the game right now.

  7. SeaLord, you did the unthinkable, you offended the entire WoWs reddit community with a single video! And I like you for that!

  8. Great point about SBMM. However, it’s bad not because of deranking or smth like that, but rather sweatiness of the matches, when people have to try really hard to win against equally skilled players that want to do the same. And also winrate skill measurement will encourage people to abuse broken ships to take advantage without learning or trying much, so the worst your ship is and higher your MMR is, the more these ships you will face. Absolutely horrible experience. It resulted in 50% peak player loss for DBD, until devs made SMMM much less, well, skill-based.

  9. I think my 2 biggest gripes about subs are that there are at least a few that can sit and ping you outside of your ASW range, and that the marker that shows the location of the ping doesnt denote the direction the sub is moving.

    • You know, I run into the same problem with BBs sitting outside my gun range and their incoming shells don’t denote the direction the BB is moving.

    • @Ryan Brochu I was grinding my US battleship line and was on the New Mex, safe to say, a dreadnought that feels so under manoeuvrable sucks so hard against subs, it would always be this, Submarine stays hidden under the water, sends a ping at me, I try to find him, if I do find him and use ASW, it misses all because he’s moving, then he does another ping and launches torpedoes, by no means I am able to counter that, since I’m slow and pretty under manoeuvrable, all I can do is watch as the torpedoes hit me and take down half my HP, usually I am also engaging another ship as well, so it’s hard to keep up with both. The worst of all, CVs haven’t been as much of a problem as subs to me, since most of the time subs just torpedo me before I have a chance to dodge, strike it or attempt to make the torpedoes that hit not be as destructive, it simply has kept me away from grinding BB or anything that is just overly vulnerable to subs

    • @Ryan Brochu I have begin to grind the russain bbs and I agree. I had a much easier time when grinding JPN bbs in this sub meta.

    • @Ken Roach True however you can actually see a BB the ping locator has been shown on countless times that it does not actually show the true location of the sub just look up flamu’s video He gets progressively more angry at the stupidity that the submarine indicators are just useless for someone to use

  10. Uncomfortable Truth (to WG): The game is actually fun when you get into a match without CVs and subs. – the comment is mostly about T8-T10 subs and T10-Super CVs, lower tiers are fine

  11. Morten Beck Knudsen

    I really enjoyed this video and agree with on most of the points you made, I too started out with BBs and Cruisers and thought DDs were brokken until I started playing them, I played a lot of CV back in the day and pretty good at it but havent played since the rework but it on my list, I have played both the current lines of subs to teir 10 and yes it helps you fight them better but man there is some big issues that need to be worked out with them.

  12. Sea Lord Mountbatten

    Guys, just a reminder that this is light hearted fun, don’t take it too seriously ! 😬

    • You must be new here in YouTube comments 😛

    • @Ken Roach fisher net dlc cost 10 $ xD

    • at least the AI pushes the caps

    • You show the S189 that I couldnt get grrrrrrr

    • Honestly, lets see how nonexistent “soviet bias” is once the soviet subs release. I can say it does seem somewhat biased how OP Moskova is compared to same tier US/UK cruisers. Hell even Yoshinos and Napoli arent even that much of a worry if built right & played smart.
      I do agree as far as submarines. It took me a while to get the mech of tracking torps instead of spray n pray. The notion that subs are broke is conflated. Sub torps do much less DMG than surface ship torps, yet because of their stealth people act like they’re nukes. I will say that better ASW detection should be applied to all ships in game. Hydro should be standard — the fact there’s ships without is like expecting a quadropalegic to run a mile.

  13. when I started playing WoWs, I just played BBs and had around 45-48% WR. Then I learned how to play all the other classes and now I have nearly 60% WR. Other players just love complaining without even trying to learn how other classes work. Thanks, Mountbatten for speaking the truth! Its about damn time!

  14. One of my main gripes about Co-op… Putting bot CVs and subs on the players team. I hate that.

  15. Weighted Skill based MM is the best of both worlds. Its kinda hard to explain but here goes…
    A purely skill based MM picks from a limited pool of players around *your level*
    Weighted Skill MM would pick from *the entire available player pool* (heh PP) and only then will MM consider skill. Theoretically it would work as this
    It sees 20 players with lower win rates, 6 with middling win rates and 4 with higher win rates. In a perfect scenario each side would get 10 low skill, 3 middling skill, and 2 higher skill. It would have some extra leeway when dealing with divs tho.

  16. Once upon a time, I admired SLM. Then he said ‘play submarines’. It’s like the day I found out Santa Claus isn’t real.

  17. When the Airship Escort was on, I had a Des Moines and St. Vincent that wanted to fight my Petro at roughly the same time. I know the DM wasn’t surprised that I was punching through its non-existent armor (bow in); not sure if the St. Vincent was though. Both of them only mildly inconvenienced the Petro. The nerf is that the ship is only *slightly* less ridiculous. And if his guns are bad outside of 15 klicks, I sure haven’t noticed.

  18. This is why your channel is growing. Good video. 🙂

    Too many other channels takes the game a bit too seriously, or get stuck being overly negative about a lot of issues.

    Interesting points, important topics.

  19. One of your best helpful videos!!! Take a bow SLM! I suggested to WG they should enable the player to reset his/her calc on winning percentages. Ie. allow player to reset to calculation of win % by taking a rolling 12 month average. Should not be too hard to incorporate this into their code. Thanks stellar video it was refreshing.

  20. God this was so close to being a tier list video. Those were funny as hell and you gotta make more of those

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