World of Warships – The Unedited | Des Moines, Holding The Line

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Outnumbered or not, hold what you’ve got.


  1. Quality over quantity!

  2. Des memes :v

  3. Always enjoy your video. Your video also teach me how to play DM, like it :))

  4. i kinda wish that game hadn’t ended so soon. I feel like he was just getting started on a party wipe of the entire red team.

    • I agree. I also was surprised when it ended, I just did not realized we denied the B entry for so long and the points had ticked so much in our favor 🙂

  5. Excelent performance with the DM!

  6. Looks like a loss Robin says “hold my beer” GG dude

  7. Missed your commentary on this one.

  8. I bet you smoked a sigaret after this one. 😉 WP mate

  9. 3:00
    Legendary mod torp beats –
    I came uwu

  10. Robin, Is there any way that you can do a video on the Spec you currently have on the DM and the legendary module setup? you are using it in game for sure

  11. I appreciate the gameplay but what about the music taste? Awesome as always. Good job Robin.

  12. Thia guy knows like only a few know how and where to move in the map, excellent map awareness considering the position and the push of the enemy ships

  13. love your vids.. and the music in the backround :* Parfait!

  14. Man, Des Moines is still a beast.

  15. Серж Горелый

    Great fight! Dude, you’re cool! Play the same.

  16. Great game and a master lesson on playing the DM. Always look forward to your vids.

  17. Epic torpedo dodging at the get go. And yeah I wanted the match to keep going and watch you kill them all! But I do like your commentary in the older videos.

  18. Insane game man. This is how I envisioned the Des Memes before I got it.

  19. One of my favorite player to watch, TheSailingRobin…great footage, great play….great music.

  20. you mean “Dominate The Line” 🙂

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