World of Warships – The Unedited | Kitakaze: Making Sure They Lose

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A grand tour of Northern Waters, making sure the enemy team doesn’t win.


  1. General Torfstecher

    Awesome, Robin, a pleasure to watch.

  2. The Sailing Robin

    Kudos to friendly Midway, btw ^^
    Oh and it’s “lose” not “loose” don’t mind the thumbnail

  3. Nice to see your videos again, Robin. I’d just finished seeing the previous Kitakaze videos that, you’d uploaded and boy…. This one was 👌🏼🔥🔥🌊

  4. Mychailo Nagimov

    yay! new vid!

  5. You don’t need to edit a thing, with this beautiful map and music <3

  6. Brian Alexander

    Great match! It was nice to see some of the cinematic flair your videos used to often have. Well done in the match and the replay. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  7. Look who is Back !!!! Nothing like your vids mate.. hope you been well 🙂

  8. ” Enemy CV You Won This ” wtf?? lol I think it was great work, but The Kit won that lol

  9. Love it man! And I love Kita, easily the strongest tier 9 dd

  10. That’s from the Ori and the Will of the Wisps OST – phenomenal game and phenomenal music.

  11. Oh Robin, finally matey. Where were you 😀

  12. Great vid as always! When you going to start commentaries again? Always learn something from them.

  13. GG Robin and yes GG CV ! Nice to see your gameplay.

  14. Fantastic music choice and gameplay as always Robin! By the way, what do you think about the unique/legendary upgrade change for the Des Moines?

  15. The best WoW content creator is back!

  16. Hey Robin. I loved ur wows legends content. Are you planning to make another vid. Btw you’re a legend and u have been a guide for me.. thank you

  17. SICK! as always! Miss your stream! <3

  18. finally, man where have you been?

  19. amazing game to watch, would love some commentary though, why you did as you did, little mistakes and stuff

  20. Nice sound track you got with this,.

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