World of Warships – The Unedited | Kutuzov: Keeping Distances

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Out-tiered, outgunned, but not out-ranged…


  1. Nice one, Robin. I mean it’s not fair to have a T8 ship in a T10 match, but you played well. Can you get a game on Missouri? Please

  2. and here we see a rare breed of robins, the sailing robin
    outclassed and outgunned he prepares for a fight
    but wait, he has a surprise up his sleeve: game sense
    and he charges into battle with his explosive excrements
    setting fires to everything he shoots
    this has been Hiphen attenborough with the warship geographic

  3. Great game.I enjoy playing my Kutuzov. Is there any point taking AA def or would you always go for hydro? If only she had 4 smokes too.

  4. And here we wonder… did we really need a tier X version of this ship?

  5. Redline Salvage Inc.

    Great game Robin, is this ship planned for in Legends?

  6. It’s a good thing they stopped selling this long range HE spamming ship with smoke, torpedoes, and hydro. Imagine how unbalancing it would be to have this kind of ship still available. lolz

  7. Great game as always, btw this thing id just a Charles Martel with better reload and smoke right ?

    • Friedrich püschel

      no. its a chapayev without rader and with smoke+some extra premium range. Charles guns are way better (bigger) and he has a reloadboster.

  8. Pfft, only 6 kills, not even a witherer… Jk, Robin. Great video as always!

  9. Beat them like you were beating a drum. Well played sir. D.

  10. Great game! Music was depressing though….

  11. Well my back hurts just watching that……..

  12. Well played, he Robin i miss your commentaries doing the replay……

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