World of Warships – The Unedited | Legendary Worcester & A Vailant Effort

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One of the few Legendary upgrades worth grinding for. And one of the strongest light cruiser in the game. What could go wrong? #worldofwarships
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  1. havent seen that many pinks in a game. good thing none of them were playing DDs

    • for me record in november thus far in random is 4, coop 7. looks like a lot mor teamdamage then a few months ago, or the pink bans are longer..

  2. Thanks Robin! I feel like the omnipresence of CVs in games make playing static cruisers basically hell. I didn’t risk sailing neither wooster nor DM or any island hugging cruiser ever since. Maybe this video will entice me to saile her again 😀

    • @i4y Yeah I know and it pesses me off.. it’s exactly why I don’t get them all out, and it’s frustrating becasue I like Wooster gameplay…

    • @IsKor06 just had a game in my DM and without CV :). second on the team with 2156 baseXP, had a couple of good islands to play with, killed two DD’s and survived to the end of a lovely match. CV’s are soooooooooooo ruining this game.

    • Man I feel ya, DM is my favorite ship in the game and I only rarely take her out anymore. MVR and Haku just shit on it way too easily.
      I find the Wooster is kind of all right because the extra range and maneuverability allow it to open-water a bit better while the extra AA helps with the stationary play. The biggest downside is the extra AA range comes with extra air spotting range which can be a real pain to deal with when repositioning.

    • @i4y The moment you sail your DM and you end up in a non CV game, you KNOW this will be a fair fight :p

  3. Damn, i can get good result in wooster as well but never like this, well played!
    It’s a shame that people throw away their ships like it doesnt matter
    Thanks for the vid

  4. General Torfstecher

    Wow, so much effort, still a lost game…. Thanks mate, that was a great game and chill music!

  5. Heartbreaking. 2v22. Just needed more time to carry

  6. those moments when you just can’t carry hard enough. Well played as always

  7. Robin: Shima SURVIVE
    Shima: No I don’t think I will.

  8. Damn thought for a sec you might of pulled of the win.

    • My mistake was to not contest B harder. I kept being pushed away by BBs and the CV. Otherwise, if I’d manage to get near the center island in B, we’d have had a chance. Probably ^^

  9. Man, that snapping sound every 2 seconds is driving me up the wall.

  10. Ah Wooster, the little angry brother of the DM

  11. That was a master class on the wooster. great vid!

  12. From all the gameplays I saw from you this is in my top 3 favourites for sure, and usually I dont enjoy daka daka ships gameplays. Music is fantastic aswell. GJ as always Robin.

  13. Holy shit dude that was an amazing game – too bad you literally can’t carry hard enough because its 1 v 23 sometimes :/

  14. Hey Robin, your team has so many pink ships.. That it looks like the enemy team is in your spawn…..

  15. 1 min into the game and you need to ping “Get back!” lmao

    but non or less, very nice play my guy. Something i can learn from!

  16. Dude YouDon'tNeedMyName

    3:30 I find that when I’m firing a whole lot of fast-cycling guns at targets that are showing me either bow or stern, ripple firing gets me more hits. When you fire full salvos, the shells tend to spread across the entire width of your horizontal dispersion – great for firing at broadside targets, but puts more of your shells in the water if the target is skinny.

  17. I am a simple man: I see Island, I hide behind it

  18. Man, that enemy Worcester at the end got completely SHREDDED.
    AP is the secret weapon on this ship.
    I might have to try out legendary mod, people always said it sucked for Worcester and wasn’t worth it.

    • Hey you sacrifice either reload or range for extra consumables, better radar duration and shorter cooldown times… I mean…

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