World Of Warships – The Unedited | Lightning’s Destroyer Hunt

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As promised, here is the first episode for a potentially long series of raw, unedited game-play I did not had time or see fit to edit into a full blown episode. Worth watching? You’ll be the judge! Cheers.


  1. I enjoyed it!
    Wow…you are aiming so good while you hunt OGNEVOI…Great!

  2. Before some of you ask: no commentary will be done on these episodes. Just game-play, nothing else 🙂

  3. LG COC The Lagging Offencoch

    Hey man! 😀
    It’s been a while

  4. ain’t gonna lie, I miss the commentary, but damn, that was a good fight

  5. Nice vid Robin! like others said, we miss the commentary, but that was a great game

  6. Damn dude well played, more than doubled the second place’s score!

  7. I love that dd, she hits like ijn dds but with a better cadence also a nice fire chance and concealment

  8. This 8.5? It uses the old priority sector AA system.

  9. Maybe you should instead of playing a battle commentate on these

  10. Lonely when BIA left 🙁 Miss them so much, They are the ones that recommended you Robin

  11. Damn, that was one hell of a comeback. Is your back sore from team carrying yet.

  12. You’re a DD killer this match!

  13. Great to see you in battle! Watched this whilst having cocktails on a lazy Friday arvo.

    Awesome as always. ?

  14. I’m a simple man. One Robin video makes my day.

  15. No swearing ? no uncentered text ? Give me some reasons to complain ! 🙂 GG sir and good to watch some of your content.

  16. Definitely, the boat is good or bad depending on who uses it. You are the best !

  17. Hey Robin, why u no streaming in twitch TV??

  18. Hey there! One of my clanmates saw you in your Des Moines earlier today and we’d like to say “hi” from Sons of Glory. We all enjoy your videos tremendously and would love to have a chance to sail with you on the high seas!

  19. missing Robin!!!;)

  20. The Sailing Robin is dead, new name….The missing Robin!!!;) we miss you:(

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