World of Warships- The US Battleship Event Is A Little Silly

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Hey guys, today I talk about the US Battleship Event and some of the sillier elements of it. Enjoy!

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  1. US BB event is just extra mission for whales….

  2. They’ve been using absurd ways to monetize these damn tech tree “Previews” for a while and it’s just getting more and more absurd.

  3. drake consumer of souls and cheese strings

    It could be worse. The current blitz event is horrible

  4. You can’t even get the Florida without spending loads of Dubloons (or 30 or so €). You get around 13k tokens from the directives and you need 45k for the Florida. You can’t even get the Gold Eagle camo for the Kansas for free cause you need 18k tokens, although you get the Kansas for the last of the directives. If you want Florida you need more than 30k tokens on top of the directives, that you can only get in the random bundles and you need at least 20 of those, so grind the directives and then spend 20k dubloons for Tier 7 premium. The Anchorage is far more achieveable than the Florida. It’s far cheaper to buy the Florida for 30 € on the website.

    • @Mr.Roboto Gaming yes you get “free things” called camo, they never specified what is free…

    • @Wannysek very true, with every new line they have made it slowly but steadily, UK CAs was the last one cost-benefit worthy, Pan-EU DDs was ok-ish but from Soviet CAs split and on an utter ripoff…….I will spend some cash for the Italians BBs because of the historical importance and I ve been waiting for those for years after that my wallet is closed except for premium time which is a must for high tier play…

    • Was about to say similar things.
      The only thing in the grind to buy Florida (over outright buying Florida from prem shop) is 10 point captain, a flag and special cammo.
      Not worth the time it takes to grind and the price is the same.
      if it was cheapper from grind then yeas it would be better pick. but this way nahhhh.

    • Thank you! This is what I keep saying but everybody blibdly assumes you can just grind the tokens. No you cannot, grinding all the tokens will net you with some expendable meh camo’s and nothing else.

    • @MatJan86 i just outright bought Florida too, didnt want to bother.

  5. Wargaming all about the cash grab @Sea Lord Mountbatten, they will never miss a chance to add more random bundes. (The worst part is that the ships are only early release..)

  6. We will reach a moment in the game when we will find ships that we do not know what they are, how they perform, how to attack them, etc. Too many things going on.

    • You mean too many ships are on the game, when you have 400 ships in the game, it becomes nonsense to balance them!!
      Hmmm hmmmm thunderer cough venezia cough halland cough

    • Grimmshred Sanguinus

      @Antonio Hagopian venezia is balanced she doesnt start fires so usually or citadel the hell out of u
      she has high reload high dmg role

    • yeah, and venezia do suffer a lots than usual cruiser when the opponent pay attention and angle against them since, SAP shell do ricochet even on dds and cant start fire even RNG wanna bless you, and since it have relatively long reload time, it actually give enough time for any opponent to calculate when they need to be angle, it is not as OP as people thought

    • @Antonio Hagopian cough Des Moines cough Minotaur cough Worcester cough

      *imo these are worse offenders here

  7. The split is so bloody unintressting and unappeling to me, im legit never gona be using those ships. The Kansas you get from directives is just being scrapped for the credits.

  8. I didn’t even realised the Florida BB had quietly slipped into the premium shop. They kept that low key. I imagine they wanted people to dump more money on the bundles

  9. Random bundles are such a rip off.

  10. This is how WG is able to crank out all of these fictional, paper ships as fast as they do. Every event is aimed at the wallet warriors and whales. Each event in recent history has had tons of things where you have to dish out tons of doubloons to access these items, ships, etc…It’s unfortunate that the game has evolved into this. I’ve been playing since early 2018, and the game wasn’t anything like this. It’s primarily a cash grab to line WG’s pockets, and they know people will be gullible enough to spend the money, especially things that will be earnable in game by just playing the game. Old WoWs—Having fun playing cool ships, learning tactics and strategy, being efficient, and appreciating historical aspects and designs. New WoWs— How many cool premium ships and ridiculous camos and other odd ball items can I line my port with, without even ever learning the fundamentals of the actual gameplay. Just my 2 cents.

  11. The thing that bugged me is that I just want the permanent camos, that is my main objective in there events, and I have to go through a bunch of bundles with flags and nonpermanent camos. In a lot of the previous event you could use the event tokens to just directly go for the camos, but now they make you burn through most of the tokens just to barely get to the doorway of the perma camos. It is a bit sad.

  12. The new US BBs are going on my list right behind all the CVs and i’m not grinding CVs so what does that say.

  13. If someone ate or drank each time you said “you know” he would be dead fairly quickly 😂

  14. I glanced at this last night and counted the tokens i have left to earn vs the tokens it cost. If I earn all the tokens available to me its like 12.8k and it would cost me 12k just to open 3 of the 8 crates. So I have 0 idea what your suppose to do to earn these port decorations. However my favorite camouflage for the Montana the stars and stripes is available for 1800 tokens so I guess Ill be getting 7 sets of that then and call it a day.

  15. You can remove “a little”… this event is a pure non sense tentative to scum people with the tokens bundles…

  16. Remember back in the day, when even a full line came out all at once? And then people had to actually work up the line instead of jumping to tier 8/9/10 unless they wanted to use fxp. Pepperidge Farm remembers.

  17. The moral of the story kids is this…A fool and his money are soon parted. Or as Mr. Barnum stated…”There’s a sucker born every minute”.

  18. lets stop calling these scammy sales “events” please.
    they’re just predatory attempts to sell dumb people tech tree ships for actual money.

  19. Droid Motorola 388

    they should had given them poveda or champagne guns if the reload is so long + traverse speed. and the ship is so slow you pretty much stay in the backline anyway.

  20. This wasn’t an event, this was a marketing scheme. For my part at least with most of the missions, you can use any ship so I can grind the Dockyard directives while doing the US BB directives and then I will trade the tokens for either camos or credits. The only think I wish is that you could buy the special signals with them.

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