World of Warships- The US Hybrid Battleships Are Dumb & We’re Getting More Crazy Soviet Ships

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Hello guys, today we take a look at the most recent DevBlog, enjoy!


Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:

Music: Stranger Think- C418

Music: GET AWAY by tubebackr is licensed under a Creative Commons License.…

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

0:00 DevBlog Intro
1:01 US Hybrid BB Split
7:17 Ning Hai
8:37 Sun Yat-Sen
9:52 Hector
11:05 Alliance
12:00 Ships Stats


  1. Ning Hai was unexpected but extremely welcome, a real ship that had a fair service history in the ROC navy and IJN, sure its tier 3 but im sure itll still be fun

  2. Actually kind of looking forward to HMS Alliance, despite not being a fan of subs in game. Will be nice to see her not covered in seagull crap.

    Maybe we’ll also get Gosport/Portsmouth as a port, with HMS Victory and HMS Implacable in the harbour. One can hope.

  3. The Pan Asian Battleship Sun Yat Sen is a good looking one, but is it worth of coal or steel

    It might be coal in my thoughts

  4. I wish they would finally put proper developers in their teams…
    Well, those hybrid Ships aren’t that bad since the reload of the plane consumable is kinda high, if they would remove carriers for them, this would be nice.

  5. Having these ‘hybrids’ as American means that they will synergize with Halsey.
    Plane spotting is such a nightmare already, good luck to boats that actually rely on concealment for survival.

  6. The Sun Yat-Sen is going to be one of the most unbelievably broken ships they’ve added yet. It’s literally a Soyuz that’s better in basically every way, WG basically even said so themselves.

    Different gunnery? Try 20% faster reload with 10% more alpha damage… sure, makes sense.

    • @Fayn K. you think so? I feel like the soviet ballistocs are crazy for that caliber, but then again Georgia also had the US modification and the speed boost

    • @CheezyBirb Georgia really isn’t broken. Sure she’s ridiculously fast and has big guns and good secondaries, but she’s balanced by her squishyness. And her less than ideal dispersion sometimes (remember you only have 6 guns, sometimes 4).

      The only time I’m really scared of a Georgia is if I’m in something like a Colorado.

    • @Joshua It’s her speed, firepower, and good secondaries that make her busted. She has a fast heal to boot . Her survivability doesn’t matter if you’re a decent player and knows how to bowtank

    • It’s Kremlino. It’s Kremlin getting the Borodino treatment at a tier lower, and looks to be covered in 32mm instead of the 26mm nose.

    • @CheezyBirb Bow tanking just means you get farmed out because of the squishy amount of superstructure you have. Georgia was always good at late-game pushes. Instead people go all-in on secondaries and want them going immediately.

  7. KaiserWilhelmShatner

    At this point it is fair to say that the person who controls the Dev team only plays Subs and CV’s.

  8. I don’t even play the game but from a design standpoint – the US Hybrid BB is an abomination. The Montana’s were considered the end-all be all design of US Battleships. Then WG decides to turn the last few into Hybrids. Hell, USN took the idea of Hybrids and threw it in the bin because even they thought it was a stupid idea.

  9. It’s hilarious because of all lines to turn into hybrids, they turn the US ships into them. When in reality we had so many carriers by the end of the war, with more on the slips that wouldn’t even commission til after the war. We had little use for more BBs, let alone these naval abominations that should have been aborted from the dev teams memory.

  10. Take time to look up Project 1058 Gibbs and Cox hybrid. This was a proposal to build a battleship-carrier for the Soviet Union. There were three designs proposed one with eight 18 inch guns, another with twelve 16 inch guns and last proposed design had ten 16 inch guns. The one currently in game is the 12-16 inch gun design (Kearsarge at Tier IX), the Louisiana was the third proposal with 10-16 in. gun.

  11. I own American BBs according to geography: Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and the Iowa and Minnesota. Nebraska will fill the gap between Kansas and Iowa nicely, Missouri would be a really nice addition. Geography speaking. 🙂

  12. I actually agree with this. Playing with planes is time not shooting at enemy and seems a lil bit gimmicky

  13. You know there were two other incomplete Iowas they could have used the name for, Illinois and Kentucky, for the tier IX Delaware. The Delaware here would have been the result of the proposed plans to complete those two ships as hybrids. It is based on the same plan.

    • I always wondered why they didn’t use the name iIlinois, which was going to be BB-65, for the 18″ gun Iowa class ship. They used “Georgia” instead. I can see why they didn’t use Kentucky, it was further along and it could be argued 18″ guns couldn’t be retrofitted but Illinois wasn’t that far along and it seems it could have been modified.

  14. As someone from Taiwan, I am very disappointed that they’d give a ship that references Sun Yat-Sen to, from the look of it (late-tier Soviet tech), the PLAN.

    WG could have referenced someone infinitely more appropriate for the CCP, and they instead chose to give the reference to the father of the ROC to a PLAN unit?

  15. If the ships names were true to the states, the USS Louisiana would have a +75% chance to flooding. The USS Atlanta would have a +75% chance to fires.

  16. Nebraska looks cool, bowtanking 16″ gun BB with dive bombers. The t9 and 10 have the wonky rear guns and that kills them for me. Hector also looks fantastic, finally another cruiser for my Haida captain to work with.

    • Oh and the Sun Yat-Sen, finally a t9 pan-asian battleship that I hopefully won’t have to gamble on journey to west containers in order to get

  17. I was expecting Japanese hybrid cruisers like hybrid Mogami, Ibuki, and Zao. Pretty disappointed with their decision.

  18. How the tier 9 was not named Kentucky or Illinois (the two uncompleted Iowas) is completely beyond me.

  19. The USN ships seem to be more a hybrid carrier than hybrid BB. They have a fighter consumable. It will be interesting if these ships have a fighter/DB module from a CV.

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