World of Warships – The Value of Damage – Highest Udaloi Damage NA

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Have you every considered how much value the damage that you’re doing is actually worth?

If you have questions, please leave them in the comments section below.


  1. richie thach (TitanicMan2)

    I feel left in the dust, my highest damage is 200k. I also progressed to
    tier 10, i never went above 200k damage :C

  2. Great points.

    I really wish there was a sort of ‘percentage damage counter’.

    E.G if you do 90% of dmg to a DD, and 90% of dmg to a BB, you’ll get “180%
    damage”, rather than like, ’15k + 80k’, it’d say a lot more of how well
    you’re doing.

    Also I’m not certain, but it seems XP is fair for credit to % damage
    done… but I kinda get the feeling Credits is more based on damage alone.
    I know for sure that xp is increased a lot more than credits is for capping
    anyway, but the credits for raw damage vs % is just an inkling.

    Another thing is I think that Witherer is a really stupid achievement since
    its purely damage based and not percentage based like the other ones like
    Confederate which has to be earned.
    Super duper easy to get in a Khabarosk or Zao, but super hard to get in
    something like a Kuma or Cleveland, even if you do the same % amounts of

  3. Jacques Senet-larson

    Is credit reward linked to the actual damage value? or is it more like
    experience as you’ve described? I never seem to make any credits tier 8 and
    up no matter if i’m first or last in terms of base experience.

  4. Some ships just want to see the world burn.

  5. Hey Chase, will there be any more Know Your Ship episodes? Really enjoyed
    that series

  6. Wow, a damage record without Confederate. It’s sort of along the lines of
    your point with important damage, but I think it was a missed opportunity
    to point that out.

    Remember, at tier 10 a player can easily break 200k with only 2 kills. They
    just need to sink two Kurfursts by themselves. It’s incredibly hard to see
    that happen, but it’s possible. You won’t even get High Caliber for it as
    well as you only damaged two enemies instead of four.

  7. I can’t say just how much I agree with this…. not just that “effective
    damage” is more important, but that there are tons of people who are
    ignorant of raw DMG not being the end-all.

    Here’s my proof:,themousemaster/

    Check the Hiryu. My stats are bright purple in everything EXCEPT damage.
    And yet, I get way too often told how I’m just hot air, because I’m not in
    the top 100 for avg damage, since I’m too busy going after DD’s, 1/3 hp
    targets that managed to get behind an island, and providing air cover.

    Seriously people… do you also look at professional baseball players and
    complain that all the pitchers are trash because of their low Batting


  8. good example of credit earnings. but you made your point

  9. Great video!…Can you please do a (Know your ship) video of the Wyoming

  10. BIA World of Warships


    Thank you for featuring the replay; I sincerely appreciate it. Be sure to
    come check out our channel for more awesome WoWS content 🙂


  11. Impressive but I can’t help to think of the damage attainable had the
    torpedo game been stronger. It seems there was a lot of missed opportunity
    in the initial engagement area with only two torps connecting with that
    wall of BB’s.

  12. Hey iChase, you ever played against Flamu??

  13. If they had pushed it all would have been over more quickly for them.
    Elastic would have been able to flank them with torps so devastatingly

  14. did nobody see the Belfast at the end tier 7 ? how the fuck did get it in
    these match ?

  15. Ryan Yong (GrimlockRYAN)

    Weather change by the hours? In Malaysia , a sunny day can change into a
    storm in about half an hour .

  16. Biggest pile of shite iv’e ever downloaded couldn’t un install it fast

  17. how do I sent u some replays I had some nice once in last couple of weeks

  18. Sir Failalot The ll

    the weather in canada sounds like Kansas where i live

  19. look at how hard it is to play a destroyer, pop smoke and pick up 100k
    damage from flooding…all he had to do was flick a skill wall! lol

  20. average damage against specific class when………
    i mean chiense wows “kongzhongwang” already has that feature, when will WG
    catch up to their chinese partner

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