World of Warships – The Way It Goes

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Very occasionally you get a match where no-one’s trying to win harder and no-one’s trying to throw.

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  1. – “Jingles, I made contact with the battleship players!”
    – “How did it go?”
    – “Well, they want nothing to do with me, but they get along with cruisers.”
    – “You need to understand them, become one of them!”
    – “First step is understanding this game.”

  2. I ran into this player a couple of weeks ago. Checked – definitely not the battle I was in which is just as well. I gave them a plays well at the beginning of the game just for name as it was that sort of day. They earnt it later

  3. Just watched someone else’s you tube video with the commentary done by you involving your time on the HMS brazen and the attack on theUSS Missouri… Great video great insights by you… Salute and cheers sir

  4. When that Gk came around the corner 12 minutes in I laughed pretty hard

  5. Sometimes slow torpedoes are ok. I have had players run into my torpedoes after dodging them and then turning back into them.

  6. Great video, thanks. Have a great day Jingles. Have a great day everyone.

  7. just look at the minimap at 6:00 lol

    edit: “oh god, not the bees” is actually a pretty good way to describe that

  8. “Oh look, submarine.”
    “Kill it! KILL, IT!!!”

  9. Hey Jingles, Napoli 90MM Sap’s from the secondaries has 26mm pen, so more than enough to pen a Daring

  10. Of course, the other thing about submarines is that if you hit and penetrate with an armour-piercing shell, you’d think that would stop it from being able to submerge. Apparently subs in WoWS also have self-healing pressure hulls.

    • And a cruiser can take multiple battleship hits… This is an arcade game. Subs are bad not because they are not realistic but because there isn’t much counter play

    • LMFAO. Bout pissed my pants and spit out my pop reading this. GG

    • Hey, remember that realistic battle where that destroyer was completely okay after being hit by a battleship shell? I don’t either.

  11. I thought the Napoli had 90mm secondaries that shoot SAP so they can do damage to destroyers.

  12. There are no bees in the original Jingles. But, “his name is in reference to the good version not the Nicholas Cage one”. Never change sir!

  13. An admirable effort from both teams, well played

  14. It was probably scribbled on a napkin somewhere along with the rest of the imaginary vehicles/vessels that WG creates.

  15. Love the way the new graphics look and the way ships roll seas. Daring is one ship i should be getting for Christmas.

  16. Ya know, it just occured to me…they are called ‘cap *circles*’, but are represented by *squares* in the UI.

  17. I kind of value torpedo range much more than speed, especially in a destroyer, because the closer you are to the enemy, the higher the chance you will die, but both are important in the end…

  18. Their mistake was not going straight to A cap when he got B, he went the long way around the island, my first thought was “no, just go straight through and head to A” …turns out that would have been just enough to win the game. Not sure what his thought process was at the time but oh well, gg

  19. It’s an arcade game, not a simulator. . . .

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