World of Warships – The Weakest Link

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Starring the Yamato and the latest tier 10 Japanese torpedo destroyer.

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  1. Christopher Maag

    Y’know you’re excited for a jingles video when you just got home from hanging out with the guys at 2:20am but you see a new video and you know you gotta stay up and watch it. Love the vids jingles, been watching for nearly 5 years. Keep it up.

  2. Trolldier • 75 years and

    The timer was a representation on how many times that Yoshino fired its guns at around 9:50, when I realised I never saw the Yoshino’s shells

  3. 10:21 counter represents number of times that Yoshino fired his guns.

  4. Imperial Dragon Lord

    9:30 two guesses. Either how many times the Yoshino fires it’s guns or how many times it’s torpedoes hit the target

  5. And here I was thinking it was a counter for how many times his torpedoes would actually hit something while he would not fire his guns at all lol.

    • William Melichar

      same, though with a single torpedo hit that number still manages to be lower despite how many launches he fired

  6. 9:35 My guess is the amount of time he shoots his guns. I wasn’t expecting that ending lmao. Great video.

  7. 9:32 – the number of ships the Yoshino actually hits with his torpedoes.

  8. Time: 9:30 I suspect its counting the number of Yoshino torpedoes that hit something lol. I also suspect he will get all of 1 hit just to spice things up.

    Edit: I was wrong but also right. He scored 1 torpedo hit on the thunderer just before the thundered died out of ALL THE TORPEDOS he launched

  9. 9:28 Number of times Yoshino hits another ship (presumably with his torpedoes but the way he is acting I’m guess hits by his guns as well!)

  10. I think figured it out at 6:05

    that it represented the amount of torpedoes the Yoshino lands…

    Damn I was wrong. Fair play
    This battle perfectly summarized WoWs. You can witness what you think is the dumbest gameplay possible, yet when you get to the post battle result screen, multiple ships did even worse than that.

  11. I legit thought we were counting how many torpedo hits the Yoshino scored throughout the course of the battle. Oh boy, was I wrong 🤣

  12. Many thanks for featuring this Video Jingles. Like i wrote i just recently switched from an static crosshair to an dynamic and missed therefore many shots. But i was Streaming this to a few guys in Discord and I screamed so loud after winning this because i couldn´t believe that I really survive and win that battle

  13. Petar Milivojevic

    Jingles: Puts big ass throbbing red zero in the middle of the screen,
    Also jingles: Just ignore it for now.
    Never change jingles never change ….

  14. When played correctly, the Yoshino can actually be a major pain in the ass. It’s really, really long range, hard hitting and very accurate HE can burn down anyone, and those 20km noob tube torps are preferably because they can be used to deny area’s to enemies. (I’ve sunk a Gearing in one once, though I admit that was just lucky)
    What it is NOT is a long range torpedo spammer with guns as an after-thought, like how this guy plays on.

  15. 9:30
    Either the amount of torp hits the Yoshino gets
    Or possibly, because I haven’t even seen him fire shells yet, the amount of damage the Yoshino does the entire game.

  16. 6:05 when Jingles says: “ballpark”, than it hit me. 🙂
    I have a Yoshino and I consider it falling into the “not great, not terrible” category. But somehow, whenever I see a Yoshino on the enemy side I have this “oooh, that’s going to be a potato” tingle. Of course, this is not always true, but more often than not you get to witness: sailing in full broadside, occupying map ends, no shell dodging and that lovely, lovely full broadside turn just to get those sweet torpedoes launched, all while being spotted.
    This level of potatoeness beats the cake, however.

  17. 6:00 This is when I started believing that Jingles is counting the main battery salvos of the Yoshino… I was not expecting that zero to not change more than twice

  18. 7:15 times Yoshino used his guns. Made me think that when you suggested that he’s playing it like a destroyer

  19. 9:27 I’m guessing just based on what we haven’t seen at this point, it’s the number of times the F.Sherman launches his torps? 10:50 after seeing those Yoshi torps go by, i reckon it’s might be how many times the Yoshi actually hits something with its torps, fingers crossed it’s one of those.
    11:05 never mind 😂

  20. I use to shout at the enemy: ‘Beware, we have the mighty Yoshino!’ at the beginning of battles. As for guessing, you can’t catch me with an easy like that!

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