World of Warships – The West Virigina Problem, Vanguard, Dreadnought, Wichita & Charleston

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The West Virginia has been revealed on the dev blog and boy is she NOT the ship we all wanted. However, the ship we all want is not easy to put into the game right now. Also Vanguard and Wichita…What? Dreadnought and Charleston is fine though.


  1. Vanguard pre-release stats are very worrying. Give her WArspites accuracy, Hoods traverse and Monarchs firing rate and bingo.

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      WhiteWhale this. Also make her AP focused like Warspite – meaning non of that crappy rn gimmick with fast fuse AP and lowered Krupp values.

    • +Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer Yes, please.

    • I actually like this. In a way she’d be a combination of all the British 15″ guns. And I really dont see it being OP that way, there will be other T8s that hit harder..

    • The Warspite is still the best RN bb

    • Im pretty sure its AP is going to be more powerfull than the Warspite. Yeah.. its guns are more or less the same as WS, but it was supposed to use “supercharges” which gave the shells a lot more speed. When it comes to the turret-traverse: i’m pretty sure it’s a mistake. When they in wiki refer to what kind of guns it uses they haven’t taken into account that these guns probably were buffed and had traverse Close to Hood and Bismarck.


  3. wichita is more of experiment because it is betwen new orlean and baltimore classes

  4. This is not the first time. They will have the same problem with the WW1 premium HMS Lion (Beatty’s flagship through Dogger Bank and Jutland). Instead they used the Lion name for the unbuilt Tier 9 class ships.

    • Well, to be fair, Lion was the name, the class was to have. 😉
      In addition we also have two S(ain)t Louis ingame. If they do not meet in the match making there shouldn’t be much confusion.
      Same would go for SMS Roon (Roon class armored cruiser) and SMS Hindenburg (Derfflinger class battlecruiser). Meanwhile Großer Kurfrüst (König class) and Friedrich der Große (Kaiser class) were parts of rather large series of ships, leaving place for having the lead ship ingame and for premiums. Though, I would have prefered Friedrich der Große instead of K. Albert, since she was the german flagship at Jutland, before being ultimatly replaced by Bayern’s sister Baden.

    • Yes, Lion was the name ship of the battleship class, but I still would’ve preferred that the 2nd ship’s name (Temeraire) be used instead. We’ve already got precedent for that with the likes of Gneisenau and Helena. That way Lion could’ve been the Tier 4 of a Royal Navy BC line. Instead we’ll presumably have Princess Royal in that role.

  5. I agree: rename her to Maryland for tier VI. Introduce West Virginia 1944 later and make it’s heal at standard 0.5% HP/sec standard instead of Colorado’s better 0.65% HP/sec heal. West Virginia has better AA at the cost of survivability. Problem solved.

    I really hope they don’t waste this name on a tier VI downgrade as West Virginia is a good looking modernized inter-war ship that was unique for the Colorado class.

    • +RedXlV I’ll have to disagree. Colorado is quite the shotgun already; worse dispersion coupled with low speed would make it bad at all ranges.

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      Cesar Perez lol wut? My experience with Colorado was that of a glorious sniper with her 2.0 sigma – second if not tied to Nagato 2.0 sigma in long range accuracy department.

    • Odd. Mine was that whenever I fired beyond 10km there was a big chance the shells would fall around the target without hitting. One of us must have a very biased RNG

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      Cesar Perez sounds unfortunate.
      Meanwhile I once brawled 3 dds at once – all 3 of which nuked by multiple pens. It happened since our carrier was exposed and our cruiser afk resulting me to deal with them plus torpedo beats.

      Colorado’s guns much like Nagato’s – despite having lower pen and less range – has never disappointed me honestly I equally regard them as potent snipers when need be.

    • Cesar Perez
      Colorado is not a shotgun. It’s the 2nd most accurate battleship at Tier 7. Only Nagato is more accurate.

  6. Why don’t they take the Colorado out and replace it with the WeeVee. That way you can start with the stock hull and everything and work up to the modernized rebuild as the top hull. And make the premium the Maryland.

    • And the Atago we have is actually the Takao, based upon minor (but visible) differences.

    • +waldo problem, the kongo in game is actually the hiei in terms of model and refits. Same with the wyoming, she’s actually the arkansas. New york is actually texas, ect.

    • That there is the root of the problem. They don’t want or at least did not make the tech tree Colorado class go up to those refit level, which aside from a serious HP boost (displacement) and strong AA, they’d still be for the most part slow and steady ships. By not having the tech tree ship as such, it becomes a problem to balance a premium version. The way I see it, if the tech tree was already given the refit, as ppl say a C hull or such, then they can sell a West Virginia using the similar post refit model and tweak around some stuff for a slightly different flavor to sell as premium. SO I guess for me the real question is why dont they want Colorado with a post refit hull?

    • +Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer
      Actually, Haruna was the Kongo-class that ended up with the most extensive refits. It’s more just that Hiei got a distinctive superstructure. Haruna, however, got another refit after Hiei had already been sunk.

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      Got a pic of Haruna under her final mod? As of now what I’ve found is Haruna under her ww2 refit – which looks really imposing honestly (looks like A Fuso and Nagato mast fused together imo).

      But alas I prefer Hiei’s superstructure over it – since she literally looks like Mini Yamato (and both ships have the best range for their tiers which is kinda funny).

      Edit nvm – the final mod looks a lot like Kongo’s mast design. Hiei with yamato style superstructure for the win.

  7. What is going with stealth. Every BB coming out is stealther than the crusier. Drednot is stealther than some DD wtf!
    How can I contuine to take this company serouse when they do things like this.
    As far as Witchata you know they will nerf Balty into the ground to make one look better!

    • +cinjon smythe I am hoping that if they bring the Potemkin will defect when it loses half its health!
      To much for WG? Lol

    • Jerry Glaze Kawachi has a 9.7km concealment for quite some time now. I don‘t see where the problem is, it‘s low tiers. Low Tiers have those kind of concealments, and the DDs are lower as well (that‘s why the stealthiest DD is at T2)

    • Jerry The thing to remember about WW1 era BBs, particularly the ones without any post WW1 refits, is that they were actually pretty low profile. They didn’t have massively built up superstructures. Those superstructures were actually very minimal. And this justifies them having fairly low concealments.

      As for BBs in general often having lower concealments than cruisers, this is clearly an effort by the devs to get BBs to move in closer rather than hang back and snipe. Cruisers, OTOH, don’t really want to get in close, due to their natural fragility, so there’s no major reason to make most cruisers have low concealment, except perhaps some CLs that have lowish gun ranges, etc. This isn’t that hard to figure out, Jerry. It’s not rocket science. It may not make sense historically, but it does make sense within the game … sorta and sometimes.

    • Jerry, I don’t particularly like the Harugumo, but I like the Kitakaze. It comes down to this for me. I describe the Kitty as an Aki with improved engines, while I describe the Haru as an Aki with more guns. I see the Haru as essentially a tier 10 Aki, while the Kitty seems more like an Aki that’s been turned into more of a “normal” hybrid DD with the speed to be competitive. I really wish that WG had made the Haru into more of a “super Kitty” with the same number of guns, but an even faster, more maneuverable hull, or possibly given her a second torp launcher. Turned her into a super Kitty or a super Harekaze (B hull).

      The Harugumo can produce a lot of damage, but it’s rather boring to play, IMO, because what you need to do is camp behind islands or in smoke (outside of radar range) and just spam HE at any enemy BB or cruiser you see. The Kitty seems more fun to play because it can be more of a normal hybrid DD, doing normal hybrid DD tasks. And I’d think that if they’d stuck to this formula for the Tier 10, it would have produced a more enjoyable DD to play, rather than just a camping, HE spammer.

    • +crucisnh its interesting you say its boring. I can understand that which is why I dont like playing sniping bb.

  8. “Country roads, take me home
    To the place I belong
    West Virginia! Mountain momma
    Take me home, country roads”

    I can easily see montages of this ship with this song playing in the background 😂

  9. Swap Colorado to premium and modern West Virginia to regular t7

  10. If I was king for the day at WG: West Virginia Mod 1944 Tier 7 with moderately de-tuned AP, mildy improved HE (She was a bombardment ship) and outstanding AA for tier 7. 1 to 1.5 knots slower. Not sure I would even buy it and I buy everything! lol

  11. First Dreadnought to enter service “Dreadnought” and the last “Vanguard”….Shuddup and take my money! I know I have a problem but I keep some very nice Russians employed. *Waves at Dasha!*

  12. This version of West Virginia would work better as a premium at Tier 7 and as a California, which is basically an upgraded New Mexico. California was a Colorado with 12×14″/50, which was different from the New Mexico’s 12×14″/45.

    The thing they could and should do with the Colorado and California is improve the reverse forward response. These were turbo-electric ships and could go from full forward to full reverse with the flip of a switch and back to full forward. That actually happened to Maryland during a fleet maneuver. The AA of the upgraded California was equal to what a South Dakota like Alabama had, same was true for West Virginia has rebuilt. The big thing was that the rebuilt ships like California and West Virginia had the best radar fire control in the fleet, better than the North Carolina and South Dakota classes and equal to two the last two Iowa’s.The way to make WV-rebuilt work at tier 8 is to give it an incredible sigma. She was a sharp shooter IRL. She hit a Japanese battleship on her opening salve at Surigao at 24,800 yards and then hit on 5 of the next 6 salvos. She got an increase in beam from 96 feet to 114.5 feet. This new blister had the potential to act as a decapping plate. This would shred the AP nose cone, making all hits on her belt perform like an HE.  It also would improve the torpedo defense by increasing the torpedo zone and adding in two additional torpedo bulkheads.WeeVee is the ship I have been waiting for these last two years and if this is all WoWs is going to bring out, I have no need to continue to wait. She could also be given preferential treatment as a tier 8, never seeing a 10.

    • Well, I have to agree with it being a tier 7 premium; I think everyone expected that. Whereas Tirpitz and Biz needed heavy secondary firepower to offset the 8×15 layout, the WV really does not need that. Those 16 guns hit hard enough for the targets in mind and the real life ability of their accuracy can do the rest. The WV would get a substantial health pool as well.

      I also agree that preferred matchup is a bad idea but it is better than making WV a tier 6 bare bones lumped in to fight a bunch of players still figuring it out. Iconic ships need to be set up that way.

    • I would glady play her in tier 10 for the challenge.

    • California, fun fact, was indeed a Tennessee class ship, which unto themselves were a modified New Mexico class. And I’d rather make the “Tennessee? You’re the only Ten I see” after I salvo some poor cruiser.

    • I like that!

    • Nanchisan Nanchisan

      I think both NM and Tennessee classes had 50 caliber 14inchers tho

  13. These “meeh” premiums usually  end up being “earnable” premiums like Graf Spee, Indy or Duke of York. Perhaps there are upcoming events to earn Capt. trainers. What WG needs to put out is project 23/ Soviet Union BB #bringbackrussianbias , O-class German CB, B-65 IJN CB, Italian cruisers, French DDs, perhaps intro frigates (fast but lightly armed ASW ships) to help balance subs.

    • Got my Kraken in the Spee. Happy with her. No meh there. Just play her like a light cruiser.

    • Project 23 (Sovetsky Soyuz) is pretty much guaranteed to be the Tier 9 of the Soviet battleship line. That line is likely going to be coming in winter, and then Italian cruisers next spring.

    • got Kraken aswell in Spee… that ship is my favorite, and yes.. that ship is basicaly Omaha with Wyoming’s guns XD

  14. Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

    I want Vanguard to be like Warspite 2.0. AP focused ship – non of that RN fast fuse gimmick nor reduced Krupp.
    This means hopefully 2.0 Sigma to pop from stealth and surprise ships with glorious tight salvoes.

    • Exactly, if they make it some HE spamming sit broadside Conq, they will have officially trolled the RN

    • But are you OK with the turret traverse? I know I am

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      Nope they better lower it to 50 seconds like what they did with Warspite and Hood with WD-40.
      With crappy firing angles – making you give lots of broadside it’s definitely needed. Or else a crap ton of preplanning will have to be done prior to firing your guns effectively and positioning the ship safely.

  15. Wrt the concern of Colorado being made obsolete: With the last couple years’ worth of T7 ships, she’s been made that way a long time ago. A T7 modernized WeeVee wouldn’t be changing anything about that situation.

  16. HMS Dreadnought? Cripes, I’d buy her if she had the worst stats in the game and fired healing shells that only worked on enemies!

    (yes, I am a history nut and a bit of a twat that way)

  17. This version of Vanguard is really really disappointing me. I was waiting for her so so ooo long and WG shows me this, emm, I don’t wanna say but, garbage… Please, wg, please give her a rework…

  18. iChase, you are clearly making too much problem out of Wichita… Make her OP to make her sell, suddenly WG is doing P2W things, make her underpowered, WG is making another shit premium. I am very excited for Wichita, as I do not have a T8 premium US Cruiser and I won’t use Baltimore as my best captains sit on my T10 ships for Clan Battles. I won’t use doubloons or elite commander xp to retrain them whenever I feel like playing Baltimore. WG is merely trying to add some interesting ships for the extra ships you can play. We do not need a new gimmick with each ship. Having few of the ‘same’ ships is fine. Look at ARP ships or South/North Dragons. You are a CC and when you make message like this, you might confuse WG who won’t know what do we want and I am sure that many of us just want some balanced ships to play and have fun with. Play with the ships that we have a sentimental value to. Let’s not bash WG for trying to make not OP ships by calling new premiums trash, because for someone, the trash ship you are talking about might be something they like.

    Either way, carry on making a good content!

    EDIT: Witchita is a perfect example of a good premium. Nothing stands out, meaning she won’t powercreep. Is this bad? Or shall we just ask WG to spew out a few more Belfasts and Kutuzovs and Missouris?

    • There’s a middle ground between overpowered and underpowered. It’s called a balanced ship. Wichita as it stands is like Baltimore except worse. the ARP and Dragon ships are exact clones of their tech tree counterparts, not nerfed versions of them.

    • Dont make her OP maker her diferent… what is the point of playing same ship with diferent name? sure there is few of “gotta catch them all” guys but for average joe… yey i just got ship for x dollars i had for years now…. yey

    • Splashy Thing A Fine Statement.

    • RedXIV The Wichita isn’t a Baltimore class CA. It was a one off “class” immediately before the Baltimore, but it was the basis for the Baltimore class.

    • Splashy Thing I also have no problem with the idea of the Wichita. Frankly, I don’t see how iChase isn’t seeing that the two primary reasons for the Wichita are a) its a historical one-off CA and b) it’s a tier 8 premium CA trainer. I mean, seriously, the USN has THREE tier 7 premium cruisers and (at this moment) ZERO tier 6 or 8 premium cruisers. Tier 6 is reasonably understandable, for historical reasons. Heck, the very fact that WG had to create a tier 6 CL from unused design studies (IIRC) only proves the point that, short of using a Pensacola clone, there’s nothing else they can do for tier 6.

      Speaking of the Belfast, WG really needs to come up with 1-2 new premium RN cruisers.

  19. I was expecting the west virginia post pearl harbor setup with dual 128mm turrets and 40mm gun boffors.
    It would be the texas of Colorado, being quite attractive

  20. How did any of the devs see the stats of the Vanguard and think that its okay?

    – Okay, i get that the gun angles are pretty much determined by the hull, so that can’t really be changed, but needs to be taken account of.
    – The muzzle velocity is lower than Monarch… And yet it’s supposed to be using supercharges…? It needs to be >850m/s
    – The dispersion and sigma are terrible, okay it works for something with 12 guns or something with much larger guns, but not 8x 15″ ones. It would need something like 2.1 sigma (most of the time you’re only going to have 4 guns to fire, if you don’t want to take a paddlin’), after all the regular british BL-15″ guns were considered very accurate by contemporary standards, and the Vanguard had probably THE most advanced radar guided, fire control systems till a much later refit of the Iowa’s, but while it was in service, it was the best (in real life, it would have put the Yamato to shame).
    – Same reload as the monarch.
    – Good krupp values, I’m not talking the best, but definitely up there to compensate for the smaller but modern shells.
    – Longer fuse times, none of the RN short fuse rubbish.
    – If they still under perform, I would think better autobounce angles could help.

    After all, this is at the same tier as the NC and SD classes, with 16″, one more of them, that have better angles, and more forwards firepower, super-heavy shells, 1.9 sigma, longer range, great penetration, same 30s reload…

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