World of Warships – The Wonder of Stalinium

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reporting for duty comrade


  1. Or you both play British (or french) BBs and just both press the “1” and let the BBQ commence.

    • french BB HE is really shitty, it’s the AP that’s amazing

    • +Miorochi Broken they have rather high fire chance and either lots of shells or fast reload. So even if they miss the alpha damage and the 1/4 pen it still does good work against angled BBs. Republique spamming HE is a rather big pain in the rear.

  2. The loligrad…stalinrape…..memegrad…oh what ever…

  3. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    Bias is spelled Stalingrad

  4. I love world of warships btw so easy to pick up and play

  5. An Iowa class Battleship

    *Joseph Stalin has joined the game*

    • **Soviet national anthem bursts through the speakers of every friendly and enemy player for the entire game, completely drowning the rest of the audio**

  6. I liked the video before watching it… Is that normal?
    I do not regret liking the video, because of the mogami’s reaction.

  7. 9:52 he got that yamato’s engine but no citadel

  8. Stalingrad is completely BALANCED!
    This ship does not even have a 100% win rate! Guys! Can you imagine that?!
    A ship made of Stalinium obviously should win all games at all time, aka, 100% win rate!
    WG did their best to make this ship BALANCED. I believe them. So should you.

  9. that mogami is really funny lol

  10. Didn’t you mean ”The day after tomorrow” instead of ”2012” at the beginning?

  11. Btw why wg have so many stalin ,in wot IS tank now in wows stalingrad what next stalin plane

  12. Watching a Unicum player have a great game in a Stalingrad really isn’t entertaining or even interesting to watch anymore.

  13. Hey!
    “Stalinuim” is a war thunder fraise!!

  14. No DREADNOUGHT LOL. U took damage from 3 enemies only LMAO

  15. Can you tell me why people continue to snipe with BBs? I know a few are good at it, however, BBs are brawlers, and have great secondaries. I am not talking about going against a torp boats.

  16. Thanks for the video! Viva Stalinium 😀

  17. Just like 2 years ago, when you were chasing down Amagis in your Pensacola.. oh wait: *blapp*

  18. James T. Bigglesworth

    I LOVE my Vanguard! She’s a great ship, fun to play. She’s not a tank, that’s for sure, but she’s a ship that suits my playstyle and skill level as a decent player with moments of good. I do far better in her than in my Tirpitz. That was a great coincidence getting the 30% off coupon and Vanguard being on sale. I’d never have bought her otherwise.

  19. Hey everyone, Chase included, I know this is about a different ship, but I just got my Gneisenau and I finished watching the video Chase posted on it two years ago. Does anyone know if the tips in the video are still valid or were there any nerfs/buffs to the ship since then? Also, I subbed. I get most of my knowledge from ichase and TheMightyJingles. thanks!

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