World of Warships- The World’s Saltiest Man

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Hey guys, got a video that contains your monthly dosage of salt. Enjoy!
(Again don’t harass the guy if your run into him)

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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  1. May the salt be with you

  2. The number of salty/toxic players is growing in this game, amount players even messaging others after the match spewing hate just shows how sad some people are.

  3. I had a nice conversation in chat last game, after me and another guy had sunk each other. Recommended!😃

  4. Motley Crue. I heard that.
    Get my like, good sir

  5. The floor is salt, the walls are salt, and toan extent, the air is salt.

  6. Ofc that Alabama was so salty. He spent the whole game at the bottom of the ocean.

  7. At least it’s not just me who gets players like this yelling at me the whole game

  8. Why is it that is the drop-outs at the bottom of the table are the saltiest had a 42% player yelling at me the other day to uninstall :/

  9. Looked up that guys stats. He would have a higher win rate if he just sat in spawn afk every match.

  10. That was one of the least toxic ingame team rantgs I have ever experienced. I have had 10x worse while ending up on top… and sometimes on the bottom too.

  11. I’d love to be able to ask myself, “hey, are you having fun?” after every match, and if the answer is no, just call it for the day. Of course, all the time-limited grinding objectives mean you can’t do that. You keep playing while not having fun and the result is salt. I think I wanna blame the devs for that, not the individual players.

  12. I see an EU player slipped out of containment

    • Funny you say that, I encountered someone yesterday that was shit talking the US in general… They were saying the NA servers are dumb and the whole country… yea you probably can guess lol. Special place in hell for toxic assholes like that 😀 (Not hating on people from anywhere in general it is common knowledge that there are assholes everywhere in all countries)

  13. That guy took his BB straight into A, got rekt like a scrub, then talks trash to everyone else. lol

  14. The worst thing about this Dead Eye Meta is when in domination the other team takes the caps then bunkers down behind islands so the “snipers” are useless and cant realize that they will lose unless they move into a position where they can actually hit something, even if it means losing the buff.

  15. Cruickshank Outdoors

    Gotta say my man, you make getting up and getting ready for work bearable. Your vids are part of my morning routine.

    Also, not sure if you got Mysore. But despite not having HE, she’s a fun ship, even when uptiered. Just build for smoke.

  16. his stats say everything lmmfao i’ll just say on WoWS numbers the screen is red

  17. Sometimes, I can be salty, but I vent outside my yard instead of doing it in chat. I feel like people should just vent their saltiness outside not in the chat.

  18. This my friends is why my chat remains disabled. Stone the crows

  19. Lets just give the benefit of the doubt and say this fella hadn’t been having good night in WoWs and when he saw Mountbatten sitting at the back in his yammy sniping at a distance, he got a little more than slightly pissed off. I mean to play a bit of devils advocate BB’s were always supposed to be the tanky ships for the team and when your in a cruiser or god forbid a dd in the current state of the game as of update 10.0 it can get infuriating seeing bb’s being even more useless and sniping at the back of the map forcing the other ship classes to soak up all the damage and get absolutely wrecked. The gameplay has become even more static and quite frankly boring as a result of these changes.

  20. It’s like a World of Tanks “know it all”came over to Ships or something. The Salt Lords there are a much greater percentage, I’ve found.

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