World of Warships- The Worst Battleship In The Game FINALLY Gets Buffed

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Hello guys, today we go over the recent buffs to the Tier VIII British Battleship Monarch! Enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418


  1. Funny, it was decent for me. The one thing was not to be the front line ship and rain HE and AP when needed.

  2. Personally the one thing I want wg to change on the brit bb line is the short fuse I find it doesn’t help much against cl and stops you from hitting bb citadels as shells detonate to soon

    • Random Name Generator

      wut? this is the first time I’ve ever heard someone complain about the short fuse

    • @Random Name Generator I’m not much of a fan of it either. I do find it lacking vs BBs on a regular basis. I’ve always suggested that there should be a skill or upgrade for RN BBs that trades away the He performance for better AP fuses if we so choose.

    • Random Name Generator

      @USSEnterpriseA1701 I’m really honestly a bit surprised by this. I thought everyone loved the short fuses

  3. Monarch is my Ops Ship. Somehow she fares way too well in operations than in randoms.

  4. I was able to chase down and outbrawl a Bismarck in Monarch a while back. Personally, I’d throw any Italian BB, as well as Colorado and Kansas for Worst BB

  5. Sea Lord Mountbatten

    Yeah I missed that note when I was reviewing the changes to her. But I still believe she needs some love with her HP or perhaps a faster cooldown on her heal

  6. Anyone interested in the design history of the KG V, drachinifell has a great video on it.

  7. Never played it but playing against it I’ve never thought it was weak

  8. Monarch is far from the worst in my opinion, i was always able to average over 100k with it. One useful thing is the quarter pen AP in a game where over pens seem to be more frequent then ever

  9. When you said worst BB in game I thought of FDG but okay I guess – will unlock the Monarch soon, so definitely convenient timing.

  10. I found it hard work and frustrating grinding through Monach, though my win rate ended up quite good by my standards. I didn’t expect great things because of its reputation. The accuracy is what got me most annoyed when randomly nearly every shell would miss at close range. Lion has been an absolute disaster for me.

  11. You forgot her amazing concealment values. I really liked taking HE potshots at other BBs especially tier 9s. However, Lion is leagues better than the Monarch.

    • I fail to see how 12k concealment is a positive when fighting other BB’s with HE volleys… (especially in a BB with no HP and zero tankiness).

  12. From the title I was sure you were going to talk about HMCS Yukon. Speaking of which, has there been any news about Yukon getting a buff

  13. Monarch was good, you can’t bow tank or be focused. It’s more like a heavy cruiser. It can burn insanely good though. Firing range was my only issue.

  14. things they need to do
    most italian bb need .5 km more range and probaly increase sigma by 1.5
    Odin needs 5k more hp
    Yukon needs 1.5 sec reduce teload and .8 km more range its good in ranked but imposible to play in randoms trying to get within 16km of tier 9s is suicide

  15. Personally I love the Colombo. I’ve only played it in the public test (i’ve only grinded to tier VII) but I’ve done better with the Colombo then any other Battleship.

  16. I hated every second i spent in the Monarch and grinding out of it was a hell of a slog, but strangely enough it is one of my best ships stats-wise. I found it to be a hell of an education on how to play British battleships because you do have to be very careful about where you put yourself.

    • Likewise, strange huh? I haven’t played it since I did the grind on that line over 3 years ago. Maybe it’s time to dust her off?

  17. BAD Armada Warships Clan

    I for one never thought it was awful, is one of my most played ships. That AP is phenomenal against CA/CL and most BB’s except Rooskies.

    318 Battles 58% 1872 XP Avg Damage 76k…. it was always a solid ship.

    Still the Buff is more than welcome 😉

  18. My first grind through the Monarch was utterly miserable and I nicknamed the ship HMS Mongrel since it was so hideous.

    Then I reground through the line and my second time was much better while my grind through the KGV was miserable because SinOP’s everywhere that DNGAF about HE and just lolpenned everywhere especially your wide front turret.

  19. *60s and 80s cooldowns for the heals base instead of 90s and 120s actually

  20. @Joel Holder You’re right.

    These patch notes I presume are referring to the old “standard consumables” as this patch pre-dated Update 0.9.4 in May 2020 when premium consumables were made free and the standard consumables were removed.

  21. Churchill wanted the KGVs to have 16″ main guns, but it would have added two years to the construction time. The Brits would have had to develop and build a new gun! The 16″ guns on the Nelson class were considered failures.

    The Escalator Clause in the naval treaty allowed guns bigger than 14″.
    I always thought the KGVs _should_ have had 15″ guns, as the British 15/42 was among the best naval guns in the world, and most of their ships already used them. All but Nelson and Rodney, in fact. That made logistics easier.
    The only thing they didn’t have was the triple gun turret. But considering they had to design and build the quad turret, they could have done the same for a triple gun turret with the 15″/42 caliber guns.

    Imo, the KGVs were among the most effective and beautiful ships of the time. I often imagine how much more beautiful and effective they would have been with three triple turrets of 15/42 main guns. The symmetry of this arrangement makes for a beautiful ship! Nine 15″ guns is a powerful punch!

    There is a war game I play where I redesign the class, and give them those main guns and dual 140mms in the secondary battery. (Just because I like them too.) It creates a very capable ship.

    For me, it’s a favorite “what if…” in history.

  22. Is it really possible to call any non german battleship “The Worst” in a game where FDG exists? Never played Monarch, so its genuine question.

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