World of Warships- The Worst Battleship

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Hello guys, today we discuss the Tier IX German Battleship FDG! Which holds the reputation of being one of the, if not the, worst battleship in the game. But does she deserve that?

Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418


  1. Worth remembering that WG quietly improved the aim of the main German BB line (noticeable on the Gneisenau and FDG)… it isn’t great but it isn’t ridiculously bad any more… just very average. I am not sure if this includes Preussen (I don’t play it myself) but it feels like GK has also slightly improved sometime in the last 1-2 years.

    • True, but JESUS the “accuracy” of those German BB shells is still AWFUL compared to anything else. Heck i think Jingles did a video recently with a German BB and the shells MISSED a nose in BATTLESHIP from less then 3kms away, HOW THE FUCK IS THAT POSSIBLE?! Its like the shells actively try to AVOID hitting what you point them at.

      That said the “American dispersion” is definitely noticeable, you still miss more then you hit (the shells tend to bracket the ship) but on a broadside target the grouping is mostly consistent.

    • @Jay Werner To be fair, that one shot in jingles’ video seemed mostly to be just bad RNG that can happen to any BB. with a main gun build on the german BBs they’re alright today. Preussen is one of my favorites. secondaries should be left to the battlecruisers and premium ships these days.

    • Ashleigh Elizabeth

      @Jay Werner haven’t played the Italian line yet, huh?

  2. That rear turret angle kills seriously 41 degree on that rear turret, and that weaker angled turtleback.

  3. I don’t agree. Mine has a concealment of 13.6km, but can fire 20.3km, and 24.3km with spotting plane but dispersion is pretty bad at that range. Secondaries go 12km and I have hydro. I like the FDG. Personally, I hate the Hawke as you can hit it’s citadel from the side or even from the front very easily as it sits higher than the water level, and is nearly the length of the ship. This citadel problem affects most British ships, and is why I have given up with them for the time being.

  4. I free XPed FdG to get GK before she became a special ship. About 3 months ago I grinded through FgD to get Preussen. I didn’t find it as bad as I thought it would be.

    • Agreed. I did the same thing way back when, and recently got around to regrinding her for the Preussen. With a main battery focused build, I found her to be much improved compared to where she used to be.

  5. I actually started the german bb line cause I wanted to play the Bismarck which is considered one of the best battleships of all time in real life. And also a lot of youtubers said that the german line is good for beginners. Well the experience was so damn trash especially the gneissenau, the bismarck and now Im on the FDG. The dispersion is pretty wonky and its hard to get some good hits. And being a free-to-play player it will be hard for me to grind another line quickly. I just regret playing this line so much

    • @Ajay P. American bbs get really good at nor-cal, plus n-cal is really good at teaching you high tier play. Punishing on mistakes and rewarding on good play. Iowa is a straight upgrade on her, and one of my favorite ships, but North Carolina is definitely a solid ship.

    • @Majestic Hotwings I am not new to the game. But I’m one of the few that hated NC. Lol.

    • @Ajay P. to each their own man, She will always be one of my favs tho

    • The german BB line is actual useful for beginners, the lien is pretty solid itself but most of my experience was trash since when i grinded it, i had no idea how to play the damn game, so most of the ships on line are on red WR, PR and damage.

      Not saying you have skill issue, but after learning the basics of the game, my preussen was the best ship i can have on my port

    • @Cubelerio You are missing out on the North Carolina, she’s a beast, and well worth it. I like the Montana as well. Just stay at least 14km and more away angled, and let the guns thunder.

  6. I played her recently and found her to be much improved since the German BB line got their buffs.

  7. I think you have mentioned all pros and cons of the ship well.

    I have perma economic bonus with that old Halloween camo on FDG.

    It was my stubborness to keep old full secondaries build (except reload module) or no interest to pay credits or those few doubs for exchange/sell/buy mounted modules of secondaries build. FDG is quite good in brawls.
    I had no big problem to grind Preussen after my GK was made special ship.
    But yeah, getting into secondaries range doesnt work well most of matches.

    Probably still kind of sentiment when I sail these german main line BBs.

  8. I actually liked the FDG, built it for reload and it was quite fun, certainly more than than a bottom tier bismarck 😛

  9. Good vid. I am surprised that you made no mention of hybrid build on the fat freddie. I’ve seen some kiting FDGs just punish the reds pushing a flank. Either way I agree that the FDG is far from the worst upper tier BB in the game. Keep on making good videos.

  10. I haven’t played FDG in a while… but I loved her back before the buff when I played her to grind the GK. I had been hearing all the negative press and was worried about playing her after the Bismarck…. but as it turned out…. I had some good luck with her… either that or I just clicked in synch with her. Almost every match I had multiple kills… even a couple krakens. I remember thinking, “what is all the fuss about?”. Sure, I had bad salvos… but I was pretty bad at aiming anyway so I didn’t know which to blame for wild shots. Either way it didn’t really matter since FDG had a good health pool and good armor I generally outlasted most ships and most enemy ships left toward the end of the match were low health and easy for me to clean up. It made me excited to get the GK…. but that was another story….

  11. I had the FDG when she first appeared in the game. I had to get rid of her, she was so terrible. I recently got FDG again, I really am surprised how much she is improved over the original version. I now actually have FUN with this ship ( that’s what the game is about having fun).

  12. I use FdG with 406, no IFHE, with reload mod. After AdRush you get quite a nice fire starter, around 36% if I recall, firing every 20 secs or near. And I use it like Presussen, kitting. DMG really mounts up. No secs mod.

  13. And I think the FDG is one of my easiest grind everytime I have done it, the first time was 3 or 4 years ago when I first got the Grosser K, then two more time when Preussen was introduced and 1 time when I reset the entire german BB line. Everytime, easy grind, easy damage done… It was more fun than the Prinz Rupert…

  14. I would strongly argue that the Lion is way worse than the FDG, the FDG is quite tanky and with reload mod you can fire a lot of shells during a match, bound to wrap up a lot of damage if well angled and kiting. The Lion feels like it has worse gun angles and gun performance, similar maneuverability, loses a lot of concealment compared to the Monarch without any noticeable upgrades, etc. All and all, I would say the Lion is worse compared to the FDG

  15. I ground through the FDG about a year ago and found her to be a solid ship when u play to her strengths and accept her weaknesses.

  16. I must be one of the few that enjoyed grinding my way thru FDG – 90 k avg dmg, 1.1 kill avg and 52% wr gave me a 2100 PR in this ship. was good fun

  17. I love my fdg. I run the smaller gun with only the range skill for seconds. She’s like a mid to long sniper with the right build. Surprises folks

  18. You could have mentioned the atrocious firing angles of the rear turrets, which is another trademark of the Preussen line and a good reason not to play those ships at all

  19. I was on the opposing FDG in the first match. Fourth rank and sunk.
    I agree that the secondary build on the FDG isn’t good. Also, although the 420mm guns have higher DPM on paper, its AP shells seem to just bounce off other BB armour.
    Instead, I built the FDG with 420mm guns. They load slower, but they seem to deliver more damage during battles. I had enough fun playing this ship until I got enough XP to research the Preussen. However, I’m still playing the FDG to earn enough credit to afford to buy the Preussen. LOL

  20. Haha, actually Friedrich is my best tech tree IX battleship stats wise. It’s been consistent to me, people just don’t know how to angle her properly and usually think that a German battleship is a yolo Secondary ship with bowser armor. She’s actually an AP magnet. I spec her hybrid like tank/secondaries and it’s working very well.

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