World of Warships – The Worst Ship In The Game

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Ah yes, Tiger ’59. Only two turrets, a citadel that can be overmatched by heavy cruisers and worse dpm than a nun with a revolver. And people paid money for it!

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  1. You made me return to world of warships, what I hated the most was the grind but I found a whole bunch of 1600% XP boosts and got a Yamato in no time.
    Finally I feel like I can make progress with how little free time I have!

    • Jingles is only reason I stay with game , I have 25k battles (11k in random ) and I tried few times get out , but Jingles allways manage to pull me back in 😉 .
      I play mostly without premium account so I play 2-3 battles now in ranked T10 less that 1h , with those + 200% xp I have like 1600 those and I have rest day free I just finnished Limbo , and started Inside , and if I have premium I play max 2 h for all containers , economic bonus is + with xp but – with credits without premium , ship bonuses or economic bunuses , I dont worry I have 190m credits , but new players are screwed or they play 12h per day or spend cash to conver db for credits = game will die suddenly that my guess… I only home I will mange to sell my account before that will happen .

  2. “worse dpm than a nun with a revolver” 🤣

  3. Meanwhile, it’s actually pretty competitive in War Thunder Naval Battles.

    • That’s because WT doesn’t turn guns into nerf darts with number generators behind them.

    • @L Pondera but they nerf depending on Nations, just look what technology faces each ither even in “realistic” battles, and just the latest over buff is a american jet fighter (probably again for real money) that can launch the rockets 30kms away, they wont see any indicator on them firdt right before the impact there is a notification that you get tracked by a missle. Or the nerfs germany got now even where they had to face atgms with 600-800mm penetration or radar guided AA. In the latest games from wt or wg even future ones arent that interesting anymore, the only interesting mode i found was the 2md arcade mode in Wot, because with -20% penetration on all shells, you could see how many players rely on just pressing 2, and it was the first time in a long time the maus really was enjoying to play, you have still to be careful, but at least you can do your tank role partcial

    • @handgranate2008 just to nit pick… The Tomcat DOES have its Phoenixes (and their range is actually up in the 100 mile ballpark), but you do have a warning about a launch because it has to lock you first, just like any other aircraft with radar guided missiles. MiG-23’s still farm that thing. Also, Germany ain’t the only one fighting ATGMs and radar guided sams, every country in game has that issue when playing higher tiers. Britain meanwhile has seen its all of its old 6.7 lineup (which made Germany seriously difficult at 5.7-6.7) uptiered to 7.3 to 7.7… and don’t get me started about the Russian navy…

    • @Fighter_pilot_16 I’m fairly certain if you lock in TWS mode it doesn’t show

    • @Twinky Octopus huh. I’ll have to test that. One way or another, I’ve only been killed by a Phoenix once from memory, and it was a teamkill in sim… Dogfight sparrows on the tomcat are more scary to me.

  4. I’m not sure you can farm damage with the Tiger, it’s more like hunting and gathering damage given the yield

  5. That’s just plain silly, the ship has secondary batteries and they refused to make them functional. While the secondary guns were AA, they were dual purpose. In real life that ship would have fired a lot more at a DD at that range than just 4 shells from the main armament. The dual purpose guns that are modeled but only implemented as AA would have made a cool secondary gun build on a cruiser…

    • Minotaur has the same issue; the same guns are all modelled and were dual purpose but only function as AA…

    • @deaks25 okay, but for a Mino I can see why. You’re launching a shit ton of shells already down range, giving it secondaries would make it about as unbalanced as you can get for a light cruiser. But this thing… yeah, it would have been still shit even if the secondaries were functional.

    • They are only 76mm and it only has 6 of them making them secondaries would mean the Worcester would have 24 of the same guns as secondaries.

  6. Cowplop2 here, thanks for featuring my replay Jingles, been watching you since before WoWS was even a game and finally had something worthy, in the Tiger 59 of all things. I still 100% agree with you that the Tiger is terrible and I still will not recommend it to anyone, far better ships to spend money on, but if you’re careful and learn the ship enough, it can still be competitive in certain situations, but extreamly stressful while doing so. Cheers!

  7. It’s outrageous that overpowered ships like this exist in the game.


  8. The guns on Tiger could fire 3-4 times faster than the ones used on Belfast, so it’s effective firepower should be equal to or greater than the Edinburgh at T9. WG obviously didn’t do that though… It’s extremely rapid fire 3 inch secondaries should have been implemented properly too, but there we are lol

    • It’s 2-3 times aß fast (Belfast 8 times /min, Tiger 20times /min) also from Wikipedia: “However, Tiger’s 6-inch guns usually jammed after 30 seconds firing, and couldn’t deliver sustained bombardment in support of troops ashore.” So maybe the effectiveness has been overstated by WG. Agree about the secondaries though.

    • @Taliesin2 It depends on what number you use- some sources put Belfast at 6 rounds per minute and Tiger at 20, which puts it in the 3-4 times range rather than 2-3. Either way, it’s not really reflected in game. As for reliability, it again kinda depends on who you read. Navweaps will tell you it’s nowhere near as bad as what Wikipedia seems to suggest

    • @Taliesin2 That was because of teething troubles when they were first commissioned. They got a lot better.

      In reality the Belfast and other Town and Crown Colony class had a rate of fire of 6 shots a minutes during combat 8 shots a minute was for brief periods in training only when the ship is stationary.

  9. 08:56 – you just need the enemy DD go in a straight line, if he just would do a little wiggle, aiming gets virtually infinitely harder

  10. For the first few minutes, I was like “But Jingles, are you really expecting a destroyer to tank shots from a Bismarck?” Then you mentioned HMS Tiger is a cruiser…I see your point.

    In my defense, I don’t play WoW.

  11. I watch these videos because Jingles’ play by play is both instructive and amusing. I like how he gives a history lesson while narrating the melee.
    I also like how he’s so gentle when his cats make their own comments. As a fellow catslave, I respect that.
    I like watching the videos while eating breakfast, but I’m an ocean and 3/4 of a continent away so I haven’t seen it yet.
    I’ll watch it in 7 hours or so. It’s 3:30 a m where I am, I only got up because I’m 58 years old and had to go take a leak.
    This one is apparently about a someone playing a ship called ‘Tiger’ which doubly intrigues me as that is the English language translation of the name of my feline overlord.
    Honestly, I don’t even play the game, I don’t like getting something and having to pay to use it even if it’s free. This is symptom of a broken system that’s only getting more broken as the years pass.
    On the lighter side, I got my second ❤️ from Jingles himself today. Once again, I’ m honored.
    Can’t wait to watch it when I return to consciousness, but I’m going back to sleep now 😉🥱😴💤🐈🐈‍⬛👑✌️🖖

  12. Зло Всемирное

    Tears gathering in my eyes watching what wargaming did to one of the best CLs in war thunder. Unbelievable fast reload on main battery with probably strongest AA (due to 6 dual purpose 3 inch guns with proxy fuze HE). Such a wasted potential

  13. Geoffrey Entwistle

    The Tiger 59 sounds like a great ship, until you consider that it’s meant to get in fights with other ships… But it would make an excellent fishing boat for the admiralty!

  14. “He only has 2.5 thousand health. But Cowplop has 20,000 health. _You wouldn’t BELIEVE how quickly that can change!”_

    Jingles is always a joy to listen to in his commentary, but listening to him _DRAG_ this thing for the entire video was an extra treat! 😆

  15. Two things the admiralty did wrong in 50s and 60s. 1 Ordering HMS Vanguard to be scrapped and number 2 Replacing town class cruisers with that absolute turd of a ship, I wouldn’t call it a Cruiser, Id call it a fat fragile frigate which was made even worse believe it or not, by removing the rear turret and installing a helicopter hanger, which is fair enough, at this time point the missile age was very much on the horizon, But this game is set around artillery based ships, we don’t have ship launched missiles in this game… yet. So the Tiger 59′ just has no place in it.

  16. I remember seeing the Tiger & “Snakey” Blake being paid off while I was in the Mob. Those guns 6″ and 3″ looked amazing compared to the 4.5 mk6 on the Juno. There was talk of taking them out of reserve for the Falklands campaign, but they never did. Supposedly because they’d sold off all the ammo and they’d need a few months to get them ready to sail.

  17. Just an FYI, by 1959 Vanguard was awaiting scrapping already and was in mothballs with her guns removed.

  18. Vanguard was in service as were at the RN carriers to deal with the Russian cruisers. The Tiger class was an anti aircraft escort for those ships.

    Fighting other cruisers wasn’t it’s job and it could do AA better than a Town or Crown colony because it’s 6inch guns were dual purpose.

    Larger AA guns were needed because you could engage enemy aircraft from further away you didn’t want aircraft dropping guided bombs or torps from within range of 40mm guns anymore.

    Comparing it to the Town class especially the enlarged Belfast isn’t really fair either. The Belfast was 10% longer and had a 5 foot increase to her beam to allow her to carry all the new radars without losing any main armament though it decreased her speed and range.

    The Tiger class were designed with all the modern radars while keeping to the dimensions of a crown colony class so armament had to be sacrificed for a specialised AA only armament.

  19. Sebastian Bemrose

    “Tiger ’59: You’ll find more DPM in Akizukis front claws” 😋
    It’s almost like TOG, but TOG has a certain charm to it…😆

  20. While he did a great job, obviously, one does have to question the sanity of someone who brings this ship into a CLAN battle.

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