World of Warships- The Worst Tier IX Ship

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Hey guys! Today we take a look back at the Tier IX German Battleship, the FDG, enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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  1. This ship is pretty good with a solid team but when you have to retreat, you‘re basically dead. Push in with your team, you can deal some damage, do something with your secondary and eat all the damage for your team. I must admit though, FDG has been a better experience for me than the Amagi (I know it’s not IX but it showed me that it’s at least somehow better for me).

    • I agree with the Amagi – painful ship to play, constant tier X battles, and everyone outranges you, you can be seen from orbit, so you just become the tier X BB’s whipping boy!!

      On the subject of worst tier IX – all the cruisers beat out any BB for that title!!

    • Yeah, Amagi… Those dark days when you get to MM with tier X, its not fun at all. Cruisers and DDs could burn you to death, getting citadels from the weirdest angles and every hit you get shaved off your HP too much. Tier X CVs seems to love me soo much when I played Amagi.

  2. Jamie Parslow-Williams

    The first thing that I did was when I obtained my GK was to sell this barge, it was some time ago and the grind was painful. Having the Pommern has made it even less likely that I would ever buy this again. Good video!

  3. For some reason I always have an easier time getting Lütjens going with the FDR than with any other of the T8 – T10 German BB’s.

  4. I don’t agree with this assessment, however I don’t completely fault you, as it’s also my criticism of the German line (and something WG now finally recognizes). The FdG is a poor secondary boat, as are pretty much all German 4×2 battleship designs due to lacking sufficient main battery gun power for players to make it work. German battlecruisers are on different dispersion tables for a reason. This is why, universally, German 4×3 battleship designs (Brandenburg, Pommern, and GK) are far more popular for players due to the increased main battery reliability.

    That said, FdG is a MONSTER pure gunboat. Forget her secondaries. Forget she’s even German. Go with the heavy armor, maximized survivability and gun performance, and you have yourself a very powerful T9 battleship. This is *exactly* the model Pruessen is to follow, and unless you adopt this model, you’re probably going to struggle with her as well.

    Forget the secondaries. Just go standard build and the FDG becomes something else.

    • bullshit FDG just sucks, Preussen is different it does have overmatch and lacks 105mm and have 128mm instead that makes it possible to play this ship and do what FDG just cannot

    • @Mario Dude you literally get 22 sec reload when built for main guns.

    • As soon as it was apparent he was running a secondary build I knew why he was saying it was bad. Nobody should play this thing as a secondary boat.

  5. Back in the days when I first got my hands on FdG, it was, indeed, a terrible ship. In hindsight the whole German BB line was terrible and still attracts terrible players (and divisions). You could and probably still can predict the outcome of a match just by counting the numbers of German BBs on each side. But I digress.
    When the news came out that GK would be replaced, I dusted my FdG off to grind some more XP for the replacement ship. And it’s not that terrible anymore. Yes, if you happen to get too much attention from the enemy team, you will have a bad day. But at least the guns work properly now. Before they were very inaccurate and when you hit something, chances were that you got nothing but overpens. Doesn’t feel this way now. I like it more than before. Which doesn’t mean that I will play it more. There are still more better options then I could play on a single day.

    • The guns are less of a gamble, but still very sub par meh. I like the german bb line, cause on paper/in theory it appears as the antidote to the stale BBs hinding the whole game behind a island and beeing in general more stationary-meta. And like the german cruisers some of the bbs from that line are quite handy in the Brawl game mode.
      But the FdG in particular … wouldn`t be usable even in that niche game mode. To massive, the steering is almost glacier like, and the guns are even in CQC … a gamble. If she had 2-4 racks of torpedoes of course, she would probably be more competitive. And BBs skipper that love to be stationary most of the game, while watching cruisers and dd getting wasted while “spotting for their majesties fortresses” would cry more ^^

  6. When I first picked it up I was excited. Getting over the 380 mains from the previous ships felt like a weight coming off my back. After specking it out and tossing some coin for upgrades I was ready for my main voyage! Once outta the gate I felt like my ship was taking drivers Ed in a manual transmission car. We were getting nowhere. I requested all hands grab an ore and finally we were moving. By then most destroyers picked off all the low hanging fruit. I didn’t even get a chance to shoot!!! But just then, coming out from behind an island was another battle ship. 8nm. Full broadside!! All guns were fixed to her direction. All 4 turrets FIRE!!! We listed at least 15degrees!!! Impact of all 8!!! The battleship we hit just batted a backhand at our volley like someone batting an annoying fly. Dang…. 2nd volley was off. C’mon that’s a citadel hit!!! She said nope! My turn. The opposition hit me for half health in one shot!!

    Thank goodness for the assistance. We took her down but dang. Long story short. I ended up paying out more than I gain with this bad boy. Most fights are good but I felt like each fight I had with this big pile of metal was lacking. I’m stuck on her right now and in a rut trying to break the tier 10 for Germany. I feel like playing the FDG is like trying to take medicine when you were a kid. You didn’t want to because it was nasty and made you feel like throwing up. (Except for grape cough medicine)

    I haven’t done any other builds with different commanders but I was excited then let down like my 1st ex wife. I just wanted to get through it to unlock tier 10.

  7. I love her. I don’t know what people have against her. Play her on full dpm and shoot thous little flamethrowerboats first. Just like Yuro did, plus full secondary build. And don’t forget it’s a game after all.

  8. Dude, no way. I enjoy the FDG and have great games everytime!

  9. I found that for the FDG going afk for the first 5 minutes is the best way of preserving your sanity. Since you are useless during the start of a match, you have a lot of time observing your teammates while the afk island camping HE spamming meta unfolds. The meta being boring aside, watching your teammates is downright disturbing… But overall the ship is ok, though a downgrade from the Bismarck.

  10. I just finished her a few weeks ago. I played on WoW Legends before and the GK is my first tier 10 on PC. The German battleships have the accuracy of pre PC buff on Legends. So my bar was so low, you’d have to go to the sea bed with a shovel to get below it. It was still pain, but no where near as bad as playing the Bismarck on Legends.

  11. I’m regrinding that line and I remember powering through her and liking her more than GK, but now that I’m back at her it’s just pain. I took the dispersion mod because I was tired of the shotgun spread going above/below a ship at the ranges where she should theoretically be at her best (8/6/4 km)

  12. I loved almost all of the German BBs as I was grinding through the line. The FDG was the only exception; I just couldn’t make her work. Even my win rate in the PEF was close to 60% but the FDG I was just terrible. I ended up using FXP to get by her.

  13. Man I absolutely love this ship. Some of my best games have been in this ship.

  14. Honestly overall I prefer to the FDG to even the GK. Partially because of the matchmaking but also I feel like its firing angles are better and it is far more agile not that it is an agile ship.

  15. IMO FDG was my favorite one of the line. (No, I’m not a wehraboo, I regrinded the line for RB)

  16. This ship isn’t that bad when your teammates don’t suicide within the first minute of the match

  17. Playing bismark right now and I cant imagine playing these pre buffs. The guns are lucky to hit 2/8 past 10km and with all the great AP flying around now it eats so much damage
    Subs cvs and he spam with a worse damage con setup thanks to superintendent um yah pushing is meh. Having to rely on teammates to spot subs is a recipe for fun

  18. Well, i grinded german BBs first time 3-4 months ago, basing myself on the experience gained in 2 years with Tirpitz… FDG is a decent ship but for it to do decent you really need to be on the edge of the blade, knowing when to push and not committing to situations you cannot disengage from… you really need to have your team with you for a push, the ship eats tremendous amounts of damage, gigantic superstructure and armor that’s… you kind of depend stupid people shooting your belt instead of your massive superstructure even if you’re really angled, and like GK you have to expose so much broadside to fire with all guns, so you need to have great awareness and start turning even before shooting to be angled away by the time the return fire reaches you, in this regard is better than GK because FDG can still pull a turn. Now i went secondaries on this ship, but realising how little time i would manage to spend in secondary range i put reload mod in slot 6 and with the 406 i manage 23 sec reload, and most often then not i would fire only with the front guns and from time to time swing the ship around to fire all of them, and for secondary moments i relied on the 2 secondary skills, AR and Lutjens. They are fine as they are, Ifhe isn’t really worth it if not for niche brawls but not really, but the 23 sec base reload is pretty sweet wven though the guns tend to overpen a lot. In the end i was pretty lucky with teams and managed to average 103k dmg and 76% WR out of the 40 games i had to grind through it, so i was good. Now having GK i have to say that i play her with the legendary and the 420s but due to the longer reload i try to fire all guns more often than i should cause i cannot stand waiting 29 seconds to fire only 6 guns, but the gun angles on GK are quite worse than FDG and the ship doesn’t turn at all. The best play is to fuzz around at full speed and bow-ish on, when you see a target you try to swing slightly the ship, fire full broad and then bow on again, but you want to mitigate damage by turning and moving cause if you sit still you’ll eat a lot of damage through the superstructure and the armor isn’t really effective until it’s really angled, it’s not like an american or russian bb where if you keep a ship on the edge of your firing angles of all guns you’re ok, you have to angle further cause the armor is thin and flat enough to arm BB shells from more extreme angles, german armor for tiers 8 to 10 feels like the armor of the new US BB tech tree, they’re so round that they eat it from anhwhere, the germans have it flat and round-ish too (the bulge of the hull it’s on the exterior, not on the inside like an Iowa).

  19. I’ve always enjoyed the FDG, she’s never lived down to her reputation IME. It’s the Izumo that gave me an eye twitch.

    • Gotta agree. Despite people claiming that tier6 and up IJN line being decent, I never enjoyed them at all. However when grinding for GK, I absolutely loved FDG and I prefer it way over pommern.

  20. i didnt like ftg when i ran up the german bb line the first time, but i find its better than it was, and different from pomern enough. im liking it just fine
    still prefer bismark and gk lol

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