World of Warships – The WTF division at it again

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Monkey, me and Boom in a triple Venezia division once again. To make matters funnier, Boom lost his marbles somewhere along the way.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. lol, thought I might be first, also should I get Smolensk, especially since she going away?

  2. Whatever Boom’s smoking, I need a triple dose, STAT.

    • ” I felt a sharp pain in my chest , I look down … I was standin on mah own titeh ” … where does shit like that come from ?

  3. would shooting AP instead of SAP made any difference against the carrier?

  4. Flambass died at around 1:40 to 2 min mark 😀 they are gonna kill him with their speech patterns. Now i just noticed boom is gone completely …

  5. Pain in my chest… PMSL!

  6. Dayum that ship has some nice options it played right. Nice game Hans!

  7. “strong pain in my chests” lol

  8. Can you imagine all 3 of you at a Twitch function together?

  9. I think there’s something wrong with the risotto, it keeps bothering the captain

  10. I like how at the beginning, you can see the exact moment Flambass’ brain performs a reboot.

  11. 1:12…The look Flambass…I have to watch your videos to get thru my day…You guys always make me laugh…

  12. Should have been labled the “whata da fuckuh” division… complete with the hand gestures! 😛

  13. I got the Thunderer because I didn’t want to be the problem.
    That’s stupid thinking. When a developer leaves something broken, they are building the game around “the problem” and you aren’t playing as intended when you don’t become the problem.

    • chuckles9702 thought of getting the smolensk, because it gets removed from the armory. But i really want the thunderer and do not want to wait till i grinded it all again, so i skip the smolensk as well

  14. This is the funniest thing I have ever heard! You three need to keep doing this!

  15. Booms laugh is the most wholesome thing on the interwebs

  16. Honestly the more i play WoWs, the more i agree with ruskis, the biggest problems arent ruski, theyre stuff like mushashi, venezia, worchester, ohio, midway, enterprise, kaga, but ofc kremlin and smol are op too

  17. The torp drive-by to perfection ….a soon finished component….was one part of hammer blows comprising win. The banter…making me laugh. Interesting game. M.

  18. I have really enjoyed your stories about your brother and your University experience and 52 years of age. I have gone back to uni to study engineering, and I have found that academics are the worst teachers. I have ever come across. Working in the building industry. If I use their methods no one would learn anything. Keep up the good work. You’re an excellent talker, and I have no doubt. You will achieve all your goals in the future. Thank you.

  19. Don’t you just love hearing them calling to their team….HELP!!!….HELP ME PLEASE!!!!…..HELP!!!!!.

  20. 1:10 “You know the hand that you play with your pee-pee? That’s right!”

    LOL I died.

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