World Of Warships – The WTF miniseries

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I am just trying a new format for quick and entertaining videos. It is all on the drawing board for the moment so changes are likely to happen. And for good i hope…


  1. Lord Meowington IV

    Gee, Carrier. How come WG lets YOU have good secondaries?

  2. ShepherdOfMemories

    Damn that must have been embarassing to die like that

  3. I rly wanna thank Orby(the captain of the other ship and my server admin) for the games. They were blast.
    Now for this series.. The plan is simple. If i have a super wtf moment in wows/wt/Apex or whatever i play i will edit it and post is as a short and dynamic video. This can come more quicker and will keep you entertained while you wait for the big funny ones.
    All feedback for this will be helpful because i havent really know how exactly i want to proceed!
    And if you want to watch me live or support me you can do so here:

  4. Daniel used Speech in his crew

    Ifs Supah Effektive

    *Daniels Crew Morale Was raised by 100000000%*

  5. Mason the bacon hair

    Well that is an embarrassing defeat to lose to an aircraft carrier like that

  6. They call me Orby

  7. When you can’t even wreck an carrier with your secondaries and main guns. You know you help MAJOR help.

    • @James Sylvestre those are 5′ secondaries (127mm) on the Massachusetts and she dosen’t have the same guns as Iowa and Montana, hers are 16/45 while Iowa and Montana are 16/50 (meaning longer barrel length and therefore more velocity, range and penetration) she only fires the same “super heavy” 2700 pounds AP shells.

    • @Daniel Rusev I hope they buff the planes & the secondaries a bit, it kinda takes to long to down a BB…

      Maybe a torpedo tube, nothing fancy; or a twin 203mm turret somewhere, for fun, you know!!!

    • That last shot with only 1 hit. RNG strikes again

    • Sons of Odin World of warships

      That CV has the best secondaries in the game – I have almost 10 million xp on my Massa and I would advise anybody not to go 1to1 with that CV with it’s secondaries. It’s accuracy of them is insane.

    • @Sons of Odin World of warships 10 million on Massa? Do you play any other ship too?

  8. OMG the only CC I know who turns a CV into a battlecrusier… Daniel the whole family had a great laugh at this one. People say the GZ is the worst CV… I just point them to your YT channel… love it.

  9. Great use of the speech, I can imagine an aircraft carrier captain using it if A BB got close.

  10. Michael Søndergaard

    HAHAHA defeating a massa in a cv with secorndaries. WOW

  11. Does someone know the title of the music during the fight? Its difficult to find it without any lyrics. 🙂 Please, help. I guess its OST from a game or something.

  12. Litterally any ship against a carrier: Oh my, a nice target!
    Graf Zeppelin’s secondaries: allow us to introduce ourselves.

  13. Carrier vs Battleship who wins, oh i know, the enterprise (ok spoiler

    Its an Graf Zeppelin B)

  14. Anatoly Krasnobaev

    omg, ultra haha video :DDD

    sry I’m trying to explain my emotions after this

    It’s rly megarofl. 100% serious

  15. LamboStarAventador

    Who just watched Tokyo drift and Moscow meme compilations before this vid lol

  16. Daniel: Planes ? What for ? I have *Secondaries* !

  17. Nobody:

    Daniel: **rushes a battleship with a carrier**

  18. GZ =/= aircraftcarier

    GZ===alien mothership undercover

  19. Massa pulls out of islad

    Me: Sees he’s on the GZ
    Also me: that Massa is dead

  20. GZ : imma no CV

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