World of Warships – Their Finest Hour

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Never in the field of human conflict have so many refused so hard to be carried by so few. If Wargaming and World of Warships lasts a thousand years, men will still say, “This was their finest hour”.
– Winston Churchill 1940

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  1. Why, hello there.

  2. Double dose of the Flambino this am. Good day ahead.

  3. Just think about those 2 BBs leaving cover on the west flank.
    They have like 40 seconds between shots to look around and they are not doing it. If they did they would easily notice the big island that’s shielding them from incoming fire.
    Why would I want to do anything else than club seals in WoWS? Ships get better, teammates don’t.

    • arguably the teammates in low-tier might be better because of same-minded individuals like yourself

    • @Alegost1 I though the same, but since I’ve reset my British cruisers line I found out it’s all the same, it’s a bit easier just because the ships are more vulnerable to equal tier firepower and carrier planes are slower.

    • This is just another example of EXACTLY why WG NEEDS to get rid of Save a Star from Ranked… Those two BBs probably saw the score, thought the game was lost and when yolo to try and get as much damage as they could to try and get top team.

  4. Let’s start collecting votes to make 7:25 minimap, new available minimap size in WoWS because I swear…it’s needed ?

  5. If the health of the Lion was low enough, it was probably a gamble to finish it off and win by points.

  6. You mean one of the most famous speeches of all time titled “their finest hour?” How did you ever make that wild connection, ya maverick?

  7. His back must be in a lot of pain right now.

  8. From playing a couple of games in the last days I got the feeling that players got exceptional worse than ever before in Wow.

    • Reading your comment brought to me instantly this: “It’s been the worst day since yesterday” Flogging Molly
      Best description for these 4+ years WoWSing for me, with occasional a bit not so depressing ones hehe
      Still…it’s been the worst day since yesterday, but way better than tomorrow …lets’s hope…not! lol

    • I had the same problem in Randoms tonight, and I have a feeling it might be a combination of two things. One is that we have the ranked sprint season so a lot of the players are doing that, and the other is that the public test for the next patch is up. Players can now test the new Italian cruisers as well as the next addition to the Halloween event.

  9. these teammates show perfectly that the only thing someone needs to reach high-tier is patience

  10. Fletcher: GUESS WHOOOOO?

    Georgia: It’s you!

    Fletcher: IT’S ME! GOODBYE!!

  11. To me the title screamed: “Potatoes!” 😀

  12. Sometimes I believe, that many players thin, they can only go forward. I’m not a good player, but even I understand to use my S key from time to time. 🙂

  13. “they’re either really, really good, or they’re not…”

  14. @kysz1 well and truly boiled lol

  15. Come on Jingles, you can only see the stars when it’s dark. If the rest of his team were more shiny he would not stand out like the star he is. 🙂

  16. My “top” ship isn’t even tier 7 and this was painfull to watch…

    • It
      It’s equally painful to watch teammates … if you pop smoke to get undetected by that enemy DD, that gave broadside … so you know torps are incoming, and you’re straighten out your ship to give a small silhouette (like Hans did at the 4:50 mark) … and then you see a friendly Cruiser rushing in thinking “Hey, I use that smoke our DD just made to stealth fire” getting obliterated by torpedos.
      I mean … what the hell, how didn’t he saw THAT coming.

    • i have multiple 9s and 7 is still my favorite tier though

  17. I’m a simple man. When I see a Churchill quote, I click.

  18. WG and their wonderful “septic tank” system of advancement: given enough time even the most appallingly dreadful turds will float to the top tiers.

  19. LMAO that FDG had all 3 caps and was gonna win on points in less than a minute, yet he still decided to rush a fletcher…

  20. 2:52 Actuality Jingles, the enemy just flipped Alpha, not Bravo.

  21. Milo well when you eat, drink, dream and breathe war history, it is not so hard to remember.

  22. At least the guy 2KM away isn’t your teamate you are shooting at.

  23. 1:32 “He has the *radar* position finding skill”

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