World of Warships – Theory Crafting – Gunboats ft Gearing

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Did a bit more of crafting on the gunboat role. I think the role of gunboats (soon to come Russian destroyers and the US destroyers) is to corral the enemy team into positions that they do not want to be in. In this tier 10 US , the , I demonstrate what I think the ideal role for the US tier 10 DD is in this particular role. The is a very flexible , capable of both gunboating and being a torpedo boat. This flexibility is what makes the Gearing so scary, since it can adjust it’s role to counter you. So sit back, relax and enjoy this battle.

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  1. Chase still needs to avoid derping when playing late at night.

  2. What do you think about the Des Moines right now compare back in CBT?

  3. Would you class the Gearing as more of a Heavy Destroyer rather than a
    normal run and gun or just plain torp Destroyer?

    Love the vids. keep it up

  5. Hey may I know how you switch between the view of the torpedoes when
    pressing Z?

  6. great vid. i was the fletcher at the end of the vid you were raining down
    shells on LOL.

  7. +iChaseGaming you should do a Monday rules one where you have to do the
    most damage using Russian torpedoes lol

  8. and people say Japanese destroyers are op :p

  9. nice. same vid on mid tier usn, like my mahan would really go along way
    with me. It is more of a gunboat but due to MM/tier the opponents are more
    deadly it seems.
    I would like to see one on the crappier CCs like the pensa as well. I can’t
    play it like any other boat because of the ginormous citadel/citahull

  10. chase can we play some world of warships soon i really wanna have a few
    game with you

  11. Hi ichase just wanted to say hi lolol

  12. Interesting observations RE Gearing vs Khabarovsk. Thoroughly enjoying your
    vids, thanks.

  13. I’m unsure how you can fire without being detected, seems like as soon as I
    fire I get detected. Maybe im just to low of a tier

  14. Watch donkeys rant on the Soviet Destroyers.
    iChase almost missed all of the points
    Im planning to play dds, i already have minekaze. Not sure if I want to
    play IJN or USN DD
    IJN feels boring since im only throwing torps and waiting for another salvo
    while getting almost one shot by IJN cruisers
    On the other hand, USN DD, my impression for them is that I cant really do
    much for my team apart from capping. Skilled IJN cruisers will almost 1
    salvo kill me :/ sny suggestions?

  15. Litte bit off topic: Why do people call the izumo a glass canon, because
    most of time that B can bounce pretty good and its armor is up to 356mm
    thick. Same as Iowa!

  16. Yesterday I “rebuilt” my Benson for invisifiring. Turned out pretty good.
    First I took out a Shimakaze at short range. Then I helped some CA’s with a
    Yamato. Ending up with the kill for that one the Yamatos captain asked if
    it was our Gearing that took him down. 🙂 I did about 10k damage on the DD
    and 22k on the BB (12k firedamage), 1 838 base-xp putting me in the top 5
    in team score.Took only one hit of 1 122 HP.Not bad for a t8 in a t10
    battle so I think I’m gonna keep on doing this. Next step is to activate
    Demolition Expert.Thanks for the advice!

  17. All three good torpedo strikes were within the range of the Khabarovsk
    torpedoes as well.
    Now, arguably the Khabarovsk would probably not have been in that position
    in the first place, running around setting the world on fire, but had it
    been, it could have done much the same. While it’s torps are slower, their
    detection range makes them equally avoidable (about 6 seconds). The damage
    would have been lower, that much is certain, but the point is that the
    Khabarovsk isn’t as gun-focused as it’s lesser brethren. She CAN
    stealthtorp if need be. But she can’t stealthgun AND stealthtorp at the
    same time, the Gearing can. That’s the main advantage, not the torpedo
    capability of the Gearing in itself.

  18. Shimakaze: Torpedo boat. Enough to sink 3 tier 10 BBs with her 15 torps in
    Khabarovsk : Gun boat. Watch the world burn.
    Gearing: Jack of all trades. Not the best but she can do both stealth torp
    and stealth firing, heck she can even serve as AA escort

  19. more videos like this :)

  20. Yeah, the Yubari has gotten me used to hybrid ship playstyle! I actually
    perform better in my Yubari than any other tier 4! Of course, I don’t have
    the Isokaze…

    Also, another intersting/funny thing to note, the grind TO GET the
    Khabarovsk, altogether, seems far WORSE than the line leading to the

  21. Yeah, IF the Khabarovsk is spotted, and it will be FAR more easily than the
    Gearing or Shimakaze, it needs to get out of dodge ASAP, once unspotted it
    COULD launch torpedoes at a target within range, but?…

    At ONLY 55 knots speed, 10km range and the lowest damage torps at tier 10
    at only 15,100 damage, they are VERY easy to dodge, and even if they DO
    hit? It would probably take 4 to 6 of them to sink a full HP Atago, where
    you did it in the Gearing with, what 3 torps?

  22. oslo chase tell me how 2 acces the bonus view from the plane that u get on
    some ship[s

  23. i remember playing space destroyed gearingato and owning a lot of noobz
    back in the day, ive loved that ship, 2bad warGAYming destroyed the game
    with the grind for xp changes :(

  24. OH That is another thing to note: USN DDS get 30 seconds of smoke! Where
    both the Shimakaze and Khabarovsk get just 15 seconds! At least that is
    what I remember seeing of the Khabarovsk in gameplay videos.

  25. General Saufenberg

    nice match but i guess 1 carrier would ruin your day in a gunboat. he send
    1 fighter squad to your tracer, spot you and you are out of the game. but
    it looks funy in a match without carriers^^

  26. By the way you talk about the torpedoes on the Gearing means that you could
    KITE an enemy, and then cause them to either take a TON of torpedo damage
    potentially sinking them, or if they react, the torps WILL turn them away
    so that you can continue to invisi-fire!

    And again, I REALLY do not see the point in the defensive fire cooldown,
    UNTIL WG adds comparable EXP for killing planes anyway.

    Because, even without defensive fire, pretty much the ONLY way you are
    going to actually take any plane dropped torpedoes would be if you are
    beached or sailed into a corner of some sort.

    Add BACK the engine boost ability? And using it, you can essentially outrun
    TB torps! As well as allowing you to kite much more easily and effectively!

  27. Andres Juan Garcia

    I agree with you, the USSR ships are good for stealth shooting and that’s
    mostly it, the gearing is mostly a balanced USN ship, but what about the
    low tier USA DD. like tier 6-2 they have horrible guns but it does have the
    power to stealth. And the IJN lower tier and 6 and 7 tiers have horrible
    horrible guns ugh especial the Minakaze. I’m really sad that everything is
    un balanced in the DD line Russians low tier are too OP. High tiers are
    balanced. USN dd low tier and some high tiers are too let’s say unbalanced.
    IJN ships are balanced they have bad guns but OP torps so they are really
    good. Btw Ichase can you please post a video on Oct 30 and I understand if
    you don’t. I’m asking because that day is my bday so thank if you do. I’ve
    been here since your 7800 subs good luck I hope you go big

  28. EXACTLY what I have been saying, and precisely WHY I still want the Gearing
    more than any other DD!

    Personally I would keep the speed boost ability so that I CAN kite easily
    at times!

    But yeah, having rather GREAT torpedoes, as well as invisi-firing guns with
    MORE shells per minute stock than the Khabarovsk!

    I said this in the first gunboat video: the Khabarovsk has 2 more guns
    total, sure, BUT even with those guns, the stock total shells per minute is
    107 on the Khabarovsk, and 120 on the Gearing!

    Also, Chase does NOT seem to have basic firing training! With that AND the
    reload buff, the Gearing SHOULD be up to around 24 rounds a minute per gun!

  29. Andres Juan Garcia

    Good morning Ichase how are you

  30. First!!! Nice vid

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