World of Warships- There Are Few Ships As HILARIOUSLY Bad As This One (Viribus Unitis)

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Viribus Unitis, what could have been

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  1. drake consumer of souls and cheese strings

    VU has the highest WR for T5 BBs. She also has

    incredible accuracy

    3rd highest DPM

    Full icebreaker bow

    3rd best in tier concealment

    best in tier steering

    Honestly the problem comes down to how people play her. Dont treat her as a full battleship, play her like a slow battlecruiser

    • Exactly.

    • _Vibechecks Uranus,_ the true pocket Vermont to put the Oklahobo to shame.

    • “Play her like a slow battlecruiser” – basically, all the downsides of a cruiser and BB combined, with no advantages whatsoever…sounds like a shit ship indeed xD
      It would be a great idea for T4 but T5 matchmaking makes this ship a pain in the ass. This playstyle is almost obsolete at T7.

    • I don’t understand why people think she’s bad. Pretty much has the best guns on a T5 BB. It’s like calling Asashio bad because it’s can’t torp DDs.

    • I think the same. SLM is a little wrong about this ship saying it is bad even when stats showing that.

  2. With recent buffs VU and Cavour are probably the best T5 BB. Agincourt is a bit too situational outside sec. fights. Rio de Janeiro is some of the best too. Man, I miss T5 ranked, it was the best ranked season ever…

  3. I’m almost convinced im a shit-tier player based purely on ships i like.

    VU is so fun to play! If i was forced to play T5 its normally one of if not my very top pick. Won her in a SC a year or so ago. Like my only SC premium.

    Other terrible/not great ships i enjoy;
    Atlanta, agreed to be a pretty bad CL in most situations these days, probably my favorite boat in game.
    Hornet, Gimmicky airfield, err CV, my main CV. (Helps my great-grandfather was a crew cheif for B-25s)
    Graff Spee, very very situational ship that struggles when up tiered.
    German BBs/BCs are way out of meta right now, not terrible, just not meta. Favorite BB line.

    I think i just enjoy gimmicky or silly ships. ._.

  4. I agree. She is one of my favourites but a nightmare in a double uptier game or when a CV singles you out.

  5. I love playing it , most games are really fun and I rarely see T7 , one of my most played T5 BB’s

  6. Honestly, I like the VU. The speed is a pain and probably the ships single biggest weakness but like the US ships, you can position around it to an extent, and Brisk as an absolute MUST on it. Her armour is great, when angled she feels like a floating block of armour, I’m pretty sure that bow has a load of hidden plates, because she seems to have a solid nose. The guns are ok, I get wonky salvos from time to time but that is helped by having twelve of them to cover for any inaccuracy. I don’t mind doing the rear turret dance, because I’m doing that all the time in a cruiser; keeping myself angled to mitigate hits and give myself a chance to dodge before doing a quick wiggle to fire my rear guns then angle again.
    The VUs biggest issue is actually nothing to do with the ship itself, it’s the double up-tiering.
    On the AA; It’s four more than the Rio de Janeiro with it’s zero AA guns… now that is fun to be tortured by T6 CVs…
    I’m absolutely convinced WG need to end double up-tiering because so many ships suffer when double up-tiered, and VU is one of them, because against T7’s she’s too slow, her guns are too small and her armour is only ok. If she only had to fight T6’s at most, she’d be a lot more enjoyable (As would SOOO many other ships)

  7. I got it in a box and played it a few times. I still have 100% WR in it and every game has been fantastic somehow. Like I know it’s bad and I don’t know how to play it, but it just keeps going well.

  8. Jose Mari Cuesta Dominguez

    I think VU should have super heal to compensate the lack of… well, everithing, HP, armor, AA, torp protection, the ship is very good ship but only if you fight against t5-t4 ships she has problems with t6 due to subs and CV.

  9. I recently got the C colombo and while I love the ship I cant help but notice that the rear guns have a good 15° they could be shooting either side but for some reason these 360° turrets are blocked from shooting

  10. Oh no. The Veribus Unitis is awesome.

    She’s really strong. Awesome armor, great guns with great accuracy. VERY tanky if played right.
    I think it’s my ship with the most Krakens.

    Maybe people are just bad with her (due to her trash speed, probably), but the ship itself is at least pretty good, in tier of course.

  11. I have never seen this ship in game. Honestly completely missed that they added her

  12. I find it hilarious, that despite the tier difference, Elbing (in-game displacement 6508 tons) is capable of giving VU’s (21595 tons) HP pool a run.

    • Each type of ship uses a different HP formula so that the HP differences don’t get huge. Submarines get the most health per ton, battleships get the least hit points per ton. Destroyers are pretty close to submarines and cruisers and carriers are in between. If they all used the same formula, Yamato would have ridiculous health compared to Shimakaze and you’d be in a situation where you have a choice for either Shimakaze, and pretty much all other DDs, to be one shot kills or for Yamato, and all other battleships, to be absurdly hard to kill.

  13. I would not say I love the VU, but it is not as bad as SJM makes out. I have had really good and fun games in it and can think of a number of worse T5 BB’s. And like most T5’s it does struggle if your in a T7 game.

  14. I love the Viribus. If you like ijn bbs you will love the viribus: incredibly accurate,big damage numbers, low armor. Its not fir oeople who cant aim properly, though.

  15. I luv this ship, totally smacks cruisers. Just tricky to play it. Think of it as a Proto-Battlecruiser

  16. Perhaps when/if WG puts out a Pan-Europe they will do a proposed WW2 version of VU with AA and other upgrades. If so It would probably be tier 6. They might even include a Ersatz Monarch class ship at tier 6 (or 7 if sufficiently upgraded). With the removal of Spain and the Netherlands there are no legitimate or potential tier 7 or higher Battleships available, so anything 7 or higher will either be paper ships, uncompleted ships or ships purchased from other navies that are downsizing. There are however several tier 3-5 ships that were actually ordered by or acquired by Pan-European countries. It’s not just Pan-European that has this problem, in effect all the Pan-‘s are inthe same boat.

  17. Amazing ship. Literally a skill issue. One of my top tier 5 ships!

  18. Ashleigh Elizabeth

    I admit that I haven’t played a lot of games with her but I don’t think she is a bad battleship by tier 5 standards. If she gets up tiered she suffers but so do all the tier 5 ships.

  19. I think the single biggest problem with this ship is that it was supposed to be tier 4 initially. Then Wargaming decided that they didn’t want another Imperator Nikolai I situation so moved it to tier V and didn’t change any of a stats in the interim.

  20. After three years of playing this game, it turns out that VU is my second or third most often played ship in Co op battles. It’s a tough ship that deals out a decent amount of damage and that’s fun to play with.

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