World of Warships – There can be only 1 balans

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Kremlin, the king of Balans, the one and only ruler, the TRUE KOMMISSAR.

Chat has voted and I have answered. I guess the game was in some serious need of balans.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Raymone Simpson

    The intro killed me

  2. “Great hat comrade. Now please tell them to lower their guns.”

  3. Played Kremlin most of the day yesterday and the day before never had a battle like this, the thing trolled me the whole time with dispersion and over pens.

    • @Jozsef Toth Yes, this is exactly what happens, every time i get new ship… but, mostly, for example, lightning and cossak are pretty same, but in cossak i got 60% win rate, and lightning, 23… HOW ?! This lead me to think, that there is something with matchmaking… this is like casino, in casino, you were allowed to win 1 or 2 times, and then you loosing 6 times, and then another win. So casino keep you playing in hope to get a win again. I believe this is same shit here with WGs Match making algorytm. After some wins, it trows you to bad teams and you cant stop playing… this is gambling !

    • @heardistance so i am not the only one feels like it. These patterns in RNG and team matchups, there are many more examples, they feel engineered with some certain direction, do not feel like random. This stuff the CCs rarely mention

    • @Jozsef Toth Russians, you know. Never trust a russian…

    • use Cruisers, 12x230mm HE never overpen, just sure 8k dmg 🙂

    • @heardistance i decide who am i trust based on how much i know her/him, not by her/his nationality

  4. At around 8:35 the friendly carrier was closer to the enemy than some of the friendly battleships… Oh WoWS, never change…

  5. Madcap Magician

    0:24 Russian hats are way way bigger than that.

  6. Muhammad Firdaus

    Kremlin with Kreigsmarine camo.
    Wg: Wait, that’s illegal

  7. Lol enriched uranium AP shells haha

  8. UltimaBasti - Potato On The High Seas

    Border humping Kremlin… what the heck.

  9. Daniel Millaire

    Where are all them TX potatoes broadside when I’m playing?

  10. Kremlin apparently has pretty similar butt at low angle than Cleveland. For a few seconds I thought that this would be Cleveland replay despite the tittle

  11. Flambass: 10 Citadels are rare. Kremlin: Hold my beer, Comrade!

  12. You lucky B ! In most cases i try such game, alone flanking, there would be a destroyer, mostly shimakaze offcourse, at least would torping me to death. But stupidity should be punished, this second Kremlin tought, oh yess, two of us, with Hindenburg and Venezia on this flank, what could go wrong ? And then showing you broadside… thats smart XD

  13. “Ahh doo doo doo, and a da da da… the Kremlin will see the bottom today…”

  14. Kremlin lost to Kremlin? Buffs will be introduced next patch.

  15. We need to get homeboy a mouse with a button on the side so he can follow shells without looking at his keyboard.

  16. Turret two was the ‘nuke’ turret on the Iowa class.

  17. Magister R'yleth

    The Iowa class did actually have a nuclear shell developed for them. The 16″ W23, 50 were produced. Each was as powerful as Little Boy.

  18. that tier 10 battleship with 18 inch guns is almost as strong as the petropavlovsk and its massive 8 inch guns.

  19. the joke of the Russian secured the like for this vid

  20. How are you even getting hits like these? I cannot hit anything in the Kremlin, at any range, the shells spray all over the place and either bounce or overpen…

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