World of Warships- There’s No “I” In Team…But There Is In Kremlin

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Hey guys, today we have a replay from Inzight in the TX Soviet Battleship Kremlin, enjoy!

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C4

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  1. Top of the morning to y’all

  2. When the repair consumable has been used 4 times does it become standard repair or you just do not have any repair after the 4 uses??

  3. Wait this is the same Kremlin game I saw on Panzerknacker yesterday..

  4. That was an infuriating team, even by today’s standard.

  5. Hey Sea Lord, interested in a 3rd damage record replay? If so I can send it to you

  6. Most of people don’t know secundaries build works pretty damn well on Kremlin

  7. Dude, you can see he is running concealment obviously, who build AFT and BFT on BBs? You lose most of your AA 10 mins into a game.

  8. Even the best doctor can’t fix his back which have to carry too hard for this team, oh my fking god…

  9. Great Kremlin game. Still a great ship and good plays.

    Meanwhile, I dunno what Odin was thinking, charging a ship with more hp, better guns, a hydro, more torps and better maneuverability, as well as that FdG.

  10. Fake and Rigged through the use of MM and RNG.

  11. “There’s no ‘I’ in team. There’s a ‘me’ though, if you jumble it up.” Gregory House MD.

  12. Since you’ve been doing a lot of top 5 ships videos, do you have any plans to do a top 5 coal ships video? Thats one I’d like to see especially since all of the ships are basically free.

  13. But there is “Me” in team

  14. In al honesty, it’s also on Kremlin for not originally capping C. Doesn’t matter if he’s killing the enemy team, he still rushed without capping.

  15. 8 kills 29 planes shot down and 10 cuts all the while pushing a flank by himself and you say the Kremlin has been heavily nerfed? Lol

  16. Im halfway through the Sovietsky Soyuz. Can’t wait to get this Monster.

  17. What an amazing player…. Kudos to him, pity about the rest of team… they suck!

  18. There is no “I” in
    кремль, comrade.

  19. This is how I bought the Alaska. Saw a madlad in it once on the map where the mid cap has lots and lots of islands around it, and the C cap has a big island in the middle and each team can hide behind it and still be within the cap easily. Now, the madlad just charged in between the island on B, took out one ship after another. And before he was done, he had taken out 4 ships and rammed t he last. And it was on that day I thought to myself, holy bajindo, I’m getting the Alaska. Now, I’ve played quite a few matches with it, and have not been even close to achieving that :

  20. Can a nerf to AA really be called a nerf when it is essentially ineffective for all? You only have to look at Flambass ripping a Montana apart with the FDR.

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