World of Warships – There’s No “I” In Team!

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“There’s no “I” in team!” my First Lieutenant once said to me. “No sir,” I replied. “But there are seven in “Idiotic platitude-quoting imbecile”. Oh boy was that the wrong thing to say. Turns out that Royal Navy Lieutenant Commanders have no sense of humour.

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  1. naval action when?

  2. Starprick Starfish

    Oh it’s that bloody blood again

  3. Looking at the description, you keep reminding me of John Winton…

  4. Jingles you are bad at aiming…

  5. why am i having jar jar flashbacks? make it stop! annie is not okay! not
    okay! annie!

  6. There’s an I in TEAM. It’s in the A hole.

  7. Hey… at the beginning of the second battle, you said you dodged all
    torpedoes… im pretty sure that around 15:40 , you got torped up your
    trumpet =)

  8. Filip “Mozk” A.

    That fucking boat game again…

  9. Flamu is crazy good!

  10. I have the main battery accuracy equipment on the Tirpitz, it makes it
    about on par with other BB’s

  11. But there is an “m” and an “e”.

  12. wtf jingles we need armored warfare

  13. Nope, no “I”, but there IS an a-hole.

  14. if you play DD up to T10, you got to be a strategist. DDs are powerless
    alone in T7 and T8. it is kind of frustrated in ranked battle that people
    doesn’t understand strategy, and doesn’t listen to the view of DD players.

  15. just remember as my Missus said to her team, there’s no ‘i’ in team, but
    there is a ‘u’ in cunt.

  16. TEAM – Toll, ein Anderer machts….

  17. 0:36 “If you’re tired of paying with teams that thinks tactics is a for of
    breath mints…” Almost choked on my cool drink. xD

  18. Can I get the mighty jingles to reply to this comment? I would be happy for
    the rest of my life, and like all his videos.

    Oh yeah, and I LOVE the ELC AMX……

  19. Jingles, are you gonna show off the new Russian cruisers?

  20. sees video was uploaded 15 mins ago and thinks ”Yes I will be one of the
    first here!” then sees the 888 views

  21. where are the 4239 boobs as written in the pre-battle screen??? what does
    that mean?

  22. But there is an “I” in “Rita” and an “I” in “jingles”
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    There is also an “i” in “salt mines “

  23. There is no “teamwork” in World of Warships

  24. There’s a “Me” though. If you jumble the letters a bit…

  25. under 1000 club

  26. Kenneth André Hansen

    Speaking of bloody ship games, are you gonna give Battlefleet Gothic:
    Armada a try? I just saw a couple of vids of it and it looks amazing!

  27. 832nd Viewer :D

  28. Holy crap I’ve made it inside the first 1,000 views of a Jingles video *clears
    throat* Ummmm I’d just like to thank my friends and family for this

  29. david martin-garcia

    there isnt an I in team? then you could never be in a team but there is an
    I (TEAM) in the A of some text stiles.
    its not the focus but its there just like being a part of a team.

  30. There’s a special mine for jingles, it isn’t the salt mine.. it’s called
    the onion mine

  31. Nope. Not gonna get me to play this game, Jingles. Still waiting for
    Richelieu, dammit. Great video, though. Thanks!

  32. tactics are a brand of breath mints haha .

  33. Looks like I’m early. Time for a joke


  34. Eyyyy feat. Flamu. Love that guy

  35. There’s an enemy Boogaloo on the horizon!

  36. What do you think

    Yeah and no “I” in me but you can make me in Team.

  37. If you use the right fonts, there is an “I in team. It’s the blank space in
    the “A”

  38. There is an “i” in Team. It hides in the A-Hole

  39. Can anyone else see the British flag in the first minute or so when he
    starts talking. You know the one at the home screen and you see all the
    ships he’s got available and there seems to be a ship right at the right
    hand corner. Does that mean we’re getting British ships soon!?

  40. Love your video’s Jingles. Question what video editing software do you use
    and is it any good? reason I would very much like to get into Youtube
    videos and Streaming and not sure what to use to edit Videos.

  41. 336 views in like 1 minute, wow

  42. 0:43 until you meet one of your fans and your game is immediately ruined.

  43. While there isn’t an “I,” in the word Team, there is an “M,” and a “E.” :)

  44. I’ve been waiting for this.

  45. Flamu is a *very* good player. Highly aggressive, extremely competent. Even
    if he were alone he’d still win.

  46. There is no “I” in Team but the is “me”

  47. If the video description is a true story of you, I would give you my
    eternal respect! (Even though you already have it)

  48. 59th view!! Better make a joke.

    T3/4 Jap heavys in WoT

  49. will this game come out on Xbox?

  50. But there are 5 in “Individual Brilliance” 😉
    Great to see another video Jingles, keep up the great work!

  51. To early for a jingles video they said now their all jingles salt mine

  52. 10th

  53. jingles you should do world of tanks team battles

  54. But there is an “I” in *Team Pie.”

  55. Elizabeth Merkens

    I am on point today

  56. sixth

  57. Pozdrowenie!

  58. happy saint patricks day from an irish person

  59. morning jingles from canada

  60. But there is a me… Lol

  61. first lol

  62. firat

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