World of Warships – These guns love citadels

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Another match in Le Terrible with a damn nice and satisfying finish.

This is not the only time I’ve seen citadels with this ship. I had some on bigger ranges and different classes of ships but damn this AP is not to be underestimated.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Commando23414221998

    More citas than I’ve got in my whole career lmao

  2. It’s too hot in the bedroom…cause Flambass is in it.

  3. le citadels begin at 9:18 and its glorious

  4. You dont know hot until you have lived in Central Australia. In the summer its 22-25 over night and 38-46 in the day easy… winter is bad shit crazy with -2 to 1 over night and 18 in the day. Winter only lasts 3 months sadly….. then we go straight intro summer

  5. well now we know . . .Mrs Citadel is just the Coolest and Flambass is too hot to handle 🤣
    Nice one Flambass . well played as always and Oh those Glorious Citadels . . 🤗⚓Flambahugs

  6. I love your videos, because you upload them at 10 AM (in my country), so i wake up and immidiately watch them XD

  7. What kind of aircraft carrier has WASD hax?

  8. We had a vent and fan installed in the bedroom wall to pulls air from the well ac’d living room.. solved all out problems.

  9. Michael Søndergaard

    9min 11sec for the beginning of citadel heaven

  10. Destroyer Inazuma

    Flambass junior: they told me I was a couch kid.

  11. Check if you can mount another splitter for the bedroom, usually 2 splitters are supported by even low price ac

  12. One reason I never shoot while holding RMB to look around otherwise that CV would’ve died

  13. Look at guepart (t6) vs another cruiser t6 (not graf spee) near that 5km. I kill full hp London, who get out smoke in 15s with gun booster

  14. So I’m like 90 percent through the video and I’m thinking he must have titled this video wrong, and then…. OH MY!

  15. When I saw the title I was expecting Petra, but this…… is spectacular.

  16. When Mr. Conway is bored watching you struggle with Le Terrible. So he proceeds to press the red button giving your shells the balanz

  17. Being from Mississippi, I can’t imagine living without central air conditioning.

  18. What headset do you use. Post in twitch under PC specs please.

  19. As a Brit I wish my very well insulated Eco friendly house had AC last Week, Friday was brutally hot, Dancing in the Rain in just my Boxers when the Thunderstorm broke just after 2100 lol

  20. If there is one thing the French are experts at, it’s penetration.

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