World of Warships- These New Semi-Guided Torpedoes Are Insane

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Hey guys, today we take a look at a clip featuring the new British Battlecruisers with their new semi-guided torpedoes and oh boy. Its…something.

Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:


  1. Gustavo Cabrerea

    If you listen carefully in the clip of the British BC torpedo, you can hear it screaming, “For King and Country!!!”.

  2. From what Flamu said in a clip, they launch>snake in the direction toward the wanted direction>stops steering after a short distance from the ship. Please do not take it only in context of this video as this was very short range, so it’s a little unfair to rip on the mechanism without actually seeing or understanding how it works.

    • @Lego Dude A mode or fire mechanic that increase AA for a time but as a downside the main battery cannot fire at ships some one should pitch that idea to wg.

    • @BigData 2 I would prefer more range for the Flak and (if not unfair) the Medium range AA, as then it would encourage people hopefully to try and cover less well AA armed ships and would bring back the ‘Cruisers are good AA ‘ships’ thing, but AA needs either some better interaction or more chances to cause a dispersion spread or sigma decrease when the aircraft get into that final short AA range

    • Sea Lord Mountbatten

      A major point to point out is that WE DONT KNOW FOR SURE HOW THE MECHANIC WORKS. As I stated in the video, WG has been very quiet about this mechanic. We’ve gotten this one paragraph and nothing else officially so far.

    • @Sea Lord Mountbatten I think that WG wanted to emulate gyroscopic guidance. It does not bring torp to course and just stops turning. It overshoots course and turn backs with increasingly smaller amplitude until torp stabilizes on course. This is no like modern, electronic systems that gradually change turning rate the closer it is to set course. Electromechanical systems were not so sophisticated.

    • Antoine Chauvet

      @BigData 2 Just change the current focus fire thing. It now stops reload of your main gun (if you have dual purpose guns) but you get x3 damage or wider flak.

      Or just make flak impossible to dodge period.

  3. Also, another comment from me; on the EU server (which I play) I’ve seen HMS Tiger and Hawke(?) In matches, the people didn’t answer how they got acess but I’d love to actually try them out and see how they work. Tiger seems fairly bad as of it’s reload and weak armour, but not a HE or citadel bucket for shells, very fast and manuverable.

    • You are seeing testers playing those ships, give to them by WG, and they can’t say anything about them since they are under NDA.

    • @Áron Győrffy Ahh okay, thanks for the info. These ships look nice and manuverable for big ships so I wonder how they’ll work on the end.

    • le pas très gentil

      Supertesters : players who applied and got selected by WG to test new ships on the live servers. They are not allowed to tell anything about these new ships though.

    • @Áron Győrffy Occasionally you’ll see WG staff playing them as well. Before they hit supertesting had a WG staff member (their clan tag is literally just [WG] which isn’t possible for normal clan tags since they have to be 3 letters) on the enemy team playtesting the Duncan (tier 9) only info he could talk about was info already released on the devblog.

  4. Splatoonist Productions

    I think that really if they’re controlled by the player, then it’s gets a very limited window where it can be course corrected to suit what the player wants to do, so if it’s a point blank range like that, you’ll practically get a hit regardless, if it’s further away I imagine it’ll be up to judgement of a player to sort out its direction and hope for the best when it goes in that straight line, kinda like the torps we have right now

  5. 8:00 The DD doesn’t really seem to be turning at all. He’s just straight lining into the BB.

    All it took was for the BB to aim for the white line. We’ll have to assume they included something as basic as the aim indicator for these new torpedoes.

    It would’ve been literally no different if the DD rushed any other BB with really good torpedo angles. In fact it would’ve been harder to dodge the spread from a Tirpitz (which also has higher alpha damage compared to one singular torpedo).

    This DD has a literal skill issue.

    With regards to the maneuverability, consider that torpedoes speed is compressed by ~5 times compared to their real life counterparts, this torpedo doing such turns isn’t all too shocking.

    Later on you go on to talk about how we haven’t heard much about the torpedoes.

    Which I dunno how you equate that to WG being unhappy with them.

    If they were unhappy, they would’ve changed them. Like they’re changing submarines.

    *Because why would they fix something that isn’t broken?*

    • Aristos Achaion

      That last sentence is a bold thing to say considering the amount of things they’ve fixed that didn’t need fixing in the first place.

    • Sea Lord Mountbatten

      Wargaming recently tends to give pretty decent updates to new mechanics/features as they progress. Sure it is just speculation, but I just find it odd that they haven’t really released anything else on these new torps yet

    • @Sea Lord Mountbatten Consider too that they recently did away with the Russian operation.

  6. Joel Montgomery

    the torps arent hand guided i think. these torps have to be launcher from the regular hud remember. so i think theyre doing a 360 degree torpedo launch circle and when its launched the torpedo manouvers inside a certain radius of the ship before straightening off. the italian DD is sitting at the range that you cant see it go straight.

    and no after thinking about this i hope they dont nerf it. theyre supposed to be partial brawlers but they cant fight close at all compared to the germans with their 16 torps. the british have 2 torps at high tier. something needs to help them as they dont have secondaries or huge numbers of torps.

    • I like your explaining, and Note, this way they can reuse the same torpedo aiming mechanism that they already have in game.

  7. The last time I saw something turns that quick on water is a jetski🤣 let me tell you there is no way a torpedo turn that fast not even the most advanced modern one

  8. I agree with a few posters what it looks like is the DD got extremely unlucky because of the extreme close range it looks like it is guiding direct in but the more I look a the clip the more it looks like that s-turn is actually the torpedo clearing the bow of the ship before settling in on the desired heading and the DD ran into the torp at the beginning of the run. the battlecruiser’s turrets aren’t waggling about like I’d expect them to do if the torp was being fully guided by the player since unless they’ve somehow figured out how to disconnect that the turrets still turn when you switch over to your torps.

    • Waverley Journalise

      Pressing Ctrl and X locks your turrets in place whilst you aim your torps freely

    • @Waverley Journalise I do admit this is possible, but as a counter point I would also like to submit the average player in WoWs does not take advantage of this, its an extra bit of key pressing that in the heat of the moment can add precious moments to the reaction time to a situation, even in a game as ‘slow paced’ as WoWs the extra presses of the keys generally take too much time especially in extreme ‘oh shit’ moments such as this.

      I still think that the torp ‘s’ turn was just the torp settling in on the desired firing angle after launch from a amidship tube and the DD because it was sailing straight and true got hit by a torp they probably didn’t know the ship had.

    • Looks to me like it’s joining the course set on launch, not “turn 190” but more like “turn 250 to join the 190 radial from the launch point”

  9. Waverley Journalise

    Imagine if battleships had some kind of method to prevent destroyers from rushing them. Since main guns will always be hampered by RNG, shall we try a hard counter?

  10. I think the mechanic creates a track line from the launcher to the heading, the torp then turns to regain that track. For any pilots, just like tracking a VOR radial after overshooting it. I do not believe there is guidance, it’s just turning to regain the track line.

  11. João Gonçalves

    When I heard this, my mind jumped to the method use by Battlestations Pacific, in witch you aimed with the camera, the launcher got as close as it could, and after you fired, the torpedo would adjust its course and head straight towards the heading your camera was aiming when you pressed fire.
    Watch it here:
    In this mission you have to torpedo large ships from a PT Boat, with has fixed launchers, and yet you can see the torpedo turn to face where you were aiming.

  12. Andreas Siouras

    Just give them a normal torpedo firing angle and just make the torpedo be launched from the same part each time but change the direction to where you want it to go cos if they go with this they are better off letting the player drive them like a really fast ship

  13. I would like to see land based artillery that is activated in favor of the team who caps the zone where the artillery is located. Similar to bases in wowp. That would help against camping behind islands. That would be fun.

    • I’m pretty sure wargaming tried that already with adding “forts” to capped points, problem is that they were extremely fucked in terms of damage and basically prevented contesting the point after they were activated.

      I’m pretty sure Yuro did a video on it, linked below
      As you can see, he is lasered down from nearly full HP in a Zao from a fort. If this was to be added again, it would entirely fuck over DDs contesting caps, and, if anything, make the game more passive.

    • SkyStrikingEclipse

      forts would be interesting but imagine if caps could slowly heal you over time while your in it

    • SkyStrikingEclipse

      @A Username true but didn’t forts take citidel damage only?
      Because if so then just load AP or SAP and wreck them or just have a bb one shot them since that was something they did irl.
      It could make it worse as you point out but it could also really spice up gameplay

  14. that was crazy S-line turning torp… and quite similar to homing torpedo in real life

  15. Why shouldn’t the torpedoes work like modern guided torpedoes ? The sighting rules are far superior to what is possible today. Hiding behind an island or in smoke but looking from that ship and see enemies just because some other ship does is totally unrealistic. Even today, all you’d get is information from other ships to plot on the mini map in real time. This game gives more up to date info with only radio that is possible today.

  16. It’s making an S curve out of the launcher to align to the extended firing angle from the ship. It looks like it’s guided because it hits something at the end of its S curve where it straightens out. I don’t think it’s guided in the way people are thinking. If the torpedo launcher could swivel to that point, it would have gone in a straight line and hit.

    • @Sea Lord Mountbatten not really… just draw a line of the final trajectory of the torpedo to the ship… if it had swivel launchers, that’s where it would have launched from. No more God-tier than any swivel torp launcher. From the video, it does look like the ship effectively has a broad launch angle… from what I can tell, equivalent to some of the better DDs, though.

    • Sea Lord Mountbatten

      @Shane Hebert for a battleship that’s some pretty damn good angles, especially considering the tubes are fixed on the side

    • @Sea Lord Mountbatten yeah… that’s literally the point of that type of torpedo…. use a fixed torpedo mount but have the torpedo adjust right after launch to give a wider attack angle capability. If you think about it, using that type of torpedo system, they could have a 180-degree effective launch arc because the torpedo is the thing that’s controlling it, not the torpedo launch system mount. There’s nothing to say they couldn’t launch it and have it travel literally straight forward respective to the ship.

      I agree, from the video that’s a very generous launch angle… maybe they will tune it.

    • @Shane Hebert dude…. gyo torps don’t do sharp S turns irl. Not unless there was an actual human, inside it.

      As for 180 launches… sub captains were scared of relying on the gyro angled shots, since the torp would often take off in an undesired heading and I think once or twice… wouldn’t straightened out at all and hit the sub that fired it.

    • @Rene Garcia yeah, and this is a video game 🙂

  17. So to me it looks like the torpedo is launched along its fixed bearing, turns right to intercept another bearing, and then appears to straighten out along that bearing at the last second. I’m wondering if this is just the general launch mechanic for these, where the player launches them at a bearing on the torpedo firing arc, and they maneuver after launch to get on that bearing from their launch position? I’m not aware on an era appropriate torpedo that would do this, but it would definitely be easier to implement it this way with existing aiming mechanics in the game. Of course, a “realistic” version (using a bearing and range from the ship) could be hilariously broken at times too, as properly positioning your ship could allow you to arc the torpedoes out from behind cover.

  18. It’s amazing is what it is… I love it. These torpedoes have almost 30k damage and it hit the DD dead-center which guarantees max damage. If it hit the nose or stern it probably would have done… 12k~ and ultra-saturated the bow? But if I’m not mistaken they were closed-testing anti-ship missiles years back but nothing came of it so they could be recycling that code.

    Also, it could be that the torpedoes just need to do *_amazing_* maneuvers to actually hit certain areas while still being functional in a brawl like these torpedoes are meant for.

  19. That reminds my of my Military days. TOW2B (a AntiTank Missile) was wire guided so basicly you turn it in route or just make it do flips if you wanted too. BTW that was 80’s technology

  20. Geno Breaker 666

    That would work fine on some ships like Sherman, but they’re over thinking it. They should modify the already existing torpedo launch system and have a curve that gets harsher the more you bend it. But it would otherwise function like a normal torpedo launch other that curving a bit. No lock on, no crazy turns, no complex system. Think of that glitch that had some torpedoes curving a few patches back. Except you could aim that curve.

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