World of Warships- THEY ACTUALLY LISTENED!! CRAZY New Commander Skills And Much Needed Buffs!

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WG Cooked hard with this one fellas


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  1. Unless they make AA useful, and not just spitballs, it doesn’t really matter if they make the fire rate faster. You’ll just get twice as many spitballs on the windscreens.

    • It Does help, the PROBLEM is it doesn’t target the planes actually attacking you. Attacks the Third Wave first instead of the First wave.

    • Agree so this change is way overdue – probably the most important change of the bunch in my view. Their are “AA ships” in game right now that are essentially useless because they can’t effectively kill planes. They needed to do this OR REDUCE THE HP OF CERTAIN CV PLANES – I was hoping for the latter for a long time but this might actually be a better change.

    • ​@Jay WernerDef AA should ruin cv accuracy, like it used to

    • Smart players learn to move in formation of BB and cruisers. Then cvs run out of planes fast.

    • @Todd Ashley Yup, I don’t play Dido, Mino, Atlanta, Smolensk or Worcester very much any more for this reason. I know they can be used against other ships, but I’m too ham fisted to do much good in that role alone.

  2. i wouldnt mind seeing more commanders added to the armoury

  3. Krzysztof Narloch

    The biggest winner of those captain changes is St Vincent – if it goes live like that it will be the undisputed top BB ingame. Heavy AP, Furious, FP will be the only go to build for it.

    • To be fair, St. Vincent is just really strong across the board, but yes, Furious and SHAP skill combo looks to be pretty spicy 👀

  4. They need to make it faster to gain Commander Skill points. Takes way too damn long and I just give up trying to develop them.

    • That is no longer an issue when you have level 21 commanders as they earn elite xp.
      Getting the first one takes time 🙂

    • It does take a long time but using premium ships and the Cmdr. boosters when playing other than co-op does help.

  5. Glad to hear that they will buff secondary gun related things on cruiser. But, as a Siegfried owner, I hope they not “tickling” any other aspect of her as compensations, especially her main guns.

  6. These are nice changes if they stick! All my favorite ships are affected by these proposed changes: Atlanta, Austin, Schroder…

    • I had to think for a second and then it went *ding* in my head the fact that Atlanta is gonna eat planes and shit firebombs on enemy ships. I have the Atlanta and her premium sister Flint. This would also make my Atago a little more Ara-Ara even though her AA is…… yeah.

    • @venomous2die4 well, the infinite def aa will be well boosted 🙂 aa still not as good as I would hope but it will still feast on pilots!

    • Ashleigh Elizabeth

      Currently have Atlanta, Austin and San Diego and Flint is on my list of ships to get… Yeah CVs are going to avoid all of them like the plague if this sticks. Which is OK by me. Bayard is a pretty good AA boat as well..

    • @Ashleigh Elizabeth DM gonna gobble planes and ships. Oh wait I don’t have her yet, I’ve got Salem to hold me over, though. I’m on Baltimore rn so it’s coming soon.

    • @HellOnGaming for tier 7 both Atlanta and Flint have very strong AA. Tier 8 CVs would avoid them and I’m sure in a fail division with T10s back then would have still not taken that chance. It’s the rework making CVs into world of warplanes

  7. These changes will create some new builds for BB and Cruisers.If one takes the secondary buff in module 3 (+20% range and accuracy) with the Secondary Armament Specialist will buff the Seigferd and Schroder out to 12 K. For ship like Puerto Rico range will be 11.4 K.

    • And it makes the whole blooming detection a lot more understandable now. Cause those ships can bring detect lower than 12km. Which I guess is totally fair if my secondaries can actually go somewhere now.

    • Yeah, I have to admit, I might try buffing secondaries on Puerto Rico 😅

  8. You’re getting better range on cruiser secondaries without the accuracy buff. Skeptical about how useful this will be.

    • That’s the only ding against it. I mean, more range is DEFINITELY good (cruiser secondaries are fairly short-ranged) but without accuracy buffs, they’re probably not gonna do TOO much….

    • They buffed the base accuracy of the secondaries when they took away the original captain skills. I think they will be fine

    • @President Obunga No, that did not happen for like 98% of all cruisers ingame, to my knowledge…cruiser secondaries are fairly inaccurate by default. For instance, at 12km, Schroeder’s secondaries have 420m dispersion. Not exactly “accurate” at all.

  9. Any cruiser secondary buff is welcome for sure, but without better dispersion is that the best use of those skill points?

  10. TheGuardianofAzarath

    The secondary skill will also make the Napoli even more lethal than it is. That thing has accuracy baked into its secondary guns, and they can already get out pretty far. I just got the Siegfried a couple of weeks ago, so i can finally sec spec it. Though cruiser captains may have to give up a fourth tier skill if they want this secondary skill and Adrenalin rush

    • Can’t wait, one of my favourite cruisers

    • Ashleigh Elizabeth

      I’m going to be completely honest, outside of my Atlanta clones I really struggle to choose commander skills for most of my cruisers because most of them just don’t offer good value to me. THIS changes that in a big way. Now I can spec them for secondary builds or for AA builds and that makes them a lot more useful in my book.

    • Vítězslav Lorenc

      Well Napoli is strong just in ranked/CBs. In randoms I would much rather play Venezia/Castillia. The buff is just mainly for Napoli and Schroeder.

  11. I think its unlikely it will made the meta go away in fact it might contribute to even more passive meta giving the secondary the buff while not buffing the defensive side of thing , specifically DD are even less inclined to get close to spot and ambush ( when now cruisers secondary can actually out range the DD’s gun and torp ) , and no mention of any change to actually help with AA on small boats nor any change to benefit ASW , and without the small boats at the front ( already rare due to lack of any support ) its going to be even harder for big guns to push

  12. nice to see WG has some interest in implementing changes players want

  13. Matt Geary - Transplanted!

    some of this is interesting – I think the best benefit this will bring is a free commander re-spec. hopefully anyhow! cruisers still could use a ‘swift in silence’ type skill.

    • Ashleigh Elizabeth

      It will be almost a necessity for commander respecs and free demounting of ship modules otherwise there is no point in making these changes for veteran players.

  14. Is this going to be a big buff for the Napoli? I’m imagining the extra range to be really handy for her.

  15. 3million potential dmg, just to get 1 extra repair party. Doubt a lot of BB will ever reach that high
    Furious and SuperHeavy looks insane though
    Glad they finally buffed the secondary cruisers, though I think I would have prefered accuracy over range

  16. Fantastic to hear the news bout em’ secondary gun changes! That fits nice with the upcoming Michelangelo, a Napoli at t9 with 70k hp (with build i think) and more secondary guns? F U N…

  17. Saw this already, but I’m excited about the secondary buff for CA. It’s a distance buff only, but for ship that have good accuracy already – Schroder, Napoli, et al – this could be very good. Don’t have the Siegfried , but actually might be worth picking up, now.

  18. Everyone has been complaining how cracked the CVs are, this is a good way to balance them without nerfing the CV planes. As a brawler, anything to improve the secondaries is appreciated.

  19. I think that’s the first update in a long time that sound super fun to play.

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