World of warships – They call him heart-attack Hans

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  1. Hans for the win…..Deutchland Deutchland uber alles rofl 😀

  2. You are an insane man. Insane I tell you.

  3. They know where you are going and you still pull it off and keep their attention away from the flanks. It’s crazy but still successful. I can see a lot of people hitting the middle more after watching this. great video.

  4. I realize you couldn’t see the HP so let me tell you, it was 66 hp after that fire

  5. PAPIEREN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I was laughing my ass off the whole way through. You are now my No1 for WoWs content xD

  7. as a German I appreciate your accent and your dedication to remind us of our militaristic past; but I guess they would use a Walther PPK and not a Luger to shoot Hans; I will leave that open for debate 🙂

  8. I fucking lost it so many times during that video. Cheers from Bay Area USA! Fing Hanz, what makes it even funnier is i work for German Co. LMAO

  9. I grew an extra chromosome after this much speshul Thanks Oba… errr Flambass
    How good/bad is the tier 9 KM DD, z46(?) ?

  10. I have to go to work after watching this and i go with a smile! Long live Hans! 😀

  11. Hans achieved all this whilst being threatened with death by a Croatian bloke with a funny accent. 😀

  12. Wargaming should give that map a proper name like: “Flambass Strait”

  13. So Sspeshul 🙂

  14. Hans at its best ^^

  15. I just love to see HANS on YouTube now….Just curious, why do you say PAPER everytime you see an enemy?

  16. Jeffry Javier Flores Mejia

    Love the hans keep it up flambass xD

  17. Tse reetörn ovv the HANS!!! Epic as always!

  18. OMG! great video! Thank you.

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