World of Warships – They said this thing SUCKS

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They told me this thing SUCKS, but I think they don’t know what they’re saying and here’s a proof.
This thing is actually pretty good.
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. flambass next time carry monkey in your myogi for us :>

  2. derzki reload = always

  3. Good job that Caledon had your back.

  4. Thank you for the low tier games…entertaining and you can learn something

  5. Alexander Guttman

    Took that torpedo in the “rudder” cause you were in the middle of the turn?

    Or WoWS is drunk again. One of the two.

  6. Definitive proof that it is actually Flambass who is OP

  7. Never got that good dispersion RNG on Myogi. That must have been some built in community contributor’s bias 🙂

  8. The fact that Flam hung up the jolly roger flag is a definite indication of him being intentional seal clubbing rather than tech showcasing:P

  9. Flambass… WG could give you a rowboat and a flare gun…. you would probably make it look good… lol

    • Exactly what I was thinking 😀

    • “…rowboat and a flaregun…”

      The new Canadien Ship line !!!

    • +M W W , don’t forget the “I’m sorry ” flags 😀

    • Nah… it’s a good BB if you know how to aim. Though being a T4, almost everyone who plays it just doesn’t know how to lead with it. Plus…. with all the gun power facing backwards it take some time to get used to that, as well. By the time a rookie would learn how to play it…. they have the Konig unlocked…and never wanna see the Myogi again… and that is if they just didn’t free xp past it.

  10. TheTechnologyDude

    “No! I’m dead. Plane!!.” Victory

  11. I’d love to see an ARP Kongo replay. 🙂

  12. my record with the myogi is 152k… but with the old myogi.

  13. I love how myogi is supposed to suck, but it has one of my best win rates when I knew nothing about the game! Lol!

  14. People say the Myogi is bad.
    >with with 100+ games in it
    Nah bro she good

  15. One data point proves nothing other than the ship can rack up damage over time, especially when not being fired at by any of the equivalent BBs on the other side (and the one who did fired a few HE).
    Now play a few games in each tier 4 BB and give us your thoughts on how you’d rank them and what the likely playing experience in each is likely to be.

  16. I love your enthusiasm! Day after day I look forward to your battles.

  17. Community: “Xxxxxxx” is the worst ship in the game.
    Flambass: Hold my beer.

  18. that’s why I always play my Yubari because there are always 2 carriers on each team in tier 4 games

  19. I actually semi liked the myogi. I could do ok most of the time, and it leads to the kongo so the grind is well worth it!

  20. At 6:27 torp hits your butt… (not even) theres a gap.
    Ive had the same BS in my VII Akatsuki. RNG gods be dammed.

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